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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • msmaryedith

    Yesterday my brother was assaulted/mugged near H St. We had been watching football with a group of friends at Biergarten Haus, and he left on his own. I got a call from an MPD officer about a half hour later (around 7:30 pm) saying he had been assaulted and taken to Howard Hospital ER.

    He has a huge gash on his forehead (required a lot of stitches) and he was knocked unconscious. They did a CT scan and MRI, and they came back ok. But he is in a bad place right now, mentally–the police officers and ER folks really focused on the “how much had you been drinking?” aspect, which made him feel like it was his fault. It really pisses me off that some asshole can beat the shit out of a person to steal their iPhone/wallet/glasses, and then the victim is made to feel responsible somehow. I fucking hate my neighborhood right now.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m so sorry to hear this. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery.

    • Ugh, I really wish the police would stop with this “blame the victim” mentality! I’ve never been the victim of violent crime, but the police treated me similarly when I was burglarized, and they said some downright awful things to my cousin when she was the victim of domestic abuse. Why not focus on the piece of shit that committed the crime??

    • Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he recovers quickly.

    • Sorry to hear about your bro. And yeah, I hate the MPD’s logic. They try to blame the victim instead of finding out who did this.

      When I hear stuff like this, it amazes me that people are trying to sell houses near the H Street Corridor for $750K. The area still has a lot of issues that aren’t going away anytime soon.

      • Oh please, so did U Street until a few years ago. And Dupont before that. I bet there is far more theft and assaults in Columbia Heights for crying out loud.

        I live in this neighborhood and walk the streets all the time and never have a problem so stop your dramatics. What you need to realize is that crime happens everywhere in DC, and you’d be wise to watch your back everywhere instead of trashing a particular neighborhood.

        Trouble is only a short Metro or bus ride away in this town – remember that.

      • Until DC addresses juvenile recidivism, crimes like these will unfortunately keep happening in all neighborhoods.

        An internal attorney general’s report released last year harshly criticized DYRS for “favor[ing] release to the community without regard to the youth’s needs, prior criminal acts or potential for re-offending.”

    • Also, one other thing to note to everyone. In my limited experience, I’ve found that A LOT more crime tends to happen on Sunday nights. There is significantly less foot traffic, less police driving around on patrols, and it takes longer for police to respond to calls (since many seem to have the night off).

      Most of my friends who have been mugged had it happen on Sunday nights. Similarly, we get a lot more vandalism and attempted vehicular thefts on Sundays in my neighborhood (U Street area). Try to exercise caution on Sunday evenings, especially if you’re in an area where people are known to drink.

    • So sorry that happened to your brother and that the MPD treated him with contempt. I hope he makes a full recovery and that the scum who did this get caught.

    • Where exactly was this? I live 3 blocks from H & 7th and will never understand why there are no cops around there- esp after the shop owner on that corner was murdered… I feel like if they ever want that neighborhood to really boom, they need to clean it up. As a petite woman, I would NEVER walk around there after dark. Even during the day I am harassed. Even if H st. has amazing bars/restaurants, they aren’t going to get my business until the crime is cleaned up.

      I hope your brother is OK… This is so sad.

      • I feel the same way about the area around the H Street Connection. It would be really convenient for me to catch the bus at 8th and H, which would drop me off right at my front door, but that intersection feels so sketchy that I’d rather walk home from H Street than linger in that area.

        • msmaryedith

          That’s exactly where I live–8th and H. And I usually feel more safe there since there is a ton of foot traffic and plenty of people around at all times. I’m much more uncomfortable down by 13th.

          • I live on the Hill, and it would be so much easier for me to take the X8 to 13th and Maryland and walk that block and a half, two blocks up to H, but it feels so sketchy. I’ve never felt particularly sketched out on Maryland itself cuz it’s fairly well-lit and has a fair amount of traffic, but I still never walk around there after dark. Same goes for taking the 90/92 to 8th and H. Those few blocks between 6th and 11th, are pretty shady. With the exception of biking, it really sucks that bars and restaurants that are only about a mile away can be such a hassle to get to.

    • On Sunday I got yelled at by a police officer for jaywalking when there was no traffic coming. The priorities of the police seem to be a little off these days.

      • do you really think that it was a choice at that moment between stopping a murder and telling you not to jaywalk? kinda silly to jaywalk in front of a cop anyway. these are the same cops who have to respond to calls when pedestrians are hit by cars.

