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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Awesome photo!

    Rant: If you thought you saw a guy dying on metro today, clinging to the poles for dear life, that was me, my freakin’ back went out really really really bad. Argh, can hardly move.

    • Yikes! Hope you feel better quickly! Biofreeze (available at CVS) is amazing for temporary relief of muscle pain.

  • Rave: Took a very similar photo of that stunning sky two mornings ago. Great shot!

    Rave: Speaking truth to power

    Rant: Completely exhausted today. Need to stop watching post-debate coverage until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Woke up grumpy.

    Rave: My cat has decided a pair of pliers are her new favorite toy. Hilarious.

  • Rave: Wedding planning is not nearly as stressful as people made it seem.

    Rant: A lot more difficult trying to plan a wedding in Texas when I’m in DC, but thankfully my family has been great helping me search for a venue.

    • Our experience was wedding planning didn’t get stressful until the last month before the wedding. That’s when all your vendors need your final numbers/decisions and there’s also SO much that you can’t do until that time when you know exactly who is coming (seating chart, meal counts, placecards, etc.). Our advice:

      1) Anything you can do ahead of time – do it! My sister-in-law was up at 5am the day of her wedding alphabetizing her placecards – uck! We did as much in advance as we could and actually ended up with very little to do the week-of. Made it much more relaxing 🙂

      2) Set your RSVP date earlier than you might expect. Our caterer needed the final count/meal choices 2 weeks before. We had set our RSVP deadline 3 weeks before. About 25% of our RSVPs never made it back to us (either lost in the mail/people forgot to mail back) – that made for a stressful week of calling people to find out if they’re coming.

      Have fun + try to enjoy it!

      Related Rave: Enjoying newly-wedded bliss! So nice to have weekends back to just relaxing with my husband rather than dealing with mundane wedding tasks!

      • I would say that the only ‘stressful’ part was dealing with patronizing vendors, who wanted to sell you the Disney Princess package. Umm, can you not talk to me like I’m seven, while quoting me thousands of dollars for Sodexo products. Thanks!

        But once you find vendors you like and share your vision, it goes smoothly from there.

        I second doing as many things in advance, and advise sending as much to the event coordinator at your venue as possible (ie: name cards, favors, etc) about two weeks out, so that you can enjoy the ‘week of’.

  • Rant: Still getting shortness of breath and dizziness…

    Rave: Husband made a yummy dinner last night while I cranked out two desserts – baked apple and caramel muffins and orange and dark chocolate scones. Desserts are for a co-worker party today but we tasted them last night – pretty darn good :-D.

    Rave: Large print books at the library. With hold lists a mile long for some new books, I’ve started taking out the large print versions. Sure they’re fatter but I get to read the book sooner! Plus I have terrible eye sight so the large print makes reading much more comfortable.

    Rave: Some pretty funny internet work on “binders of women” 😀

    • anon. gardener

      You might want to see a doctor! More than a day or two of those symptoms – best to get it checked out.

    • em

      I’ve been having shortness of breath over the last few days as well – even with regular asthma inhaler & rescue inhaler when needed. I wonder if there is some particularly nasty air floating around the District.

    • Thanks for the input (and for the double dose of cheery sunflowers :-D)- I was wondering if it may be the change in weather/humidity but as I don’t have any respitory issues, I probably should go get it checked out.

    • whoa anemia, nasal infection, or artery blockage symptoms? Def. get that checked, that was what my stepmom felt right before she had to get a stent put in.

      • anon. gardener

        The paranoid hypochondriac in me immediately went to pulmonary embolism. Here’s another happy sunflower to distract you from the scary words “pulmonary embolism.” 🙂 Another possibility – anxiety/panic attack. Back when I first started grad school I thought for sure I was getting asthma, because i wasn’t stressed out at all. Turns out I was far more stressed out than I thought.

        • I had a blood clot a while back and so first think of pulmonary embolism whenever I get shortness of breath or have a sharp pain in my calf… I also thought about anxiety or stress but I’ve never had it before and I’ve really not been stressed lately!

          • anon. gardener

            Ah, how can you be stressed if you have a horse friend to hang out with? 🙂 (Fellow horse person here.) When this happened to me I was totally bewildered, because I didn’t think I was stressed AT ALL. The trouble breathing was just the first sign of anxiety. (thanks, grad school.) Just throwing it out there for anyone else who may be interested.

  • Rave: I now have everything I need to brew my own beer. Wish me luck.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Good luck!

    • First time can be intimidating but after that it’s very easy. Just make sure you clean and re-clean everything. Star san is your friend.

      • Thanks. I am really excited and thinking this could be a great new hobby. I am actually taking a short break from alcohol to drop some weight so the next beer I drink will be my own.

    • Very cool! You should join the DC Homebrewers facebook group. Even if you haven’t come to a meeting yet, it’s a great resource for questions for other brewers. Ask anything and you’ll have six replies within ten minutes. That first batch seems tough. Just remember sanitation is the most important thing. Sanitize all the equipment and fermentation vessels that come in contact with the cold wort after the boil with an acid-based (Star San) or iodine-based (Iodophor) sanitizer. If you have a clean “brewery” you’ll have a shot at making good beer.

      That goes very well with my rave. My friends Josh and Mike are releasing their beer–The Wandering Belgian–a collaboration between DC Homebrewers and Lost Rhino Brewing Company tonight at Smoke & Barrel in Adams Morgan. The beer is a Belgian-style IPA. American hops and Belgian yeast. It should be delicious.

      • DC Homebrewers sounds like fun. I am going to get a batch under my belt before I can consider myself one. Love the idea of exchanging recipes though.

