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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Anyone else stuffed up with a dry cough? Thought it might be oak pollen but all pollen counts are low. It’s killing me.

    Rave: Not surprisingly, bourbon makes me feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Honey does wonders for me when I encounter allergies. Also because I wear contact lenses, my eyes get dry during allergy season. I carry around a small bottle of saline solution to drop in my eyes and that usually keeps me from having dry nasal congestion. Natural is the way to go! Benadryl, Tylenol, and other meds screw up your heart and chemical balance in your body over time. I guess Burbon is a natural cure as well of sorts, so I guess you’re ok.

  • Rave: delicious dinner at Zaytinya last night. The Brussels sprouts were absolutely delicious, as was the Instanbul, Not Constantinople.

    Rave: Our daughter turns 18 months today. We’ve managed to keep her alive and (mostly) happy for a year and a half. Phew!

  • Rave: My wife and I are moving to Columbia Heights in the next few weeks. We live in Virginia right now, so it’s not much of a move as far as distance. We love city living as opposed to the suburban living; suburban living can be so blah. And, of course, I am looking forward to meeting new friends.

    Rant: All the posts lately about the crime in the city has me worried. Not so much for me, but for my wife.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood!

    • Prepare yourself to be shocked by the amount of trash on the streets, and it gets much worse during the winter because they stop street sweeping.

      I’ve known 3 people to move to CH in the past 2 years. Everyone knows about the crime and what to expect with it. What really surprises people is the sheer volume of trash on the streets.

      Good luck

      • I sweep my street weekly. I think of it as a public the extension of my house, and I find that regular upkeep makes people less likely to throw trash. Broken windows theory.

      • Allison

        The sheer amount of trash on the sidewalks was a major reason for my leaving Columbia Heights. You’re right, it’s so much worse in the winter.

    • It’s normal to be worried. But I am a single, tiny 100-pound 5′ 2″ woman who has live din Columbia Heights since 2002 — moved from Arlington. You should, with anything, stay alert and be street smart. Nothing ever happened to me, knock on wood. And it has gotten sooooo much better and safer and the nightlife is amazing, the feeling of community, humanity coexisting all outweigh worries about crime.

    • I’ll echo what others have said. Be alert and street smart. I lived there for many years without incident. I loved my neightbors and my community. At first you might feel a little reluctance etc. but you will settle right in. It is a great place to live.

    • The problem as I see it is that 47% of Columbia Heights will never take responsibility for their lives. It’s not your job to worry about those people.

  • RANT: I have to get a dental implant and am scared to death at the the procedure and the cost. Has anyone had to go through this before? Do you have a periodontist that you would reccommend?

    • Yeah, I went through that process a couple of years ago, and although it seemed to go on forever, I hardly remember it now. I thought having to wear a “flipper” (a temporary tooth mounted on a retainer) for several months while the implant post set would be really annoying, but I got used to it quickly.

      I used Dr. Milliron down on Virginia Ave (near the Watergate), and I cannot say enough great things about him. He did great work, was really nice, and his office worked with me on financing. It wasn’t cheap, and I have great dental insurance, but they explained it all to me very clearly.

    • I see Dr. Kristallis (17th and Eye) – I think he does implants. Really like him.

    • I have several implants. Dr. Sally Cram on 19th Street did mine, and I’m really happy with the result. My general dentist is Margarett Culotta-Norton, who is right down the hall from Dr. Cram. They work well together.

    • Emmaleigh504

      If you are really scared, a less invasive way to go is to have the false tooth mounted on a cap on the tooth next door. Ask your dentist about it.

      It’s the route I had to go because there was not enough room for the implants or something. It’s really easy (from the patient’s perspective), but they do have to cap a perfectly good tooth to do it.

    • The cost was scary, so I hope you have insurance. A lot practices want the cash upfront and then will submit the billing to your insurance company so you get paid back. I’ve used Dr. Virginia Lee (http://www.docvlee.com) at Capitol Oral & Facial Surgery Center. Kind, competent woman and decent staff.

