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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • If I commit a crime in DC, I want Officer Holmes to investigate it.

    When asked on his method of investigation – If an attacker says they didn’t do it and a witness (unknown to attacker and victim) says they did – no cause to further investigate because stories conflict.

    Continuation from rant on Monday – spent the past couple of days communicating by email with Third District MPD who reviewed Officer Holmes investigation. Final word from Third District – the investigative officer “received conflicting information from individuals on the scene and therefore could not establish that probable cause existed.”

    • anon. gardener

      The Second District is just as bad. We had a similar run-around after we filed a complaint about terrible behavior by an officer. We got, He said he didn’t do it, so case closed – after 4 months of emails and requests for updates. In 4th District news, my neighbor’s house got robbed, but because the thief entered through an open window, the police deemed it “misplaced property,” not a burglary, and wouldn’t investigate. I am losing my faith in the MPD. They seem more concerned with protecting their statistics lately than anything else.

      • You guys should try Officer Krupke!

      • As I said yesterday…everyone should read the New Jim Crow so they can fully understand how modern law enforcement and criminal justice work.

        Also, I am a really big advocate of having citizen oversight /review boards at every county and city in the country. I know MoCo is trying to establish one now. They would be the ONLY body that could process and investigate complaints against officers and review of investigations. They should have 100% subpoena and final authority on any penalties or suspensions.

        • Allison

          Is there a reason the DC OIG isn’t sufficient? (not a criticism, I’m just wondering because I don’t know.)

        • I think Idaho Ave. is talking about a citizen review board specifically to handle complaints about police. The current process is (as far as I know) for such complaints to go the police’s Internal Affairs group.

    • I think irony of this is that the Lt. who reviewed Officer Holmes investigation had been investigated by Internal Affairs last year in the whole Charlie Sheen escort mess. He was then transfered to the Third Disctrict after Chief Lanier stated that the escort appeard to violate police protocol.

      • If you can’t do TEACH. If you get caught breaking protocol, DC police gives you a second chance to teach others to do the same.

    • I looked through yesterday’s R&R entry but saw nothing relating to an Officer Holmes. Can you point me to what you’re talking about? Thanks.

    • Someone at MPD is listening…check it out…

      DC Police Department [email protected]

      “Have a recent experience with a police officer you want to share? Tell us how we did at http://grade.dc.gov or via social media. //6637 “

  • If a tree falls in the forest and the victim hears it but the attacker doesn’t, does it make a sound?

  • Question: Who will win the World Series?

  • Nationals over A’s.

  • Rave: My brother in law has spent so much time working at my house and helping us out. He is an awesome, hardworking guy that has spent days and days and days working through some of our house issues.

    Rant: I have no idea how to thank him.

    • Tell him what you just said here! You can get him a gift, of course, but words of appreciation from the heart are the best.

  • Rant: Depression sucks. Haven’t slept well in months and now my motivation is tanking which is making me more tired.

    Rave: I am on the brink of smashing through the shackles of this crap. I realize and appreciate now that it takes a lot of hard work and strength to break through the claws of depression. It’s amazing how hard it can seem, but how easy it can be to just take incremental steps.

    • hang in there! talk to somebody about it. you are not alone.

    • Do you exercise at all? I used to be on zoloft for anxiety, and at the time I never exercised. I started biking, going to the gym and doing self-defense training after I got off zoloft and it really helped. Physical exercise can really improve your mental health.

    • Hell. Yes. Depression blows and climbing out of it can seem so awful and stupid and impossible. But its doable. Just living with it takes so much strength and guts and courage–anyone who thinks people dealing with depression are “weak” or whatever has no f-ing clue what they are talking about.


      • +1 for exercise.

        i hate exercise. i despise it. except it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. the problem is it’s nearly impossible to start once you’re depressed. once you’re three weeks in though, it does wonders. you don’t even need to run or bike or other aerobic stuff, just lift weights for a hour every other day or something.

        depression does suck though. it runs in my family and has nearly taken a couple lives. crazy how our brains can lie to us and make things seem horrible …..