  • Rave: Started the Couch to 5k program yesterday and my lungs didn’t hate me as much as I thought they would.

    Rant: Auditors asking for data from a time that predates me at this job and our record keeping is crap. Should be a fun day.

    • Thats great! Don’t give up and take your time. I started out with that last October and probably took double or more of the time it recommends. Now I am up to running 7 miles and training for a half marathon in February!

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I used to run 5-7 miles at a time back when I was in better shape but travel, work, stress and baby sidelined that over a period of a few years. Definitely taking things slowly so I don’t get discouraged and I’m looking forward to another day’s walk/jog in the beautiful weather. Good luck in your training!

      • The Cherry Blossom 10 miler used to have a great training program for beginners that took me from no running to 10 miles in about 10 weeks. What I loved about it was that it started as a run walk, which is what I needed.

  • Old friend of mine is in DC, and is complaining that there are no good bars. I can’t take him out, and unfortunately I was only living in DC for two months before I got pregnant, so I’m not a great resource.

    Anyone know bars that have a great juke box, nice atmosphere and is unpretentious? He’s older, so no need for bars filled with college kids.

  • Rave: Gorgeous fall mornings. I’ve been walking to work in the mornings and loving it.
    Rant: Signed up for a half marathon in 7 weeks and haven’t been able to train like I should and I’m worried I won’t be ready int time. I’ve been missing my weekday runs because I’ve been trying to move, sell all my stuff and work two jobs. Methinks I may have taken on too much…

  • Rant: After years of reading about how others on this board need a new job and thinking how lucky I am to love my job, my fortunes have turned and I dread going to work each day.

    Rave: Date with potential to be good.

  • Rave: New job in 2 weeks! Turning in my 2 weeks notice was extremely gratifying after 2 years of being pressed by a steam roller… Hopefully the new gig will be much better, but at least they’ll pay me much better.

    Rant: No time off between jobs; I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a week off to go to the beach since 2009. Woah is me.

    Rave: The debate last night was almost as entertaining as the Redskins Vikings game.

  • Rave: Working in an office with coworkers who hold similar political opinions.

    Rant: Had the old “tights or no tights” debate with myself this morning. Opted for no tights and was FREEZING!

    Rant: MY LANDLORD!! Yesterday the sink in our upstairs bathroom started leaking and the water made it’s way down through the floor and into the kitchen light fixture below, which overflowed onto the kitchen floor. I called the landlord who told me, “This is something minor that you guys could/should fix yourself.” and made it sound like a favor that he would get it fixed. WTF?!? The faucet on that same sink was just replaced last week–not by a plumber, of course, but by his “guy”. Said “guy” came this morning to fix the leak–once it was “fixed”, my roommate checked it and nope, still leaking. Made him fix it again.

    ……….I need to move!

    • You lanldord just sounded like he gave you permission to fix things yourself. I’d tell him fine – we’ll deduct materials, labor from our rent in the future. Then hire a plumber and deduct it from rent.

      • If you’re going to set up an agreement whereby you can deduct repairs from the rent, just make sure you get it in writing and have the LL sign off on it.

        • Agreed. This landlord sounds like a cheapskate; when he talks about “fixing something yourself,” I think what he’s envisaging is your getting our your own wrench, etc., not your hiring a plumber.

          Hiring a plumber WITHOUT his express written consent sounds like it would lead to his refusing to pay.

  • Rave: Adult kickball!

    Rant: Still pissed about the cab driver that claimed he wouldn’t take my fare because he was a PG County cab (picking up on 14th Street near U) but allowed others to get in who got there after I did. And he had not been dispatched to them. My money spends the same, believe it or not.

  • Rant: Unleashed dog with no owner tried to attack me as I was working in my back yard between 3rd and 4th Street behind Emerson. Chased me up the stairs. Police responded with into 20-30 minutes. Long enough for dog to be long gone. Keep and eye out.

    Rave: Having outlets like this to let neighbors know.

  • Rant: Lost control of my bike for just a second this morning and ended up going over the handlebars and wiping out.

    Rave: Nothing broken, no head injuries (helmet definitely helped there.) Lots of pain, but the ER doc prescribed Tylenol with codeine.

  • Rave: My coworker told me a story today…she went to a 70s party invited by her boyfriend. Wore an afro wig, white mini, go go boots, big earrings. When they got there the house was quiet. When she went it no one was dressed a la 70s…it was a party for a 70 year old woman!

    Rant: i have way too much work to do and not enough time to do it. I’m a well organized person, just things are being dumped on me left and right.

    Rave: I have job security, no one wants to do this work 😉

  • Rant – Lance Armstrong. ’nuff said.

    Rave – Made a delicious wild rice risotto last night. Damn good stuff, if I may say so myself!

    • Re: Lance Armstrong. I’m curious as to what your rant is.

      I know people who are highly upset that the American cycling group chose to go after him despite him never having failed a drug test, and they have pretty much succeeded in bringing his entire world down around him. There may be an outcome where there will be no official winner of the Tour de France for the years he won. (But this is partly due to the fact that almost all of the runners up tested positve for drugs or admitted drug use at some point in their subsequent cycling careers.)

      Or do you think he was a cheater and deserves what’s happening to him?

      I don’t know enough about cycling to have an opinion one way or another. But I am sorry to see his name being destroyed in any event. His charity appears to have been very successful.

    • I’m intrigued! Any recipe you want to share?

  • Rave: Teaism!! Sometimes chai and a ginger/apricot scone is the perfect meal.

    Rant: It’s almost gone 🙁

  • Rave: I was going to bitch about something but read the “Restoring Faith in Humanity” story and it took the sword out of my attitude. Thanks

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