    • I absolutely hate dentists, thus the need for my implant. I highly highly recommend Dr. Sweeney in Silver Spring (I think he also has offices in Gaithersburg). He does a great job and his office is very efficient (your appointment is at 7:30, you will be seen at 7:30) . He also personally calls in the evening to make sure that you’re OK. He’s great, can’t say enough about him.

  • Rant: End of year reviews. My work load is quadruple what it was last year when I got a perfect review. When I asked what I could do better since my review was substantially lower (although still decent) my boss told me to bring it up when we create work plans for next year. It’s like they value apathy more than eagerness. UGH.

    Rave: anniversary approaching with the bf! Any inexpensive weekend getaway ideas where airtran flies??

    Rave 2: Grateful for flight cancellation months ago so that we can celebrate!

  • Rave: Construction almost done on my house! I’m eager to move back in with my off street parking space! So tired of shifting around for street cleaning days when they don’t even sweep the streets.

    Rant: Traffic everywhere today in downtown DC. I don’t know who it is that approved of construction during rush hour, but they probably dropped out of elementary school.

    Rant: The large soda ban coming to DC. no I don’t really drink big gulps, but if I want to get one before a redskins game, I should have that right. It seems like Mayor Gray is trying to deflect the allegations of vote hijacking against him with this new issue. It’s a severe case of government restricting personal rights, it makes no sense because people will just buy 2 drinks, and it affects zero calorie sodas as well. It makes me wonder that society overall is becoming more stupid even though they may get a bit thinner. What’s next, rationing bacon and coffee? Throw these fools out of government.

    • Fuck the soda industry. It’s because of those bastards (especially the distributors which is controlled by the mob) that we don’t have a bottle deposit, and there are soda containers all over our streets. As far as I’m concerned, the government should feel free to regulate soda if it pays for diabetes care, so it’s fine with me. Maybe they should have a minimum size, though. Like, they should only sell soda in gallon jugs. That’d make a dent in our waist sizes.

      • Um, no, careless and irresponsible people are why we have bottles all over the street.

        • If the careless and irresponsible people had a monetary incentive to return bottles to the place where they bought them, maybe we wouldn’t see so much litter.

          • A bottle deposit also gives other people the incentive to pick up after them, if they won’t pick up after themselves. But it should be not just soda and beer containers, but also water, juice, iced tea, etc.

      • We pay taxes to the government which supports it’s operation. They should not use our tax dollars to restrict our (personal) rights and freedoms unless they directly impact others.

    • jack5, I agree with you on the soda issue. This will limit people’s choices/freedoms and probably have ZERO impact on weight. I did some research on this topic a while back. When denied one thing, people will make substitutions to fill their cravings. So, theoretically, if you make it more difficult for people to purchase their daily Cokes, they’ll just buy a bigger pizza or sugary snacks to fill their caloric demands. The Nanny State always has the best of intentions, but it rarely considers the unintended consequences of its policies. I’d rather have a nutrition discussion in class or with my family than have the government tell me how to live my life.

      • I’m an unabashed liberal, and I think this is ridiculous. People are just going to get more smaller beverages or fill their cravings some other way. Why don’t we just tax the crap out of them. It won’t stop most people, but at least we’ll get some revenue out of them, so we can pay their health care costs when they get diabetes at 26.

      • Just ban all forms of sugar, salt, fat, aclohol and anything else that’s bad for us. Problem solved!

      • Allison

        I think the better health solution would be to amend our food stamp/voucher program so that it actually covers healthy food. If you stand in the grocery line behind anyone on food vouchers, you’ll note it only pays for sugary juice, sugary cereal, and more sugary juices. Lower income individuals can’t afford healthy food, and on top of that they’re given free money for horribly unhealthy food; you do the math. Why don’t we incentivize health?

        • It only pays for that or that’s what they choose to buy with it?

          • The assertion that only sugar-filled groceries can be purchased with food stamps is way off base. That is what the buyer chooses to buy; there’s no program incentive for someone to choose Cap’n Crunch over oatmeal.

        • Allison, I agree with what you say re. food stamps.

          I like AG11’s idea of taxing the hell out of supersize sodas, rather than banning them.