    • Sorry to hear about your brother. On a similar note, I was walking with some friends South on 13th St. NW towards Florida avenue Saturday night (8pm ish). There was a large group of maybe 18 middle-/high school kids sitting at the corner of Belmont and 13th. They started to move as my party of 4 passed. As we had turned on Florida (the group continued South on 13th), two of the boys ran up and hit my two friends–one in the back of the jaw and the other on the back of the neck–before running back to their group. Having lived in DC for over a year, I’ve never experienced anything like this. I’m really saddened by random violence, but I don’t really know what to do about it.

    • Sorry to hear this.

      You might consider complaining to the District Commander and Cathy Lanier about the MPD officers’ conduct. (I’m thinking of that incident in Columbia Heights where a group of lesbians was assaulted and the initial response from the police was poor, but after media attention and complaints, Cathy Lanier made a forceful statement saying that that kind of conduct from MPD was unacceptable.)

    • It is incredibly important to know how much a victim of head trauma had been drinking!!! You should be thankful that the people in the ER were doing their job.

      • They were not asking how much he had that day (he had told them that). They were asking about how many times a week he drinks, etc. I don’t think that was relevant and it seemed very accusatory in the way it was asked.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Honeycrisp apples!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: Apple season! Golden Delicious are my favorites. The one’s I get from the Star Hollow farm stand smell like perfume! They are the best apples I’ve ever tasted.

  • talula

    That is so awful, hope your brother gets better soon.

  • Rant: Got scammed yesterday by the notorious, “gutter cleaning service” mentioned in the post below from a few weeks back.

    Rave: Running the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday!

  • Rant: The at-large council debate on Saturday actually made it harder for me to choose who I’m voting for. The awful moderators focused on self-serving “gotcha” questions – at one point I actually felt sorry for Vincent Orange, which I didn’t think was possible. Grosso surprised me by pretty much admitting that he cares only about “old DC” and sees newer residents merely as a source of revenue rather than potential supporters. And naturally, Orange and Brown agreed with him. I wanted to give Beatty a chance, but she’s clearly a Republican with all the baggage that comes with it. “Who better to convert Republicans than a Republican?” Oh please. Isn’t there a single candidate in this race who tries to appeal to the entire city?

    Rave: The ex-Frazier’s Funeral Home at Florida and Rhode Island is starting to look really nice. The brickwork details are really starting to come together. Can’t wait until the rest of the formstone and those hideous awnings come off.

    • I agree – I am completely at sea about whom to vote for in this at-large. I’ve never voted Republican in my life, and there’s so much baggage with it, including the national platform that is at odds with my existence – but I don’t see myself voting for any of the old guard at all. I just need ONE candidate who swears to end the unholy scourge of MD churchers who descend every Sunday. For the first time ever, I might just not vote (in that race) at all.

      • What’s wrong with the Sunday churchgoers? And how do you propose to legally “end the scourge”? Seems like you’re wishing for the impossible since these folks aren’t really doing anything wrong.

        • They park illegally (not all, but a huge number), so you can ticket or tow their cars.

          • I think the issue may be that DC police don’t enforce the parking laws against churchgoers. Many former DC residents continue to attend their DC churches, even though they now live in the burbs. They come into town on Sundays and illegally clog up the streets around the churches, and the cops do nothing about it.

          • To echo the above post… these church goers no longer pay DC income tax, and neither does the church. So the neighbors, who pay income tax and pay for a zone parking permit, are (temporarily) displaced from parking in their own neighborhoods.

          • it’s not going to happen.

      • So…if I move out of DC then am I obligated to find a church in my new neighborhood? Just wondering.

      • I am unsure of Grosso at this point. He appears to be the best candidate by far, and I am guessing his push to favor “long-term” residents, was simply him adding up the math, and realizing that if he loses W5/7/8 by 50-2 margins, that he is going to lose. You can have terrific policies, but if you don’t get elected, it doesn’t matter.

      • novadancer

        totally with you. Those who don’t live with it have no idea. I have been almost hit numerous times as I try to get the g8 to stop on RI avenue since they think it’s okay to disregard no parking bus stop if they are “worshipping”. Being non-religious, I don’t give a s*it what they are doing… park legally!
        In the meantime fill out the survey maybe if there enough complaints on the issue something will change (maybe ticketing/towing).


    • I hate that “old” or “longtime” DC residents is just code for black residents. The last mayoral election with Fenty was such a thinly veiled race war proxy that it made me sick. This us against them and you against me thing in this country/city really needs to stop. I am not just talking race but also class warfare at the national level. You can tell that Pols have no ideas or leadership vision when all they can do is try to pit us against one another.

    • This is my first election in DC. What are the best ways to get informed about the candidates for council, ANC, etc? I wanted to go to the debate, but had other plans. Thanks!

  • Rant- Lance Armstrong. I was willing to believe him up until the very end and donated a fair amount of money (for me) to Livestrong. I hope Livestrong doesn’t suffer as a result because they’ve done so much good for cancer patients and survivors.

