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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Night before last I caught my first keeper size rockfish, 23”!!!

    Rant: Damn thing had a lesion so I threw it back. Sigh…

    Rave: I am getting much better at catching stripers and am confident I will get another nice one soon.

    Rave: Leaving for St. Martin (both sides), St. Barth’s and Anguilla on Tuesday.

    Rant: Stupid “Hurricane Sandy” is doing her best to ruin our plans

    Rave: We are experienced travelers and are planning on our flight being cancelled so we are planning on driving down to Raleigh to leave for St. Martin…

    Rant: Just saw the Raleigh flight stops at JFK Doh!!!

    Rave: Confident we will find a way, if not we will just have to leave on Wednesday…

    • St. Maarten is really beautiful, and the beaches are fantastic. It’s not cheap, but I was happy eating grilled fish every night on the beach with a bottle of presidente. Anguilla really blew me away…it’s tiny, but I’ve never seen bluer waters. Have a blast!

      • Thanks. I am looking forward to checking all of those islands. I have seen some beautiful water (Jamaica, PR, and Greece come to mind) so I am curious if this compares.

      • Oh and I have heard how expensive they, we are just trying to go and enjoy without breaking the bank. I heard St. Bart’s and St. Johns are the two most expensive islands. My birthday is on Nov. 1 so we will be staying in St. Bart’s that night only, lol.

    • halfsmoke

      were’d you catch that rockfish?

      • I’m guessing the polluted Potomac from the lesion…

        • You would be guessing wrong. Fish all over have lesions, not just the Potomac. As long as commercial fisherman and others are netting fish you will find that. This is actually the same reason I don’t eat farmed-raised fish. Too many fish in a confined area = bacteria = lesions =???

      • The correct answer is Kent Narrow.

          • halfsmoke

            Nice work…give it a few more weeks and trophy season will be here!

          • Thanks much!! I really wanted to get out there this Sunday because it is supposed to be excellent but the storm screwed that up. I hope to get out there a lot more before trophy season so I can get my practice up. You have any advise for me? I used a 5/O hook with about a 4 ft mono leader with a fish finder, my bait was chunked Alwife. I hear that lures are great because they are feeding top water now but I haven’t had a bite like that.

            I have to learn more about trophy season, I hear KN is where to go…

          • Any other spots?

  • anon. gardener

    Happy Eid! Just went by the mosque on Mass Ave – so nice to see everyone all dressed up for the holiday.

  • Rave: MIL coming to visit but just for one night due to weather concerns – just enough time to babysit so we can go out with friends. Glad she isn’t staying long but also glad we’re getting a date night out of the visit.

    Rave: Costume is coming together just in time for the festivities.

    Anybody know what’s going on around town this weekend?

  • talula

    Rant: Getting freaked out by Hurricane Sandy after reading the latest post from Capital Weather gang. Had a fall getaway planned for this weekend in Shenandoah and seriously thinking of cancelling.

    Rave: Friday.

  • Rant: ParkMobile, the parking meter pay-by-cell phone system used by DC, is INCREASING FEES. I received an email notification yesterday. Previously, they charged .32 cents per transaction in addition to the what you would pay to actually park. Now they are increasing that fee to .45 cents. I thought .32 was a lot, but now .45? Give me a break. I hope the DC government looks into this. It seems like an excessive amount. You can see an excerpt from the ParkMobile email notification I received below.

    FROM PARK MOBILE: Beginning October 29th, transaction fees in DC will increase from $0.32 to $0.45 due to increased costs triggered by recent federal legislative reform enacted by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’s Durbin Amendment.

    • The DC government has already looked into this. The exclusive contract Park Mobile has with the city allows DC to approve, or deny, rate increases. DC approved this one.

  • Some randoms:

    Rant: Misuse of the word “myself” to sound fancy.

    As in, “Please send your response to myself no later than Friday.” My one coworker does it every day, but she thinks she’s so much better than me that pointing it out would be futile.

    Similar rave/rant: Someone posted on my facebook wall:
    “I have no patients for stupid people”
    Rave because it made me laugh, rant because he didn’t do it on purpose

    Rant: Neck pain going on 4 days, I think it’s related to a virus, never had that before but it is in conjunction with a scratchy throat.

    Rant: SOME PoP “commenters” are so rude sometimes! Especially if anyone just asks a question like, hey, why is DC lacking in XYZ (See today’s Friday question of the day)

    Rave: Weekend. But of course!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Misuse of “myself” drives me insane! People at work do it all the freaking time to sound smart. Sadly, I bet people think they do sound smart. We also have a problem with people saying “Sandy and I” in situations where it should be “Sandy and me.” For smart people, the folks I work with sure sound like dumb-asses.

