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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Does anyone else think it’s odd that the city is extending alcohol-serving hours to 4am on Columbus Day? I can understand having normal weekend hours on that day, but it’s a strange time to extend that by an extra hour. Why not do that on Saturday when more people would take advantage of it? I don’t think most of these bars will have a lot of customers on a Sunday night/Monday morning that’s not a major holiday.

    • I think I heard on the news that they’re doing it as a trial or a test, but for what, I don’t know.

      • That’s what I mean. If they’re testing it to see if it can be implemented on a weekend, or a big drinking holiday like New Year’s, the results are going to indicate that no one’s interested in drinking that late (since most people have to go in to work the next day).

    • This is jsut the first holiday test weekend. It sounds like they also plan to do it for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as they have received applications for extended hours on those dates, too. It is probably better to try this out on a more subdued weekend first to see if things work out, rather than a huge weekend and it go poorly.

      There is a WaPo article on it titled: “Bars in D.C. prepare for late-night drinking”

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Three day weekend and cooler weather coming! I can’t wait for sweater weather.

  • Rave: Biked to work this morning. I love my new bike but she needs her first tune up!

    Additionally, has anyone seen “Branch” the Metropolitan Branch Trail Kitty? I had to stop cruising past her because I was getting far too attached and don’t have the money for the initial vet visit.

    • I haven’t seen the kitten in a week or more. The last time I saw her a woman was with her, and had given her some food. She mentioned that she was getting a trap and had already set up a vet appointment for her. If I had to guess, I’d say someone scooped her up…that’s my hope at least.
      We did notice that there was another kitten down in the construction site next to the MBT, white with dark brown and tan spots. I haven’t seen that one either.

      • Oh goodness. I’m both happy and sad! I can only hope the woman is a kind lady that will give her a wonderful home. I have seen the other calico kitty trying to steal “Branch’s” food. That cat is much, much more wild than she was.

  • Revel: On a Friday morning five years ago today my son was born. My heart is full of joy on this gorgeous fall day.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: working today and tomorrow in an event where we are giving free $20,000 to qualified people buying in DC and PG! more info if interested http://mannadc.org/detail/news.cfm?news_id=52&id=103

  • Rave: heading to France on Sunday with my wife. Grandpa is staying with the boy. Ah, adult time, great food, beautiful city. I don’t even care if it rains.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: I have a really wonderful Fall weekend lined up. Tomorrow, I’m going apple/pumpkin picking with my sisters, brother, and niece. We’re mostly excited about the cider donuts and petting zoo. And then my siblings and father and I are going to the Browns/Giants game on Sunday. Can’t wait! Go Browns!

    Rant: A group project for school that must be conducted entirely online is driving me bonkers. Talk about an exercise in patience!

  • Rave: Got my hands on some matcha. Now I can make green tea shortbread, green tea cupcakes, green tea macarons….
    Rant: Made a green tea smoothie last night that was way too strong. Not only did it keep me up but I’m still feeling jittery today. A little bit of matcha goes a long way apparently.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Living next door to a swing state means I get extra political BS in my airwaves.

    Rave: Work got wifi so I can listen to any NPR station I want all day on my iphone.

    Rant: Made homemade sauerkraut and I’m too chicken to taste it.

    Rave: Made some sour pickled carrots that are divine!

  • Rave: Just had coffee with a former co-worker (who, thankfully, found a job in a different department in the same building.) Boss is out so it wasn’t too rushed…

    Rave: House to myself this weekend! I can’t WAIT to go home, sprawl on the couch, watch everything I’ve Tivo’d this week and do laundry. While I really do like my roommates, I’d give anything for my own place sometimes.

    Rave/Rant: Only 3 of us in the office this afternoon. Bad because I don’t have much to do so I’ll be even more bored but Good because I can screw around without feeling as guilty. Crossword puzzle, here I come!

  • Rave: saw amazing amazing amazing performance last night by Deviated Theater called Sight. It was a heart breaking story, but absolutely beautiful and moving. If anyone is into modern dance – I highly recommend it.

    Rants: no rants on friday, my new rule.

  • Rant: Went out last night and overdid it a bit… my partner was up this morning sick, and despite my pleading will just not stay home from work… he feels like since it’s his own fault that he’s sick, he should just power through, which I think is ridiculous.

    Rave-ish: At least we’re old, so we only really get these kind of hangovers once every year or so. Last year it was my turn, so I guess it’s his this year. And it was for a good cause- an absolutely delicious firkin of local pumpkin beer!