        • Hang in there! Im dealing with depression as well and it is terrible. I have been considering seeking help but I have not taken that step. Some days are really tough. I also quit exercising and know that would probably help. However, I just am too tired to go after work. But I do know that I can overcome this and will!!

          • i also can’t go once i’m home, so i make a point to bring my workout stuff in a duffel bag before i leave the house. my gym is on the way home (i take the metro), so it takes a lot of will-power to *not* go.

            like today: i’m still hungover from debate drinking games and realllllly don’t want to go, but I know if i don’t go, i’ll feel even worse and do absolutely nothing tonight. because this damn bag is sitting here in my office, it’s like it’s constantly saying “YOU BETTER GO OR YOU WILL GO CRAZYYYY,” which is totally true. shut up, bag.

    • msmaryedith

      It sucks so, so hard. I’m really sorry.

      Like anonymous and c, I totally encourage you to try to work out. It is the LAST thing you will feel like doing, most likely, but it helps me so much. If you can get over the initial “I’m too tired to work out” feelings, it really improves your energy levels. I had been on antidepressants for years and recently ditched them after becoming devoted to working out regularly. Physical health really affects your mental health. And if you can find a place where you can sign up for classes/feel some camaraderie in the process, it’s even better.

      You might want to look at this site: http://www.erasingthedistance.org/resources/

    • pablo .raw

      I’ve been dealing with that recently and I agree with doing exercise helps. Also after my annual medical check, they found I have a deficiency on vitamin D which has been apparently related to depression. Life goes on.

    • I think recognizing that it’s depression and wanting to do something about can be one of the toughest parts of fighting depression. So good for you, and good luck.

      • Emmaleigh504


        Also remember, if exercise or zoloft or whatever treatment you are using doesn’t work, there is another treatment to try. There’s not 1 magic bullet but many things you can do to beat depression.

        Hang in there, we are all behind you!

    • You can do it. It is the sum of many tiny individual decisions in the moment. Oftentimes it is just a matter of getting a small task done. Of moving. At work, it can be on the computer, such as sending an email. At home, choose one tiny shelf or stack of papers, organize it.

      Good luck.

  • RANT: Come on Obama, drink a cappuccino or something and get a full night of sleep before your next debate. You looked slow, tired, and not mentally sharp. You’re much better than this.

    I know Romney has had much more recent experience with debates and came into this debate with extremely low expectations regarding his performance, but you need to step it up in Round 2.

    • Maybe they should allow him to use a teleprompter.

    • If you recall though, he was really not that good a debater the first time around. I remember thinking Hillary cleaned his clock in most of the debates. Now that was 4 years ago but it is not as if he debates much in his job. The press treats him with kid gloves and he does not do very many press conferences or appearances that would help him hone his craft. Plus there is the whole running the country thing to consider.

    • RANT: Everyone jumping on the “Obama did poorly” bandwagon… There are 2 more debates, and Romney looked like a cat backed into a corner. People saying that Bill Clinton could do better are just people pre-disposed to only listening to individuals of a certain ethnic background. We have not come that far yet.

      • pablo .raw

        I agree, I would go as far as thinking that he did it on purpose. His supporters don’t feel as safe now and my friends are organizing to go canvassing and donating money based on his performance last night.
        He did great in my opinion, if debates are about ideas and facts he won. If debates are about screaming louder, Romney won.

        • Don’t worry, ratings drive political spin; The major media outlets are praising Romney in order to create a tone of active competition to reinforce their ratings for follow up debates; We must never forget how big business has taken control of manipulating public perception in the process of bolstering their profits and identities…

      • Oh shut the hell up, Jack. Not everything is racial.

        Obama is a fantastic orator, a lesser debater, and did a stunningly mediocre job last night when he should have been, at the very least, very good.

        • Thanks for trampling all over my free speech rights Mary!

