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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Wonderful weekend – beautiful weather, great friends.

    Rant: It’s Monday and it’s going to be a looooong week.

    Rave: Got all our tickets booked for the holidays – insane how much travel we have to do to be with family but it looks like we can swing it and not take off too many PTO days.

  • Rant – What a heartbreak for the Nats. The toughest loss imaginable.

    Rave – “The Twelve” comes out tomorrow (sequel to “the Passage”). If you haven’t read the Passage, it’s awesome. Highly recommended, especially if you like zombie end-of-the-world type apocalyptic fare.

    • The toughest loss imaginable would have been if we had lost a game like that to the Phillies. I did not like the loss, but the Cardinals are an okay bunch of guys.

      • Hey, whoa… let’s not say things we can’t take back about the Phils. Lots of Phillies fans in DC! (Including me… and I would argue that I’m an okay gal.)

        • Prior to moving here from the west coast, I was neutral towards philly teams. Since living in DC? Yeah, I enjoy rooting against them. Sorry, but some of your fellow fans are a little obnoxious (especially in contrast to the vast majority of Cards fans I’ve encountered in my life).

        • saf

          Yeah, and there shouldn’t be. You live here now. Are you going back to Philly? Probably not.

          • So people are supposed to switch team loyalties based on wherever they live at the time? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being a “fan?”

          • saf

            People should recognize that they are not where they came from. Wherever you go, there you are.

            Are you a Washingtonian now? Own it.

          • You’re right, AR. Where you live and the teams you support are not necessarily related.

          • Some of us closely align with where we came from and our teams from those places. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but IMO “loyalty” should run deeper than your address. And where is it written one must support the home team? I see plenty of Cowboys regalia around DC. It’s just sports.

          • saf

            We’re not going to agree on this. IMO, where you came from is past, where you are is home, where you are going is the future. Home is what matters now.

            How you got to today certainly matters – it formed you. But it isn’t now. Where you’re going matters – it guides you. But it isn’t now. And it may never be.

            Sports are, to me, part of community identity. And community identity helps define home. I am a Washingtonian. I am therefore, as a baseball fan, a Nats fan. (I am not a hockey fan, a football fan, a basketball fan, so I have no connection to that part of the community.)

            So hold on to your past if you insist, but IMO, it’s a bad idea.

          • I have zero interest in sports (and exchanges like this make me glad that that’s the case).

            I love D.C. and it’s where I’ve chosen to live, but I have fond feelings for my hometown too. If I were a sports fan, I’d probably retain some hometown allegiances as well as developing new ones.

            Some people are taking sports way too seriously.

          • saf

            Oh, I’m not just this way about baseball. I really do believe that identity is directly related to community. And I think that is good.

            You know how some folks are 40 years old and still talk about going “home” for the holidays? I started thinking about that one day. If you’re an adult and YOUR home isn’t HOME, then you need to discover why that is, finish growing up, and create a home.

            We are meant to grow and change and become and where we do that is part of who we grow into.

          • “IMO “loyalty” should run deeper than your address.”

            +1 Look, I hate the Phillies as much as anyone, and Philadelphia teams in general have the worst fans in sports, but to say Philly fans should become Nats fans bc they live in DC is ludicrous. Should a Yankee fan become a Red Sox fan if he moves to Boston (or vice versa)? Or if you were born in DC but you move to Pittsburgh, are you going to start rooting for the Penguins? No, that’s absurd.

        • No question that some Philly fans can go too far, but you have to respect the passion they have for their teams. Other than during the playoffs, I’ve never seen that out of most Nats fans. Hopefully success will make die-hards out of the bandwagoners and the Nats fan base will continue to grow. It was a terrible loss, but hopefully it galvanizes the team for success next year.

          • Negative. I do not respect the idiots I meet that are Philly/Flyers fans. No need to even mention the Eagles. Sure, there are plenty of respectable Philadelphia fans, but I have met way too many jerks that are fans of the aformentioned teams.

      • I was more referring to the nature of the loss (with two strikes in the 9th!) than the team they lost to; I don’t really have an opinion about the Cards, and I’ve found their fans to be a pretty classy bunch.

