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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: doctor was running 45 minutes behind this morning (especially sucky when you’re told to arrive between 7:30 and 8am!)

    Rave: saw the tiniest of heartbeats on the sonogram (though not yet measurable)

    Rant: first miscarriage happened at 10.5 weeks (though development had apparently stopped about a week before), well after seeing a super strong & healthy heartbeat two weeks prior. so i’m still not all that reassured. only time will tell this time around, and waiting sucks.

  • After 10 months of applying…landed a gig that suits me perfectly. Resigned yesterday and haven’t stopped smiling!!! Yippee!

  • mtpgal

    Rave: The kitchen cabinets have all arrived and installation work could begin on Monday. Here’s hoping! It turns out you only miss your old, crappy kitchen once it’s gone (esp as we’re now on week 3).

  • Rant:

    DC Drivers who don’t realize that the car horn is used to alert drivers who haven’t seen you that you are there, in an effort to avoid an accident. The horn is NOT there for you to vent you aggression and personal frustration with traffic or other drivers who do not drive as recklessly as you. You will one day actually cause an accident because you’ve spooked everyone else around you into thinking they need to act to avoid a collision.

    In all seriousness, though, I was taught to drive on the freeways of Los Angeles, and even the drivers in SoCal are less reckless and rude than those here.

    • MsNesbitt

      Ugh, yes. Also annoying: drivers who blare their horns on residential streets. Especially late at night or early in the morning. I get it, you’re annoyed with traffic or a slow stoplight or whatever, but I’m trying to sleep here!

  • Rant: Am I the only person who is insanely annoyed by rampant stealing of soda at the Co Heights chipotle. Yes, it’s only soda, but I hate 1) paying since I’m one of only a few who do, and 2) having to wait in line to get soda behind people filling up their “water” cups and empty soda bottles (seriously, I see this happen all the time). Come on people, and come on chipotle. I swear I feel so uncomfortable eating here because I get the stink eye while I wait from those loading up water cups, etc.

    • Yeah….you’re the only one.

      • Yeah, you are. But that’s the good thing about Anonymous rants! And let’s thank the lucky stars we can all have such cosmically unimportant things to rant about as it could be much worse 🙂

        • I once saw someone doing this at a chain restaurant (I think it was Panera?). Little did the person know that the cashier gave out a clear cup for water, and a colored cup for soda. Then when the guy started filling the clear cup up with soda, the cashier busted him.

  • Rave: Leaving my mold-infested apartment and NW; heading for a new place on the Hill this weekend! Yay!

  • Rave: Beautiful weather, gorgeous colors on the trees, the crunching of leaves under my feet, the holiday season, and fleece.

    Rant: Not dating for a while. My trust in men is barely existent. Taking some time for myself and enjoying life. Life is too short to worry about flakes and manipulative people in general.

    Rave: Getting my finances in order. Just a few more months and I can pay off this credit card bill.

    Rant: Might be addicted to these Starbucks coffee/mocha/vanilla bottle things.

    • Just a friendly tidbit, if you can avoid the Starbucks, it will do wonders to keep your finances in order 🙂 /soapbox

      I hear you though. We just had windows and a bay window installed, and put the three payments on the CC to get the 2% cash back. Were able to time payments and such that we were able to pay everything off without paying any interest, definitely a good feeling!

  • Rave: DC drivers, and I am serious. I was the hopelessly lost girl on a bike overloaded with way too many groceries and made a bunch of stupid mistakes and all the cars were so patient, i couldn’t believe it! No one blasted their horn, and no one yelled at me even though I wanted to yell at myself. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Rant: biking well in the dark is really really hard for me for some reason.

  • Rave: Today’s my birthday and mom left flowers on desk at work (mom works at same company.)

    Rave: Going to hear Zadie Smith speak tonight at Sixth & I!

    Rant: 1 year ago today I was on airplane moving back to DC from Paris. Still miss living in Europe, and I’ll always be a little sad on my birthday that it is a reminder of when we left.

  • Allison

    Rant: Getting flu shot today, am very very afraid of needles.
    Rave: Husband is coming with me so I won’t be so scared. Hoping they give me a Garfield bandaid!!

    • Allison

      And on that note, everyone START GETTING YOUR FLU SHOTS! If I can get it and I have a bona fide irrational needle phobia, you can too.

      • Also have the irrational needle fear. Getting my shot next wednesday! Hooray not getting the flu.

      • talula

        See if you can get the shot with the smaller needle. It makes a big difference! But even if you do get the longer one, the whole thing is over in less than a second.

        – Another person with needle-phobia

      • Emmaleigh504

        Getting mine tomorrow and told all my staff to get theirs! Hurray for free flu shots at work!

      • I’ll get mine when the government starts providing them to contractors. I haven’t had a flu shot in something like seven years and haven’t had the flu since I was a kid.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The government does provide them to contractors where I work (I’m a contractor). You should double check and see if you can’t get a free flu shot as a contractor.

