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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • halfsmoke

    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rave: Werth Walk Off
    Rant: Nothing

  • Rant: Got news yesterday that we are going to be going though a reorg. I wouldn’t mind so much because I sort of new it was coming, except they are selling this like a used car salesman/consultant would and some assumptions about the good aspects of this that the are not going to meet that failure is predetermined.

    Rave: at least it is Friday and I can ignore this for a weekend.

  • Rant: There is a public storage warehouse at Kenyon & Upshur street in Petworth that is allowing vagrants to live in the storage lockers. Last night there was all sorts of police activity around this area. There have been many car break-ins in this neighborhood for years. I’m not one for putting good people out of a home, but I think that this public storage company by allowing nightly rentals for people facilitates petty crime in the entire area and then offers a safe haven for criminals. I also think it’s unsafe for people who walk through the neighborhoods at night there and most people in the are don’t know that this is occurring. I have observed several people walking in & out at all times of day using the numeric keypad to get through the gate and then walking into the storage building. I feel guilty for exposing this, but I think for public safety, this must be known. It also makes me wonder if this is going on all through the area and facilitating a place for storage of stolen goods.

    There are always police around this area, it’s hard to believe that they didn’t know this nightly hotel business was being run there.

    • Where is Kenyon & Upshur?

      • saf

        I think s/he must mean Kansas and Upshur? That’s all I can come up with.

        Also, if you think there are ANY storage places that don’t have people living in them and illegal things going on, you have never been in a storage place.

    • bfinpetworth

      I can confirm this. We just ended a storage contract with them after only one month partly because it is creepy to go inside there and notice people changing clothing, etc.. There is no way the operator doesn’t know this. It is sad for the people living there and scary for the people actually using it as storage. Just a bad situation all around.

      • I can confirm this confirmation. I’ve had a unit there for years and have seen some really strange stuff. Not only lockers that look set-up for living (and people changing clothes), but also ad-hoc weight rooms! I’ve also seen some wacky swap-meets take place on random afternoons. Strangest thing was probably running into two people in the stairwell feasting on some nasty looking take-out.

    • Report it to Muriel Bowser and ask her to get the police to look into it?

    • I remember first hearing about this phenomenon a couple of years ago when there was a story about a young girl (?) being left in storage unit while her mother went to work (?). I think it was in Waldorf, and it brought to light this whole issue of people–families even–living in their storage units because they had lost their housing.

  • Revel: Tomorrow I’m conducting an exciting physiological experiment called What Happens When You Try to Run a Half Marathon Without Training Very Well? Oops.

    Rant: I never know what to wear for races when the weather is high-40’s/low50’s. I prefer shorts whenever it is humanly possible, but that might be too cold.

    Rant: As a carless DC resident, I’ve only driven a handful of times in the past three years. Tonight is my first time on the Beltway, and I am pretty terrified.

  • Rant: The man in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee with Virginia tags that laid on his horn next to me for at least 3 seconds while I was biking through Logan Circle a moment ago.

    With that said, what’s the best way to bike through the circle or avoid it? I use hand signals, etc. and try not to hold up traffic.

    • There are no bike lanes around Logan Circle, so you should not be biking on the road around the circle. It’s way too dangerous and it’s difficult for people to see you, since I’ve found the lanes in that circle to be quite narrow (compared to Stevens Circle). Use the crosswalks and go through the park in the middle of the circle. That’s the safest way to get through there.

      • saf

        Bikes are vehicles.

        Car drivers must, BY LAW, treat bikes as other vehicles.

        Hence, bikers go through Logan Circle just like any other vehicle, and car drivers need to respect that.

        That said, car drivers won’t do that, and should be ticketed for their behavior. (they treat motorcycles the same way)

        So perhaps going up 11th or 12th Street, where there are bike lanes, would be safer for the bikers.

        • 11th or 12th would be safer, however bikers will still need to go through the circle if that’s where their route is taking them (for instance, if you’re going to Churchkey). So I attempted to answer the OP’s question and, in my estimation, using the crosswalks and going through the park Logan Circle would be the safest way to get through, for both motorists and cyclists.

          I actually think cutting through the park might be faster if you needed to go to the opposite side of the circle (but only if the OP is actually obeying the red/green lights when they drive on the road around the circle).

        • I wish bikers would be ticketed for running stop signs and red lights.

          • ^^^ Me too. I know it makes a bike commute so much harder but it’s dangerous. Especially in the mornings when one comes to a 4 way stop and starts to go; all of a sudden ….woooosh a bike comes 30mph down a hill through the intersection witihout looking.

          • I wish car drivers would be ticketed for the same.

          • I totally agree. I saw some twit on a bike come about 1 ft near the hood of my car because he couldn’t be bothered to stop at a light at Harvard and 14th Street when I had the right of way–he just swerved. He also couldn’t be bothered to wear a helmet while riding like a dingbat or hang-up his phone conversation.