        • If Obama allowed himself to get red faced and flustered like Romney did we’d be talking today about how “Un-Presidential” he looked… I love it how media evaluates outcomes in advance and plans strategy. News outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX don’t hire PHD psychologists and highly experienced news analysts and anchors to have them sit around and talk about “coffee cake” in the employee lounge, they pay close attention to spin potential. Wake The F*ck Up! – S. Jackson

      • Also, it’s easy to be polished and do good in a debate when everything you say is the opposite of what you were running on the previous 4 months. when you belive your own lies and the public eats it up it doesnt make it too hard to appear confident like Romney did.

      • your powers of analysis are not your strong suit.

    • I doubt this changes much. Mr. 47% needed a clear knockout, and while he performed marginally better than Obama, he didn’t get it. Meanwhile, Obama’s ads playing Mitt’s behind the scenes contempt for half the country carpet bomb the swing states. Mitt doesn’t get out from under that so easily.

      • Those ads are great! I was 100% behind Romney until I found out that he never hugged his trash collector! I’m all about Obama now!

        • Those ads are great, and they are not about trying to convince partisans like you. They hammer home to the sliver of undecideds that Mitt doesn’t give a rats ass about working people. This election ended the moment that video leaked and America got to see the man behind the mask. One debate won’t change that.

        • You don’t think expressing OPEN CONTEMPT for 1/2 of the population is relevant to someone’s qualifications to be the president?

      • I actually agree with your take on this.

        I don’t understand the brouhaha about Obama not mentioning the 47% issue – I think it was great that he DIDN’T mention it. They are already hammering that theme home in all the ads, so why mention it? Additionally, Romney probably crafted and memorized a zing’ing response to the “47%” if Obama brought it up; so why give Romney the chance to respond and change the tenor of the controversy around 47%? I think this was a good strategic move by Obama.

        That said, I think the Prez was a little lacking last night. He still needs to come out much stronger in Rounds 2 or 3.

        • That’s what I thought. Why trot out the predictable line that everyone knows about and is expecting you to say?

        • Yes, I suspect that Obama intentionally didn’t bring it up to deprive Mitt the opportunity to spin it. There was only a marginal potential upside to raising the topic in the debate and larger potential downside.

  • Rant: Yeeeeah I’m not watching any more debates. I like my elections how I like my sporting events: I want my team to get ahead right away, then pull even further ahead, and then win. I hate when things get exciting.

    Revel: If we have a president Romney I get to capitalize on a $10 bet I made in 2007.

  • Allison

    Hi PoPville, an interesting etiquette question cropped up today that’s never previously occurred to me, so I’d appreciate community input (particularly from pregnant members!)

    You’re in a women’s bathroom, and all the stalls are full, and there is a line to use the restroom. A super super obviously late term pregnant woman gets in line behind you. Do you let her go in front of you and use the first stall that opens up? I know pregnant women often complain of having to pee all the time due to bladder constriction, so would it be appropriate for me to let her go ahead, or would it make her feel uncomfortable to have the attention drawn to her?

    • Maybe tell her to use the handicap stall?

    • Offer to let her go ahead of you.

    • I would probably smile and laughingly say, “I bet you need to go more than I do. Go ahead of me!” They will be grateful for the kind gesture, I should think.

    • I would ask her if she’d like to get ahead of you while making it look like you have something that’s keeping you from going next (start typing something on your phone for example). That way she gets to relieve her bladder sooner, while feeling like she’s not inconveniencing you. I do a similar thing with pregnant/elderly people on the metro; I pretend I’m getting off soon so they don’t feel bad or get offended that I think they’re fat/old.

    • btw, I’m pregnant and I don’t care. do it if you want, don’t do it if you want. if I’m about to have an emergency, I’ll just ask to go first.

    • This has happened to be twice in my current pregnancy, two nice ladies let me go ahead of them (without me asking). In one incident, it was a unisex bathroom and two men in the line got annoyed with the nice women who responded, “She’s clearly pregnant!” If I had not needed the bathroom as much as I needed it then, I would have declined and said, “It’s OK, I don’ t have to go that bad.” And I go really quick too so not to hold up the line any longer.

      I’m sure it varies among pregnant women, but it’s really, really hard for me to control my bladder very late in my pregnancy so when I have to go, 70% of the time I really have to go. So short answer, yes, please offer!