          • My current agency and prior one were quite explicit in stating only fed employees were able to get free flu shots. I think your current locale is more the exception than the rule.

          • Allison

            My health insurance (Kaiser Permanente) gives them out free on a walk-in basis as long as you go to their particular clinic. You should check your health insurance to see if they cover it.

    • I always turn my head whenever I am getting stuck. I never see the needle coming.

  • Rave: Solidly beautiful autumn weather

    Rant: Bicyclists with NO lights. Not sure if the earlier sunset comes as a surprise to some people, but most cyclists I saw last night had no illumination – front or rear – which rendered them nearly invisible. So, so dangerous!

  • Rant: Applying/interviewing/waiting through the job search. I’m currently unemployed and while the first month was pretty great, I’m ready to have a little more structure and purpose to my days beyond walking the dog…

    Revel: Fall. Gorgeous trees and light make the long walks we’ve been taking that much prettier

  • rave: women
    rant: women

  • Observation: Interesting conversation with my five year old this morning about playing cowboys and Indians. He is programmed for good guy/bad guy distinctions so this shades of grey stuff went over like a lead balloon. It was easier when I was a kid and we could just hate the soviets.

  • Rant: Just found out my big boss got a $1.8m cash bonus last year. I got no bonus. What a dick!

  • Rant: Doc gave us basically no chance of having a baby the good ol’ fashioned way. Male problems, not me….and I’m fairly certain that anyone who knows will just assume it’s my “fault”. “If only you’d lose more weight, you might get pregnant faster!” nevermind that, you know, sperm is part of the process.

    Rant: The cost associated with IVF – I don’t know if I want children badly enough to put myself though that. However, it’s not fair to my husband or my parents if I don’t just go with it. Trying not to let my husband see how this is affecting me because I know he feels badly enough. Still in some pretty bad discomfort from my first ultrasound – gives me new reasons to hate Bob McDonnell and the others who say this should be a required procedure.

    Rant: Insurance doesn’t give a fuck about fertility. Or, I should say the people who negotiate for federal employee options. We’ll steralize you, give you viagra, whatever. But you WANT to have kid with us helping to pay for it? HAHAH no.

    Rave: Knowing that, in the end, I’m healthy. Screw what everyone else assumes – the RE said my parts are great, so there’s that.

    Rave: Being at the point in my life where I can truly talk to my mom about anything. That is priceless and I wish I had been a better daughter when I was younger.

    • We can’t get pregnant either, and there are a few reasons we can’t do IVF. We started the adoption process recently, and both of us are fine with that. We don’t feel that it has to be genetically “ours” to actually be “ours”. I hope that you can find peace in whatever decision you make, whether it is continuing to try other methods in conceiving, adopting, or just not having children altogether.

      • Good luck to you in the adoption process – we are open to adoption as well, and my husband (who is incredibly understanding and not at all Mr Macho) is OK with donor sperm if that is a better option.

        The irony is I spent HOW much on birth control trying not to get pregnant since we’ve been together?!? Oh, life is funny

        • It is kind of funny, in the if I don’t laugh I’ll cry realm, huh? I was on birth control for 8 years, only to find out there is no way in hell I can get pregnant without medical intervention (and the problem is with me, not my husband). the whole thing blows.

    • At the risk of being insensitive (and possibly having misunderstood what you’re saying), let me say that if you’re not sure that the cost of IVF is worth having a baby, then you definitely shouldn’t have a kid. The cost of the procedure(s) is going to be a drop in the bucket financially (and emotionally) in terms of what you will spend on a child/children over the course of their lives.

      I can understand the pressure from family/friends/s.o. to have a kid, but if you’re not 100% in, it’s not fair to you or your partner to do this. You may end up resenting them for having ‘forced’ you into a life you may not really want.

      Good luck either way in whatever you decide.

      • I am 100% in to having a kid – but the cost associated with fertility treatment isn’t something I factored in to the overall tremendous cost to having a child, especially the huge cost in a process that isn’t guaranteed to work. However, our clinic director gave me some great info about the insurance plans avail to Feds and since open season is soon, we’ll be switching. I think once I get over the initial shock of it all, I’ll be less…depressed (?) about the cost.

        FWIW, we never had a honeymoon and I had hoped to use some of our money to have a pre-baby trip to Europe together. For a young couple, we are more than financially sound (and fortunate) but I don’t part with money easily. So it’s a combo of weather patterns creating a storm!

      • I completely disagree with OatsDC. IVF can cost up to about $30,000, and that is out-of-pocket. That isn’t a drop in the bucket- that is a significant chunk of anyone’s nest egg that they have been preparing for the child(ren). It is putting people at a huge disadvantage when actually needing money for raising the child.