      • It sounds foolish to myself!

      • Yeah, I HATE when people use constructions like “Give it to he or I.”

        WRONG WRONG WRONG! And pretentious to boot!

        • Do people really write like this in professional writing? Anyway, people are people, so I’m sure they do. I don’t get how you think that would be pretentious?

          Look, I make careless typos here all the time when posting a comment so I’m not trying to be a “jackwagon.” (Thanks, Squish.)

          • See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercorrection — “In linguistics or usage, hypercorrection is a non-standard usage that results from the over-application of a perceived rule of grammar or a usage prescription. A speaker or writer who produces a hypercorrection generally believes that the form is correct through misunderstanding of these rules, often combined with a desire to seem formal or educated.” [note the last 10 words]

            Section regarding this specific case: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercorrection#Personal_pronouns

            Jack Lynch, assistant professor of English at Rutgers University, claims that correction of “me and you” to “you and I” as subject leads people to “internalize the rule that ‘you and I’ is somehow more proper, and they end up using it in places where they shouldn’t – such as ‘he gave it to you and I’ when it should be ‘he gave it to you and me.'”

          • saf

            If you listen to them, it becomes obvious that they are trying to sound high-falutin’.

            “Persons” instead of “people.” “Utilize” instead of “use.”

            You know, never use a 5 cent word when a 5 dollar word can be squashed in, especially incorrectly!

          • textdoc and saf,

            I see what you’re saying but if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. It doesn’t sound pretentious to me, it’s just plain wrong (and uneducated). You argue the good point and personally I am no fan of the “you and I” phrase in instances where it should be “you and me” (it sounds so off!) but it still sounds uneducated as opposed to pretentious. This isn’t to say that people who say “you and I” where it should be “you and me” are uneducated. They just sound it. Apologies for ending my sentence with “it.”

      • binpetworth

        I’ve also noticed the tendency for many people to start sentences with “Him and me” or “her and I”.

        You wouldn’t say “Her is going to walk the dog,” would you? So it doesn’t make it correct just because you add a conjunction!

    • Also rude about the logo contest entries…it’s just for fun…

      • I agree. I read the comments from the first entry and was totally blown away by how rude people were. This guy gave it a whirl, he liked some of the constructive comments he received, but everyone else treated this as a commissioned piece of artwork screaming for negative input. Unreal.

        • I know!! I actually like this contest because I always doodle and I appreciate design, but I am NOT professional and I don’t often get an opportunity to do fun things like this… People shouldn’t be so rude to others who put themselves out there. We should support each other 🙂

      • Seriously. I think I might submit an F U Street logo as a counter to the rudies.

        • maybe some of you should realize what things like this mean to the overall industry and the general public’s perception of the value of design. sorry, but to some of us (for whom it is our livelihood) it IS a big deal. designers, of course, do pro bono work when they’ve determined that it is necessary and helpful, but these cheap contests where there is obviously a budget to actually hire somebody are a slap in the face.

          now, believe me, this contest won’t come close to threatening me or my career, but what about young designers just starting out who might work for less? wouldn’t it be better to hire one of them and give them a shot and something for their portfolio? for those who entered that are aspiring designers, you’ll never get anywhere if you’re giving it away for free. sorry, but it’s the truth.

          • After childhood, art isn’t encouraged unless you are being paid for it. I submitted one of the logos and I had tons of fun making it! It’s comments like this from short sighted people that takes the fun out of art. Just because I am not professional doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to take a stab at something. If you aren’t a professional chef, should you be unable to enter a chili cook off?

          • Just for the record, it’s not art if you’re creating it by somebody else’s rules. If you do it for yourself, then sure, but entering a tshirt contest with parameters isn’t art. I highly recommend making silly, awesome, fun, ridiculous art for yourself and I also think it might be fun to enter this contest, but as somebody pursuing an art history degree, it is most solidly in the design camp.

    • Not to be overdramatic, but I had neck pain and a sore throat for a few days a few years ago (+ a horrible headache) and it was meningitis… get checked.

    • “But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar.” All of us, including myself, should heed to PoP’s rules for this thread…

      • Yeah, I’m referring to this speech in professional emails. I wouldn’t stoop to correcting grammar on here, but it is a genuine pet peeve when people do it in professional writing.

  • Rant: Pepco. They haven’t done anything yet, but I’m sure I’ll lose power if the storm comes. And I won’t be able to rant about it when I lose power!