    • colheights67

      I’ve been anxiously awaiting “The Twelve” for two years now, since I read “The Passage.” Very excited.

  • Rave: Somebody put a $20 bill in the tip jar at my regular acoustic gig on Saturday! I guess I was wrong about people in Bethesda being cheap bastards. I hope whoever did that shows up the next time I play there.

  • Rant: My 2 Shitz Zhu got into fight last night.

    Rave: My Shitz Zhus were raised by cats – so the fight involved a lot slapping. I didn’t know if I should stop it or just laugh.

  • Rave: Made an offer on an apartment, and the seller accepted! I have been so worried about eventually getting priced out of the DC rental market, so this is a huge relief and also very exciting.

    Rave: Broke up with long-term boyfriend recently and had two excellent dates over the weekend. I’m still sore ^_^

    Rant: Nats 🙁

  • Rave: Finally found a new sitcom that my boyfriend and I both like (very rare!). Revolution–that show where the power goes out. Unfortunately, we stayed up until midnight to watch 3 episodes and I’m sooo tired.

    Rant: Extremely tense dinner yesterday with my sister and that hoo-rah mastiff of a fiancee she keeps around. I feel awful for my mom–she’s paying for a wedding that she doesn’t support, and no one really wants this jerk to be part of our family!

    • I actually watched all 4 episodes this weekend, and was surprised that I enjoyed them – haven’t really been a fan of JJ Abrams shows.

      But a “sitcom”?

      Anyway, enjoy having a show to enjoy with your mate. Always nice to have a show to enjoy together.

      • You’re right, sitcom isn’t the right word. “TV show”? “Drama/action 13-week mini-movie”?

        Glad you like it, too! I’ve been kind of unimpressed with TV offerings lately, much to the frustration of my beau who only likes football, documentaries, or .. well I guess that’s it!

        • As a middle aged homebody… this fall TV line-up has been massively unimpressive. I held off on Revolution.. but am glad to have picked it up this weekend. We’ll see if Abrams keeps it on the right track, or if he gets lost in his convoluted plot (hole) twists. So far it is my favorite new show (which I would label, for no reason, a sci-fi show).

          • Emmaleigh504

            After you 2 talking about enjoying this show I thought I might give it another chance. Then I looked up this JJ Abrams guy. Sadly, I don’t like the stuff he makes. Disappointing.

          • Yea Emmalieigh – I’m not a fan of his eitehr… but I am enjoying this show.

            But if I like it – it won’t last very long – all the new shows I enjoyed last year were cancelled: The Finder, Awake, Prime Suspect, NYC 22, and I kinda enjoyed Alcatraz. Soo… don’t get too invested.

        • I’m also a fan of Revolution but all I can think is, “Hey, what is Bella Swan’s dad going in this show?”

  • I look forward for Howard University’s Homecoming this weekend see all the famous Howard University Alums. Howard University has produced famous blacks in film and in politics.

    After the game, I love seeing the Kappas and other Greeks doing their thing on the yard.

  • To make up for a recent string of rants, here are some raves 🙂

    Rave: Hold Steady tickets for Wednesday!!!
    Rave: Interview tomorrow (though so nervous)
    Rave: Seeing my best friend after a year and a half in CT this weekend
    Rave: A bf awesome enough to drive with me up there so I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars
    Rave: Fall weather

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My RLS is acting up. Sitting at my desk to work is making me insane.

    Rave: The weather yesterday was wonderful! It made running around town doing errands fun.

  • Rave: Excellent Redksins game! Not just because they won – it was a really fun and exciting game to watch.

  • Rave: Snallygaster was a blast Saturday afternoon.

    Rant: The outcome of a certain Saturday night college football game. Bah.

  • Rant: Ready for the stress of moving to be over.
    Rave: 2 more weeks and it will be! Yay!
    Rave:Light at the end of the horrible work tunnel – I’m being considered for a postion that sounds perfect for me and would let me get out of the hellhole I am in now. Fingers crossed!