        Not only the cost, but the time that you have to take away from work (multiple times, almost always at the last minute) to even try to get pregnant? That is days per month, more than likely multiple months, for someone that would need days off when actually BEING pregnant. It is a really difficult and painful procedure, as it is two very intrusive procedures for each round (retrieval and implantation). There is a lot more that you just aren’t considering.

      • Indeed on the time cost & the emotional cost involved – I’ve only gone through the monitored IUI process, which involves several visits to the dr office within a week or so to check hormone levels & follicles. If I happen to time it wrong, I’ve been in the office for an hour between those two pretty quick things. IVF has that plus drugs that are expensive (and from my understanding do a number on your body) plus more expensive procedures that have to be just as delicately timed & take more time out of your day/week. So I’m glad that IVF is available, but I don’t think it’s fair to question someone’s readiness for children (financial or otherwise) because they don’t want to go down that path.

        • Yeah, the amount of time spent at the doctor’s office is a real chore. I too, have only done the IUI (and only once), but went Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, and Mon (Columbus Day) to be monitored. I do think it’s worth it in the end, but it’s incredibly stressful and emotionally painful, especially when you realize that you’ll have to do the same thing month after month until it works. IVF adds the money, additional drugs, and physical pain on top of everything else. I can’t say what decision I’ll make when/if it comes to that.

      • anon. gardener

        Part of being a parent is making financially responsible decisions for the good of your child. At the point in my life when we were facing the same decision, spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical procedures that probably wouldn’t work anyway just didn’t make sense. We didn’t own a house, we didn’t have any assets, only debt, and on the chance it did work we probably would still be paying off the cost of conception when the kid was ready to go to college. If you ask me, the OP’s unwillingness to spend crazy amounts of money on IVF makes her eminently qualified to be a parent – she is thinking with her head, not just with her heart. OP, best of luck to you, whatever you decide to do!

        • Thank you for the kind opinion – we are a rare young couple in that we are ver financially stable (have an investment property, no real debt and my husband is about to start a GS job). If the cost were a big deal, I know that my parents would lend us or give us the money needed because they have been there themselves (though, back then, insurance covered it believe it or not!).

          I think there’s a difference between knowing that having a child will cost you a lot and being frightened by the cost of ART, when nothing is guaranteed. We are learning more about insurance and the clinic has said they’ll provide a detailed cost sheet based on a few scenarios….

    • If you are fed, there are two good options for health insurance to cover fertility treatments during open season: MDIPA and Aetna. (Saying this as a non-fed whose LIFETIME cap for fertility treatments through my work insurance was $4000). Didn’t even cover the cost of my meds on the 1st try.

      Check out RESOLVE, it’s a good group to address the public policy and health issues surrounding infertility. There are many of us out there.

      • Thanks – I’ll definitely check out resolve.

        The admin guy at the clinic said both of those programs were pretty much the same, but that Aetna was easier to deal with (no referrals needed) and there is a copay for appoints vs. a shared cost for everything, which in the end is the same as MD IPA’s savings on drugs.

        The coverage is ridiculous, and when you really look at coverage, it’s all pretty skewed and about saving money for the company – it doesn’t HELP then to have a pregnant customer, after all!

  • Rave: Heading to Nashville tomorrow for a weekend of football and stuffing myself at various eateries.

    Rave: Said trip is my wonderful wife’s bday present to me.

    Mini-Rant: Gonna be a late night at work trying to get everything done.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Forgot to bring a new supply of tea to work so it’s water or cokes for the rest of the day.

    Rave: I like cokes so that’s fine.

    Rant: Bored. I think I need a hobby but I can’t think of any.

  • Rant: Neighbor’s have a male Pitbull visiting today that doesn’t seem happy that their male Pitbull wants to take “advantage” of him during the visit. I yeld at them because the dog keeps crying – but they are getting high so probably find it amusing.

    • I’m completely convinced there are two groups of people who own pitbulls. The first group exclusively consists of the uneducated, awful morons that keep them for fighting and protection. And the other group consists of the kind folks who end up adopting the survivors and spend all their time trying to undo the damage the evil, original owners did. I know we live in a free society, but man, I would love to take these dogs away from people like the ones you describe, and I would love to send to prison any and all who engage in dog fighting.

  • Not a rant, but a pet peeve: Misuse of pronouns in actual speech. I am a secretary, and when people talk to me, there is usually not much of a greeting before they just go to: “Is he in” or “Can I talk to him.” I’m pretty sure he is not God…so they should probably clarify to be “correct” :-p

    I know I nitpick, but it’s things like this that make being a secretary so hard; you feel like you aren’t a person, you just serve “him.”

  • Rave: Refreshing lunches outside with good people.
    Rant: Knee still hurts. Not sure if I need the ortho or not.
    Rave: Husband starting tri training with me :-D. I got him a garmin for our anniversary and I cannot wait to geek out with him on training!

  • eat lots of pineapple, heard that helps the fetus stick, I know it sounds crazy

  • i am so sick of this person posting ‘inspirational messages’ stop littering.

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