  • Rant: Pizza Bolis overcharged me by a lot on my pizza yesterday! I ordered online and it said it was 16.00 and when they came to my door they demanded over 20!

    Semi rave: Called the manager and he put a “$5 credit on my account”—we’ll see about that one!

  • Revel: Have to drive down to the boat tomorrow to tie her up better for the storm, winds, and tide. Any excuse to go to the boat is a good one! Anyone up for some high wind sailing? 😉

    Rant: Sandy is preventing our friend from busting free his boat which the shipyard is trying to take title too! I wonder how much money the yard will add to his ridiculously already heavily overpadded bill claiming they had to take steps to protect her during the storm! Evil evil evil.

  • Rant: For the 2nd time in 2 weeks my puppy and I narrowly escaped getting attacked by a unneutered, off-leash pit bull. I know it’s in large part shitty owners, but I am really starting to dislike and avoid the breed.

    • It is ALL because of poor owners, bad/lack of training, and disregard for the breed’s unreal strength. The dog itself isn’t at fault, but it sounds like you might know that already. People who don’t have the time to correctly train and care for a dog that powerful shouldn’t own them.

      • The problem is I can’t tell who is a bad owner or not by looking at them, so my default is just to avoid all pits. It’s just not worth the risk.

        Plus every owner, good or bad, seems to respond the same way – “he/she has never done that before…”. Yea right.

      • Your own argument contradicts itself. Its not ALL about bad owners. You yourself acknowledge that it is a powerful breed. I could be the shiftiest dog owner in the world, but if that dog is a toy poodle, people wouldn’t have to really worry would they. Same argument as guns don’t kill people, people kill people that the NRA likes to trot out. No, its a combination of many factors. In this case, its shitty owners combined with an breed that is powerful, and has the potential for aggression. The nature of the breed is not an irrelevant part of the equation.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My new apartment building manager decorated our lobby for Halloween. I love it!

    Rave: A coworker treated me to coffee this morning because she had a living social deal she needed to use.

    Rant: Work is a drag.

    Rave: One day closer to fabulous Thanksgiving vacation!

  • Rant: Is it really going to rain so much that it’s worth my client cancelling their trip to DC next week that I’ve been working on for four months?

    Revel: My calendar next week has become a lot less stressful.

  • Rant: Hurricane Sandy

    Rave: Already have lots of nonperishables in the form of Halloween candy

  • Rave: A little bit obsessed with the show ‘Scandal’

    Rant?: How worried should we be about this storm? Every time people freak out it tends to be nothing, and then that crazy derecho came through unannounced and tore the city apart. Sigh…whatever happens, I am sure some trees are going to go down.

  • Rave: DDOT crew showed up this morning to plant a bunch of trees, including Cherry Trees (yay) all along the 4400 block of Illinois Ave!

  • Rant: having an issue w/ my right eye, its really bothering me a lot but can’t go to the doctor until tues.

    Rant: this has been my H2O year, water coming throught the floor in the basement not sure how, last year I had water coming through the roof, and same year I had water come in through kitchen vent. I’m so over it and now this damn storm is coming.

    Rant: I’m physically exhausted….taking vitamins, not helping.

    Rave: Coworkers are so nice, got a cookie yesterday and chocolate today.

    • Is the water coming up near any of the exterior walls? We had this issue a few years back but we graded and re-directed the gutters further out in the yard and it solved the problem. Make sure storm water does not pool near the exterior walls is the key (hopefully).

    • On the water-coming-in issue…

      I haven’t had any problems with water coming into my house, but I’ve noticed after heavy rainstorms that when I go into the enclosed concrete (?) area under my front porch — this area is at English basement level — that there are dark areas where the concrete walls meet the concrete floor.

      Should I be worried about this?

      By the way, the gutters drain into an actual drain, not onto the yard, so that wouldn’t be a factor.

      • Not an expert but I would think that water is pooling there or going there as some kind of a low point. It might not be getting in now but it definitely could get it in later. If there were away to grade away from the wall I would.

        • Thanks, TG.

          The ground definitely isn’t sloped _toward_ the house. But maybe the ground being level rather than sloped away is a problem.

  • Rant: Parking ticket while dropping off my son at school. There is literally no where to park. Can these meter people seriously not cut a break for school drop off? I have seen the one lady just hand them out while people are obviously parking for like 5 minutes to drop their kids off. Serenity now.

    Rave: Could be worse. I saw his guy two weeks ago get a ticket from the same lady and he was so distracted/pissed off I also saw him pull out of his spot without looking and get into a car accident. Now that is a bad morning.