            Everyone makes cars out to be the bad guys, but I’m seriously sick of cyclists. I’m happily shocked when I see a cyclist observing the rules of the road, I see it so rarely…

        • sane bikers would be on the bike lanes on Q or R street, not riding their toys like lunatics through a busy intersection without special toy lanes.

      • saf

        Where is Stevens Circle?

    • I bike through the circle the same way I drive through the circle. In the middle of appropriate lane, following the signs, using signals and obeying the law. Pretty simple.

      “There are no bike lanes around Logan Circle, so you should not be biking on the road around the circle.”
      If logic like this were true, I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere in this city.

  • Rave: Giants win, Nats win, Biden wins. A’s lose, but Verlander was pitching so there’s no shame in that.

    • If it was a time of possession battle I might agree with you on Biden. Otherwise I was really put off by his style.

    • Yeah, Biden definitely won….biggest arrogant d-bag competition with those immature smirks and laughs. As for the debate, not so much. And this come s from someone who actually LIKES Biden.

  • RAVE: Epic evening at Nats stadium. Awesome vibe and the bottom of the 9th heroics by Werth were amazing. After the 12th pitch, I knew the pitcher was gonna give something up to Werth. 🙂

    RAVE: We’re one game closer to a MARC series. FUCK THE YANKEES. Let’s go O’s.

    RANT: Don’t have tix to Game 5 :-/

    RAVE: Girlfriend gets into town this afternoon and is staying until Tuesday 🙂

  • Rant: The Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic – It is the only theater in the region showing a movie I want to see (Butter) but I’m not going to take public transit an hour and a half each way to watch a 90 minute movie.

    • Maybe a good time to try zipcar? or invite a friend with a car who wants to go. I have been used for my car, and realize it’s happening, but don’t usually mind if it means I also get to enjoy doing something interesting with good company.

    • tonyr

      It’s a 15-20 min walk from Dunn Loring metro. Where are you leaving from?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Creepy, stalker guy work just made weird noises when he saw me in the hall.

    Rave: Natitude!

    Rave: Fall leaves are starting to turn.

  • em

    Revel: Nats!
    Revel: Tigers!
    Revel: O’s! (but don’t tell my wife, she’s a Yankees fan)

    Revel: Our tickets on Red Porch for yesterday’s game.
    Rant: We will be watching tonight’s game at a bar rather than at the stadium.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: my photo project going well
    Rave: another place asking me to have an exhibit of my project there
    Rave: was asked to be a judge on a country wide photography contest
    Rave: :D!

  • Revel: Dispatch concert last night! Amazing. Sang and danced my heart out.

    Rant: The massive hangover I’m having right now.

  • Rave: was at the Nats game last night!

    Rave: will be at the game tonight!

  • Rave: No real plans this weekend – husband is finally home from a work trip and we can just enjoy each other, our home, and our neighborhood.

    Rant: Amtrak prices for the holidays. My goodness, I thought I was looking early for Thanksgiving and Christmas but they just have all the trains set for ridiculous prices!! Ugh. I don’t want to be stuck in traffic especially with Christmas falling on a freaking weekday this year!

    Rave: Almost snowboarding season 😀

  • Rave: I love working from home, I love love love it, and I’m so appreciative of my work for allowing it.

    Rave: Takoma Foundation Beerfest tomorrow from 4-8 pm – tons of local beer, food, and firedancers, all for a tax-deductible donation of $35.

    Rant: Anyone have a capstone/master thesis idea relating to renewable energy? The point of a capstone is to build on something you’ve learned in a class or something you are really passionate about, but my recent idea was canned by an uncooperative condo management company who shall remain nameless. I just want to be done with this degree program already..

  • Rant: Price to see a friend in Hartford next weekend. For crying out loud this is Amuricuur. I shouldn’t have to spend upwards of 300 dollars or 30 bus hours.


  • Rant: no temperature control in my office. I’m wearing jeans, socks and shoes, a long-sleeve shirt, 2 sweaters, a scarf, and am sitting on my hands because my fingers are so cold. I’ve already had 4 cups of hot tea this morning just to have something warm to wrap my hands around, and get up and walk around every half hour or so.

    • I feel your pain. I will never understand why offices insist on keeping temperatures slightly above that of a meat freezer. So much wasted energy, and probably wasted productivity too.

      • I heard a thing on NPR recently about how much productivity declines with every degree above or below a surprisingly narrow range of temperatures. Plus I’m in a LEED certified building where everyone is running personal space heaters to get the temperature to about what it is outside.

  • Rant: Saw a car pulled over on L street (by 14th street) yesterday evening, and the passenger opened the side door and threw an empty can onto the ground. He then closed the door and sat in the idling car.

    Rant: I wish I had said “Excuse me, sir, but I think you dropped something,” but I didn’t. Big regret.

  • Rant: Raucous Susan G. Koman walkers going down my street this morning. I usually welcome things like this, but I can only tolerate so much horn honking and people going “WOOO!”

    Rave: Since I leave for work at 7:30 I only had to listen to the racket for about 15 minutes.

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