  • Rave: Made green beans with bacon and caramelized shallots and the leftovers are just as good as the original last night.

    Rave: Leaving work early since I got in early and stayed late yesterday.

    Neither: Trying a new place for hair cut and color tomorrow. I’m nervous but hopeful

    • Rave: Made corn and pepper chowder and the leftovers are just as good as the original last night.

      Rave: (Hopefully) leaving work early since I got in early and stayed late yesterday.

      Neither: Also getting my hair cut. I’ve been to this salon once and had a great experience, but unfortunately the stylist moved to the other side of town so I’m trying someone new. The people on Yelp rave about her so I’m optimistic.

      • Good luck with the haircut! With curly hair, I’m always hesitant to try someone new (the devil you know…) but it’s time. My stylist left the area and the new person I was seeing is sweet and does great color but her cuts just weren’t great.

    • The replies you are getting remind me of those SNL “Penelope” sketches.

  • rave: i eagerly look forward to the nats game on sunday.
    rant: not sure what time they are playing yet so I can’t plan my day properly
    rave: playoffs! woooooooo

  • Rave: Did my nightly walk around the Capitol while listening to Ralph Vaughn Williams. For some reason, the music made me very introspective and I started admiring the amazing beauty of the Capitol campus: the old trees, the lights reflecting off the water with the ducks swimming across it, the statues, the architecture, the deserted and tranquil House-side fountain with its lamps and elephant ear plants surrounding it… I am fortunate to live near such a beautiful place.

    • I love walking around there at night. Just be sure you’re aware of your surrounding if you have headphones on– it can get desolate around there.

      • Thanks, Caroline. I try to walk early in the evening when there are still walkers/joggers around, and I keep my music low. The good thing about the Capitol grounds is that they do have police posted in various areas, and they have bicycle patrols. But keeping aware of your surroundings is definitely a good idea, since there are some dark pathways up the Hill. It is an awesome place to walk at night!

        • Yeah, I guess I tend to wander over there later when no one’s around, and it always puts me on edge, especially when I have my expensive-looking camera with me.

  • Rant: Broke up with my significant other this week, and even though it was my choice I am still sad.

    Rave: Awesome, supportive friends and fabulous fall weather!

  • Rant: My cousin’s breast cancer, which spread to her bones, has now spread to her brain. Heartbroken for her and her little girl who’s only six.

    Gives some important perspective on what really matters in this world.

    • Good god, so sorry to read that. I hope you and the rest of your family are able to step in and be there for both of them.

  • Rant: Pretty sure that construction (specifically the trauma of jackhammers near our 100 year-old house) has cracked our waste pipe. That’s got to count as a god-like act of man, right? I’m sincerely hoping that our home insurance might cover the repair/replacement.

    Rave: The ability to work from home. Singing along with Spotify until the contractors arrive, although I’m tempted to just put “Hot Knife” by Fiona Apple on repeat.

  • Rant: To my coworker who will no longer watch anything with Anderson Cooper in it after finding out that AC is gay: are you sure you want to be sitting next to me? Because, like, it’s totally contagious. And you have a greater chance of contracting the gay by sitting next to me than watching it through a TV screen, obviously.

    • em

      I think I caught it just by reading your post. You are a total vector.

    • He probably should refrain from watching TV altogether.

      That reminds me of the time my coworker was worked up because the actor on some popular sitcom came out of the closet. He couldn’t believe it because apparently this guy’s character is a big womanizer. Umm, it’s called acting? I really regret missing the opportunity to smile coyly, in my high heels and magenta pencil skirt, and reply, “Well most people don’t think I’m gay either.” 🙂

      • Exactly! It really bothers me when my (all male) coworkers talk about gay men being so disgusting, but if I came out to them as a gay woman, they would react to that much differently (they talk about how hot lesbians are all the time). Ugh!

    • Most straight men I know would benefit greatly by having some of teh gay rub off on them. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Rave: Family in town all weekend!!
    Rant/Rave: Competing in a horse show tomorrow…but I’m really nervous and there will be a lot of spectators cheering me on, so if I screw up, it’ll in front of everyone!
    Rave: I get to spend the day outside tomorrow, jumping and riding, hanging with people (and animals) I love!

  • Rave: Three day weekend! Me and my sister in law are planning to take our dogs to the dog beach at Downs Park this weekend. Can’t wait to see my dog go swimming.

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