    • The school doesn’t have a “kiss & ride” or a dedicated drop-off location? Maybe you and other parents could talk to the school about creating a drop-off place (not on the street). I bike past Powell Elementary every morning and that place is a zoo. Doors swinging open, kids darting out from behind parked cars and people double parked. It’s nutty.

    • If the way you’re parking is dangerous, then yeah, they should give them out. I drive by a day care and the parents double park or park so close to the intersection that drivers can’t safely see the traffic and negotiate them.

      If safety isn’t an issue, then it does seem excessive. But how were you parking that wasn’t unsafe, but was illegal?

      • It is not dangerous at all. It is a one way street and I happened to be parked not within the parking signs. I was not blocking a hydrant, impeding traffic or anything. I would agree if it was blocking traffic, double parked, or anything of the like. This is not the case. They are just busting balls plain and simple. There is no room for a drop off lane plus I have to actually walk my kid into the school.

  • Rant: Sandy. Boo.

    Rave: Sandy gives my an excuse to drink a couple of the stouts I’ve been cellaring the past year or so.

  • rant: rolling stones tickets are being snatched up and resold for ridiculous prices…they’re already expensive enough on ticketmaster. why is it legal for resale sights to simply stock up on tickets to sell at 10x the price…fuck!!!!!

    • *sites

      rave: friend’s wedding on long island this weekend. sandy – i love a good storm! just hope no one gets hurt and there isn’t extensive damage!

  • Question:

    Has anyone else seen a guy standing/sitting on the corner of 11th & Fairmont st NW in the mornings recording the intersection with his phone? I’ve seen him there the past few mornings on my way to work. I’m really curious as to why he’s doing this. Is there an issue with people going through the stop signs at this intersection? Any ideas?

    • I can’t answer your question, but can’t help but wonder why you are posting as Anonymous, but with a photo attached? 🙂

    • I ran by him this morning, I would love to get some answers on what he is doing! Sorry that I don’t have any info. to add.

  • Rant: got called to do a contemporary gospel recording session at the last minute yesterday, stayed up late charting out the tunes, and got here and the session is completely disorganized. I’m fairly agnostic in my beliefs, and I don’t even enjoy most contemporary gospel music, so this whole thing kinda pains me. It’s a really nice studio with great gear, at least.

    Rave: I’m probably going to get paid quite well to just sit here, and then record the parts at my home studio and email them to the producer. Could be worse.

  • Rant: my neighbor’s tiny dog in the condo above us. They let the dog out on the balcony to bark and bark and bark and bark, early in the morning, middle of the day, and late at night. They don’t trim the dog’s nails either so I hear it racing around their house. That little yappy turd is driving me nuts!!

    Rave: Looking forward to some alone time this weekend with the boyfriend in London with his family for the Patriots game. Hoping to get a huge portion of a grad school paper done!

    Question: I think I’ve got to buy some life insurance. I don’t want to leave my boyfriend/future husband holding the mortgage bag if something happens to me. Anyone out there have a great agent/company they’d recommend?

    • novadancer

      hmm, I wonder if we live in the same neighborhood! I am ready to put a note in their mailbox.

      • Have the same problem, but it’s a townhouse on the south side of the 1400 block of Shepherd. I live in the building across a parking lot from the house and that tiny dog’s barks echo across the concrete like nothing else. It’s annoying as hell, but I also feel for the dog–it’s clearly barking out of anxiety for being left alone out there all day and night. Ugh.

        • Call Wash Humane and tell them you’re concerned about it. I never feel any anger towards the actual animal; I feel really bad for them. It’s the negligent, inconsiderate owners who need a stern talking-to.

    • Check your condo docs. Most require a certain percentage of floor space to be carpeted to reduce noise. For the barking – if talking to your neighbor doesn’t help – consider a “bark stopper” untrasonic device .

  • Rave: running MCM this weekend, my first marathon!
    Rant: somewhat concerned about the storm, but optimistic that it will hold off until Sunday afternoon 🙂

  • Rave: Cough going away! I didn’t sound like a velociraptor when I woke up this morning.

    Rant: Good friend of mine most likely getting engaged and married soon. I’m happy/excited for them but stamping my foot because, damnit, I’ve been with my boyfriend longer! Let’s get on with it already!

    Rave: It has been 8 months since I gave our marketing dept. information to update our website and today it is FINALLY DONE! It no longer has a schedule from 2004!

    • Couldn’t you propose to your boyfriend?

      Or is the problem that he’s not ready, regardless of who does the proposing?

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