        • To echo Freefall, not the case that SNAP only pays for sugary, processed, unhealthy foods. The only items that SNAP cannot pay for are alcohol, tobacco, nonfood items sold at grocery stores, vitamins/medicine, hot foods (like from the deli or prepared foods bar) and foods that are meant to be eaten in-store (ditto). However, at one time, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children, a food benefits program for women who are pregnant, nursing, or who have small children) had more restrictions than SNAP, and the WIC-eligible foods were geared to specific nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women. Many of these restrictions became antiquated as our understanding of nutrition evolved over the years (for example, WIC used to encourage purchase of whole milk and didn’t always allow for lower-fat alternatives of some products), and in 2009 the USDA expanded the WIC food “package” to add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and to better reflect what we know about nutrition today.

          All that being said, many SNAP recipients (just like non-SNAP recipients) buy a disproportionate amount of unhealthy, sugary foods, for a number of reasons–it’s habit and what they’re used to, the fresh food at their local store is crappy, the fresh/healthy foods are more expensive, or consumers have the *perception* that the fresh/healthy foods are more expensive thanks to tricks of marketing and pricing. So incentives for healthy food purchases are definitely much-needed, as is greater awareness/education. Many jurisdictions have had success with “double-up” incentives where food stamp recipients can get more than their benefit amount–often 1.5 or 2 times their benefit, up to a small cap of, for example $25 or $30–for purchasing fresh foods at farmers markets. This has been effective in helping individuals increase their consumption of fresh produce, but also in helping local small farmers boost their sales.

      • Redo your research, I’d say. Regulations have a marginal impact, but a marginal impacts add up in major ways. Any simplistic study of regulatory restrictions illustrates that simple law of economics, and it applies in public health as well. There is never a full 100% substitution effect, so that’s how you get your impact, whether you want it or not. So a soda ban or tax will in fact decrease soda consumption — otherwise why would the industry give a crap?

        Plenty of products are regulated, like drugs. Think of it like pill size or potency. You make it harder for people to OD, but the idiots can go ahead and do it if they really want to.

    • interesting reading for those who think it will have no impact. As explained, its all about default bias


      • Thanks for the article. But here is the bigger issue: the soda ban makes one huge assumption: that soda is the reason people are fat. That’s a one big assumption. You’re basically saying that the folks who drink the Big Gulps are meanwhile eating their raw carrots and working out religiously. The reality, however, is that soda is only ONE part of the obesity epidemic (and I dare say, a small part). Those who feel so inclined to down 32 ounces of Coke every day are likely not munching on organic kale and quinoa. They’re making a host of other bad decisions that a super-sized soda ban won’t touch.

        • okay, so since there are a lot of problems lets just address non of them? I get that some sort of comprehensive reform is desirable but its not always politically feasible but you have to start somewhere.

          Are there other better solutions? of course, but that doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be tried.

        • Perhaps, but it is always better to be less fat.

  • Rant: Why are cops not stationed at Irving and 14th? I have seen weed smoking, drug dealing, and dice games. Can the police please arrest the knuckle heads.

  • rant; 29 weeks pregnant and my back is killing me. No matter how many pillows I use in bed or in my desk chair. Prenatal massage and yoga only work temporarily.
    rave: Im 29 weeks pregnant and I wasn’t sure if I would ever get pregnant at all!!

  • mtpgal

    Rave: We just had the roof scammer guy stop by! I don’t know why, but I feel so on the pulse of what’s happening. Anyway, looks like he’s in MtP at the moment so watch out if he offers to fix the slate on your roof.

    • I think you should consider calling the police next time you see him, or snapping a photo and putting up signs.

  • Honest question, not snark: how exactly does the local honey work? Bees collect pollen from flowers that need pollinators, but allergies are mostly caused by pollen from plants that are wind-pollinated. So I don’t see why there would be much connection between what’s in honey and what’s causing allergies.

  • Rant: motorists who veer left to make a right turn. And don’t use turn signals.

  • Rant/Rave: my supervisor tried to tell a lie on me during a meeting and other supervisor involved told her she was wrong. HA! take that! You’re gonna have to try harder!