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Just spent two hours reformatting PowerPoints this morning, because no one knows how to use a damn template! The worst is that they do a make it up as you go along template, rather than using no template, which would be a lot easier to remedy.

    Rave: Going to the Gulf Coast of FL this weekend!

    • Oy. I feel your pain. I can’t believe the crazy workarounds some people come up with to do basic formatting in power point and word.

  • Rave: I had a nice low-key weekend with friends. The weather was so gorgeous and it was nice to be outside.

    Rant: Ex-boyfriend keeps texting me snarky things.

    Rant: Monday to-do list is ridic.

  • Rave: Count Chocula Cereal
    Rant: Nothing to do at work.

  • Props to the cops for the light show at 5th & Ingraham last night, it seemed effective. Would like to know more about this operation.

  • For the third or fourth time in the past couple of months, I found myself with a friend or 2 in Dupont not having any idea where to go. Where in that neighborhood do people go at 9 or 10 on a Friday or Saturday if you don’t want a meal or the full bar scene? Like if one person wants coffee, another dessert, and maybe someone else wants wine, and everyone wants to be able to hear the others? I don’t know that neighborhood but it seems to be where all out of towners get stashed for their conferences, so I find myself there more often than I would choose.

  • PDleftMtP

    Rave: Radius Pizza is re-opening!

  • pennyworth

    rave: eddie bauer outlet had a 70% off sale yesterday
    rave: henleys
    rave: played with a boxer puppy
    rant: didn’t get him
    rave: eddie johnson’s goal
    rave: fifa 13

  • Rant: There’s some kind of epidemic of people going the wrong way in the 17th Street NW bike lane (the one going southbound from around T Street to Massachusetts Avenue). I lawfully bike that route pretty often and am pretty fed up with having to play chicken with some jerks who either can’t read arrows or think laws don’t apply to them. I’d like to encourage the cops who are always at the 7-Eleven at R Street to spend some of their day handing out cycling tickets.

    Revel: I don’t care what anyone says, I love the veggie biryani at Naan & Beyond.

    • Happens on R and Q pretty regularly too. Generally it’s not a commuter, just someone from the ‘hood.

    • This happens on every oneway street with a bike lane – 17th, T, R, Euclid (from 16th – Columbia) – heck, even one way streets without bike lanes. Cyclists choose to go the wrong way (which is 100% illegal) rather than bike on the correct one way street.

      Why? Never done a survey, but I’ll take a guess as: laziness.

      • I was going to post a rant about the very same thing! Yesterday on Park between 16th and 17th (very narrow 1-way with cars parked on both sides) a cyclist came through going the wrong way, between the passenger side of my car and the parked cars next to it. I was the passenger and the window was down and I yelled at him to be careful and that it was a one-way street. He had the nerve to yell back “what do you want? should I go all the way [around the block]?”

        YES, douchebag. That’s exactly what I want.

        I get around DC by car, bus, train, bike, and walking. There are jerks using all modes of transportation. But this cyclist made me want to punch him in the face with his freaking U-lock (I didn’t…maybe that’s the revel?)

        • if you are going less than one block the wrong way on a one-way the solution is easy, get on the sidewalk and go really slow (or if its crowded or a narrow sidewalk, walk your bike). This is much safer. As a biker, i hate when people ride the wrong way down a one-way. It is super dangerous for everyone, especially yourself and (more importantly to me) the bikers going the right way.

          If you are going more than a block, find another street.

          • +1.

            Exactly – not hard to do at all. I live on a one way street, and when I bike… I get off and walk my bike one block. Not difficult at all, and respect is shown for the law and all other people using all other transport modes.

            A better DC cyclist motto: Share the Road, Respect the Laws.

  • Rant: Nats 🙁

    Rate: Target!

  • Rave: Closing on a house today!

    Rant: Rain. I know it’s just one more day, but I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to move!

    • Second rave: Zipcar now has cargo vans!

      Rant: I’m not exactly comfortable driving one around DC. At least Zipcar drivers are stereotyped as terrible drivers – that means you all will keep your distance!

  • Anyone done a DC to Chicago or Chicago to DC move? Thoughts? Comparisons? Pros/cons?