    Rave- Parents coming to visit this weekend. That’s always fun because my Italian mom brings down 30 cans of tomatoes and boxes of pasta.

  • I went on DC Urban Moms to look for some feedback about some local school options for my kid. Holy sh*t, I think I stumbled across the most vicious internet community out there. There are some angry/insecure people trolling that site.

    • I’ve been trying to go on the site, just out of morbid curiosity (since the bitchiness is notorious), and I can never get the site to load.

      • If the famous PPercy had posted his thing on DCUM, he would probably need psychological counseling after reading the responses.

    • I’m ashamed to say that I read it regularly. Sometimes there is good advice, but mostly it’s just virtual rubbernecking. The people on there are atrocious.

  • rave: this weather is amazing

    rant: coworker had surgery a week ago and will be out for awhile. poor guy. Anyone know of a good meal delivery service out in mclean? it seems seemless doesn’t have a lot to offer out there.

  • Don’t feed the trolls!

  • Rant: hepatic encephalopathy, abdominal bleeding, renal failure.

    Rave: Gin

  • RAVE: Sunday Funday

  • Rant: Shooting on the 1300 Block of Taylor St early Saturday night. There were 50+ people in the street when shots rang out. The cops cuffed and took away 3 individuals. The cops “visit” the same three houses on the block weekly. I hope the trouble-makers move or get better aim before an innocent child gets hurt.

  • Rave: finding love

    Rant: losing it

  • Rant: I hate being honest.

    Yesterday took my nephew to Rose Park in Georgetown for T-Ball. While there, I saw a camera on the ground and chased after the ladies who were previously sitting at that table and had already left the park. After giving it to one of the ladies I asked myself – Why didn’t I keep the camera for myself? I’ve been wanting a new camera but being unemployed, it is a luxury I can’t afford on myself right now. I find shinny new Sony and don’t think twice about keeping it. I can just kick myself.

    • Please stay honest. As someone who recently had her purse stolen (with her phone, camera, and Kindle inside of it), I wish there were more honest people out there rather than those that come onto your front porch and take your stuff.

    • You are not being serious right?

    • I’ll take that and raise you one. I finaly got to the front of the checkout line at Giant on Saturday, and said to the people in front of me “excuse me, is that yours?” Someone had dropped a folded $100 bill. I am going with the thought that it actually was theirs.

      • Raise you… 2?

        Was going into my building, and at the front desk, saw 2 hundred dollar bills on the ground. Turned them in without even giving it a second thought. Figure even if someone had decided to keep them, reasonable chance the person who lost the cash would come asking about it, and they could pull up security cameras or something. Either way, feel like I did the right thing, but definitely tough with $200 in your hand!

    • If it were your camera and you’d left it at the park, you’d want a bystander to return it to you, not keep it for him/herself.

  • RANT: I got absolutely destroyed in fantasy football this week by the guy who has an 0-6 record. I’m now 4-3.

    RAVE: This guy already has 137 points this week and has the Bears defense for tonight. He’s on track to get 150 points, which would be a league record for this season. So I can’t feel too bad about losing. He’s also now 1-6, which doesn’t really change our league’s playoff picture too much.

    RAVE: Also, the top two teams in our league are on track to lose this week. Overall, our league has been extremely competitive and even (no one is consistently dominating). Playoff selection will come down to the final week.

    RAVE: Picked up Josh Freeman as a free agent on Sunday morning. He had a dominating performance and will be a great asset when my main QB, Brady, has a bye week in Week 9 (when the Bucs will play against Oakland’s league-worst defense).

  • Heard a huge crash last night around 11:30 from my house at R & New Jersey Ave NW. There was a car wrapped around a tree and cops chasing one guy down R St next to Beau Thai. Tons of police and ambulances came within about 5 mins. Would love to know details if anyone has any

  • Rant: Trying to find someone to help me set up a website and getting quotes ranging from $200 – $1000. Looking at sample websites and there are just so many lousy ones out there!

    Rave: There are also some really well-done websites out there and I’m beginning to think it isn’t all that hard to do.

    • Or you know, there are just some really good web designers and companies out there that provide a quality service and product. $200-$1000 is an insanely low price. Good comprehensive websites cost $30,000+.

      • +1. never forget: you get what you pay for.

      • I’m not Amazon – or a major retailer – I hardly need a 30k website! I’m thinking someone who knows what they’re doing should be able to set one up in 10-12 hours of work – and $50 an hour seems reasonable.

  • Rave: Playoffs!!!
    Rave: Awesome game and atmosphere at RFK on Saturday night.
    Rant: Sunday hangover

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