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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Storm warnings making me worry I won’t get to use my delightful Halloween costume next week.

    Revel: Saw the new L Street cycle track (like the 15th Street one) under construction last night and can’t wait to use it.

  • Major rant: Haven’t been on PoP in months. I miss the community and the updates and all of you.

    Rant: I have a terrible roommate again, only months after escaping the previous awful ones, separated by only a few blissful months of living with my boyfriend.

    Rave: My professional life is going as well as it possibly could, I’m growing very close to a new friend, and I turned 25 with an amazing job that has health insurance (my worst fear was being 25 and without a job with benefits).

    Last rant: there is no way I can catch up on 3 missed months of PoP 🙁

  • Rant: a woman stabbed 20 times in my new and supposedly high end complex

  • Rant: Depression. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I have no one to spend it with, no one to carve pumpkins with, no invitation to a Halloween party.

    • invite friends to you.

      • It doesn’t really seem like you’ve ever been depressed.

        • ah, i have. i know it far too well. i also know that self destructive determination to stay depressed evidenced in your reply. it was a friend for many many years.

          and yet, i also know what it takes to get out of it.
          set your goals low, but definitely reach out to friends or acquaintances. just a few.

      • I tried. No one available. Went for a run. Feel a little better. Have plans next weekend. Had plans last night. Trying to convince myself that it’s ok to have a Saturday night off. Trying not to spiral down into inappropriate thinking.

        • The run was a healthy, good idea. Is there anything that you selfishly enjoy to do? Like, cook a meal that you really like, just for you, watch a favorite TV show, read a book you’ve been meaning to, look up educational videos on the web, or another activity? That might help.

        • yes, its absolutely fine to have a saturday night off. chill. read a book. watch a movie. whatever.

  • Showed up to vote early in Columbia Heights. What a disaster. 2 machines and hundreds of people. Waited 3 freaking hours to vote. The voting employees were pretty disappointing too. Had to ask 3 before one had a answer to a simple question and they would frequent chat amongst themselves rather than keeping the line moving. Machines would be empty for a mintute or so before they could bother getting someone else set up to vote.

    • I tried to hit early voting on Columbia Heights today, too. First early voting experience and was floored at how busy it was–although for the sake of turnout & civic engagement I’d rather see it too full than empty. Fortunately, a helpful-seeming poll worker explained the approximate waiting time. I decided to try again sometime this coming week. That’s too bad about the lack of machines, though….hopefully the site gets more organized as the week goes on!

    • Allison

      Can’t stress enough how convenient signing up for your absentee ballot is! Husband and I live in the District year round, but we find voting at the polling places so much more trouble than it’s worth, so we get ours in the mail every year and send it out long before the election. Even the postage is paid!

  • Preemptive rant: I will be so bummed if Sandymageddon peters out.

    Preemptive rave: I will be jubilant if SandyFrankenStormenstein is a wondrous natural monster all the foaming-at-the-mouth newscasters are predicting it will be (as long as no one is hurt and all the fuzzy little creatures of the world stay safe and unharmed).

  • Rant: The criminal crash with two 64 buses on NH Ave disrupted my peace.

    Rave: What a pleasant day in Petworth until then.

    • So to tally things up from the crash: a dozen or so injured, some serious, and one person who’s peace was disrupted. Get that person a hanky!

  • Rant: @indc, why in God’s name would you be jubilant for such a storm to happen?

    • I understand him/her completely… Witnessing Mother Nature at its most fearsome is thrilling.

      • bfinpetworth

        Yep, I’m a stormwatcher too and enjoy the excitement of an impending storm. Grew up in Va. Beach and loved it when hurricanes were coming up the coast. Of course, they almost never make a direct hit there due to the outer banks, so I never experienced a real hurricane until my mid-thirties. It was frightening, and the aftermath is just such a mess.

        This storm looks like it is going to bring us a lot of rain and some decent wind, so likely flooding and power outages are in our not-to-distant future. Good luck everyone!

    • fucking amen. this storm has already killed people.

  • Rant: BitCoins. I knew that as soon as I bought some they would plummet before I had a chance to make my purchase. Well serves me right I guess.

  • Rant: Nothing. There is nothing available to rent in NW that isn’t outrageously overpriced or just straight up shitty. Where did all the housing stock go? Where am I not looking? There’s seriously like the same five places over and over again and they’re all actually by Benning Road. Grrrrr.

    • there are nice parts of dc outside nw.

      • There are, but I’m limited by two factors: one, I don’t have a car, and two, I’m trying to find a place that I would feel comfortable with my 5′ 2″ girlfriend walking around on her own when she’s in town. Which considerably narrows the field.

        Also, ideally, I’d be closer to the green and yellow lines than any of the other three, for work purposes, but that’s less of an issue. Even looking on the Hill or H Street isn’t bringing up much.

        • how much are you looking to pay?

          • Ideally $900-$1000, but I could maybe do $1100 if a place was reaaally awesome.

            I’ve definitely been looking into Bloomingdale (though hopefully not in a basement!), and I’ll give SW a look too.

            But also, in terms of “where to look,” are there any resources other than Craigslist? I feel like I keep seeing the same listings again and again and again and…

        • Try SW near the Waterfront/SEU stop as well. Perhaps Bloomingdale/Eckington area where it is still walkable to Shaw metro.

  • try 16th street heights. safe and though booming rents are still good. you have to bus to metro, but great

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