    Rave: BF is closer to coming to the US

    Rant: my botched haircut– I should be outraged but I find myself smiling and laughing about it.

  • Rave: Almost done with my grad school apps. November 1st deadline, but I just have to edit somethings and I am good to go.

    Rant: Nervous, I hope I get in to the program I am applying for. WISH ME LUCK POPVILLE!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Being lower middle management is such a pain in the ass. How did I let this happen to me?

    Rave: Nice chat with my mom last night, very excited to see my family at Thanksgiving.

    Super Rave: Convinced my mom to part with some of her precious oranges so I can make some amazing marmalade. Her orange tree makes the sweetest, juiciest oranges I’ve ever had. I wonder if I can get her to bring me some satsumas too.

  • Rant: I am tired of every time I am on or near the metro in Petworth I hear kids using foul and aggressive language.

    • I find it ironic that the only people I hear using the dreaded N word in public are black teenagers. If it’s such a horrible word, stop saying it!

  • Rave: Awesome weather!

    Rant: Still in too much pain from my bike accident to enjoy it by riding. Hopefully I can get back to riding some this weekend.

  • Rave? Trying to “Snap out of it!” as Cher would say and stop being the grumpy curmudgeon who would rather not face the day that I’ve been for the past couple of weeks. It’s worked for the past 3 1/2 hours. But hard not to be reminded of the reasons for my melancholy.

    Definite Rave: Whenever I think of Cher saying “Snap out of it!” I can’t help but smile, at least a little.

  • RAVE: Just had my first Philly Cheese Steak from the yellow truck at Elephant Plaza. YUM!!!!!

  • Rant: Robocalls! I can’t wait until this election is over.

  • No rants, no raves– I just miss Grandma (from the photo above)! When we lived on the Hill, we used to stop by her stall every week for vegetables and chit chat. Haven’t seen her since we moved to Mount Pleasant. Will have to make a trip back down there soon!

  • I work in a restaurant with a large picture window that is open on nice days. The other day I was approaching a table when I saw a homeless man was harassing one of my customers–grabbing at his jacket and demanding money.

    I’m sorry this man’s life is so hard he’s (presumably) living on the streets and begging for change, but goddamn! I don’t sit there and tell people not to give this guy money when he’s sitting on the street. I’m trying to earn a living. The least this guy could go is do me the courtesy of giving me the opportunity.

  • Can anyone tell me if early voting is possible yet, and if so, what the hours are? (Is the location still Judiciary Square?)

    Related rant: Website for the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics is down.

    • Website seems to be back up, but for the quick answer, early voting is now open at One Judiciary Square, 8:30am-7:00pm (but not on Sundays). Starting on Saturday the 27th, you can early-vote at the satellite locations (addresses in a PDF under the “news” tab on the website); there’s one location in each Ward, although you can vote at any of the satellites, not just the one in your Ward. Same hours as One Judiciary.

  • Rave: Incredible weather today! The air was like butter late this morning, perfect fall temps. And nice leaves too! That tree on the triangle at Vermont near R is like four different colors and about to go nuclear.
    Rant: Cunningham Falls was so crowded this weekend, as were the lunch places we tried to go to. I bet Shenandoah NP is going to be bumper to bumper this Saturday/Sunday.
    Rave: Halloween is almost here!

  • Freefall, I’ve been wondering this for awhile myself.

    • Something tells me he’s the proverbial loudmouth at a bar who thinks surely everyone must be interested in, or at least be forced to listen to, his stunningly genius opinion.

  • skj84

    Rave: This glorious weather. I spent most of my free time yesterday and today outside as much as possible.

    Rant: While it’s been lovely during the daylight hours, it’s still freezing in the early morning when I leave for work, making it necessary for a coat. Which I have to lug around after I leave work and it gets in the way.

    Rant: I thought I lost my smartrip card yesterday and bought a new one. Of course the old one was on the dining room table when I came in, It had fallen out of my purse.

    Rave: Well, at least have an extra Smartrip card for backup.

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