    Also, keep a DC house and rent it out, or sell it?

    • Havning been a few times, I LOVE Chicago. It’s a very friendly city with hard working people – AMAZING restaurants (like, amazing – I think I gained 10lbs the last time I went). Major airport makes it easy to get places, decent transportation system, housing doesn’t seem nearly as bad as DC.

      Con: Jobs….not as diverse a market as DC, so I could never see being employable there.

      Con: every time of year but a few weeks in spring and fall. It gets miserably hot and miserably cold. I couldn’t deal with the extremes.

      But it’s a great city.

  • Rave (first, because the rants are pretty angry): gorgeous weather this weekend, and went apple and pumpkin picking with friends. Had a fantastic time!

    Rant: Some s**theads stole my pumpkins off the porch! Who does that?

    Rant: One week after moving into my new place, the upstairs neighbors still haven’t made a single friendly overture, despite multiple attempts on my part, and left a snotty note on the door this morning about noise at 9:30 PM on a Friday night. RAWR!

  • Allison

    Rant: Received rejection letter from Department of Justice. Am pretty much crushed.

    Rave: Supervisor still helping me job search. Not alone here.

    • Sorry about the rejection letter. If it’s any consolation, the federal government is probably the hardest place to get a job these days. Most agencies are operating under a hiring freeze – at least with respect to hiring people from outside the government.

    • Keep your chin up! I’m in the gov’t and I find it even difficult for me to find a gov’t job outside of my agency.

    • Sorry to hear that. It’s really hard to get a job at DOJ, so don’t take it too hard. I’m sure that if you keep knocking on that door, it’ll open eventually. Good luck.

  • The gutter cleaning man is on the 4500 block of New Hampshire!!!! He knocked on my door, with a brush and a gutter piece in hand, and told me that he was working next door and saw that I had a clump of leaves in my gutter that wouldnt let the water go down??? and if I need someone to clean it out. I said no thank you. I decided to watch him from my window and saw that he went to knock on my neighbors door. Very creepy looking man.

  • Rave: Went contra dancing for the first time on Friday. Funnest thing EVER!

    Rave: Went to Howl at the Moon, a piano bar, in Baltimore for the first time. Also the funnest thing ever! (but not EVER)

    Rant: Managed to pick a fight with the boyfriend while his mother is in town. Nice going, self.

  • WEEKEND RANT(S): Nats loss, heartbreaking. My sister, who is living with me temporarily, seems to be hitting a dead-end in her job search 🙁

    WEEKEND RAVE(S): Amazing weather. Went apple and pumpkin picking on Saturday. Girlfriend made a ton of food from our farm purchases. Repaired my scooter and it’s running better than ever. Finally ate a meal at MGM Beef in NE DC – OMG delicious roast beer and $2 beers. Lots of sexy time with the GF this last weekend, yowzas. Pay grade adjustment – thanks for an unexpected $3500.

    • ” Lots of sexy time with the GF this last weekend, yowzas.”
      Yeah, well GF is sore (see above). It ain’t the quantity, young brother, it’s the quality. Remember that, or the quantity dwindles…

  • Rave: Coming off a week at Daytona Beach. Only one rainy day. The rest was sunshine, temps in the 80’s and clear water.

    Rant: People and their carry on luggage. The airlines have got to get stricter on size enforcement. Some people tried to carry on three and four full sized suitcases. The overheads were full after the first zone call. The airline staff were literally snatching bags out of people’s hands and making them check it. One flight was held up for almost 25 minutes because there was nowhere to stow anything. People broke the latches on the carry on bins trying to shove their luggage in the overheads which resulted in less space. On another flight no one in the back of the plane could get off because the aisle was completely blocked by two passengers and two flight attendants trying to pry out oversize luggage stuck in the bin. People were ready to spring the emergency doors. It was ridiculous.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weekend, fun friends, cute kids, new workout routine, new boots, DSW in DC oh yeah. Hubbie waited up late to cash in on a previous offer hee hee.
    Thumbs on the food at Shaw Tavern. Anybody been to that bistro across the street?

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