      • That’s pretty friggin’ neurotic and totally over-thinking the situation, lol.

        To the OP: Just be nice and offer, you’re not offending anyone.

      • Allison

        Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t know how I would feel about people bringing attention to my various biological needs… I suppose the experience will come with time!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Offer the stall, but don’t mention her being knocked-up (just in case she’s not). No one is offended and you did something nice for someone.

  • Rant: Police report on the drunk driver who took out a line of cars on Friday night is still not ready. Needs “corrections” or some such thing.

    Rant: Misjudged the length of the rental car by about an inch in the parking garage at work. It is now decorated with a yellow patch of paint from the pole that I scraped and I’ve got no idea what kind of insurance coverage I’ve got on the damn thing.

    Rant: The floor by the front door was mysteriously wet this morning. I’m seriously hoping that the street scape jackhammering hasn’t somehow caused our waste pipe to crack or loosen. Reading about other folks with similar issues isn’t making me feel more confident that I’m imagining things.

    Rave (?): After a couple solid weeks of feeling like the universe is trying to take me out, it has got to get better soon, right?

    • I felt the same way for the entire month of September. I thought, surely October will be better. So far, it’s not. As my aunt said, sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: I have a coworker in the marketing dept. who speaks entirely in jargon. I have no idea what the hell she wants, and when I seek clarification, she cannot articulate a task in practical terms and then criticizes those who don’t understand. SPEAK IN PLAIN ENGLISH and maybe we can get your point! Arrgghhh…

    Revel: Natitude.

    • That sounds like the worst possible kind of person to be doing marketing!!

    • Surely you just need to shift your paradigm to think outside the box. 😉

      • binpetworth

        I wish it was that easy and cliched! More like “we need to create a level-set around our learnings so that we can better engage & drive the conversation forward” (actual quote)

        • What on earth is a “level-set” — a fence?? It sounds like it should be an item of hardware.

          Hahaha, “our learnings.” No wonder she is driving you up the wall!

          Hang in there, and please share the best ones with PoPville!

        • Unfortunately, I understood everything that you wrote there. :-/

        • anon. gardener

          oh lord, the next time I’m in a training course, or any sort of meeting for that matter, and someone says “learnings” I am just going to get up and leave. “learnings” is one of the worst business-speke abominations out there.

  • Rant: Car is in the shop–$850.

    Rave: It will be fixed? I’m reaching here.

  • Rave rave rave rave: Craigslist’s new map view feature!

    Rant….apartment.com ratings….every time I find a place I like I am immediately turned off by reviews of roaches, mice, and lazy, thieving handymen. Am I missing something? Is this website real/do they get anything from posting all those negative reviews…promotion of their own real estate ventures perhaps? Or is EVERY F’ING PLACE in the city infested with pests and criminals??? OK, that’s actually a serious question.

    • Craigslist added a feature? That is news indeed!

    • I know, apartmentratings.com can really freak people out. I tend to disregard reviews that are more than a year old. Also reviews posted within a few days of each other are suspicious. I definitely ruled out some buildings that had more than one recent bad review.

      Most people write reviews because they’ve had a negative experience, so I consider no reviews to a good thing.

      If you can, go to the actual building and ask people that are coming in what they think of the building. I actually did this to a few places! At first I felt weird but most people were really friendly and honest. Good luck! Not all apartments are overrun with roaches and criminals. Even though it may seem that way.

    • Holy CRAP this is great. Hellooooooooo, new time waster!

  • To toss something out there – any word on a manhunt near Logan Circle last night? I was visiting a friend around 10th & O NW and on our way home there were multiple police vehicles, including a giant van dragging a light, patrolling and blocking various streets, and a MPD helicopter was circling around. Maybe they were just joyriding or something, but I was curious…

  • Oh, and another rant:

    How has humanity not progressed beyond the point that we need to buy and sell sex?

    I saw a prostitute on Georgia Ave on my commute to work this morning (after 9 AM) – clothes every which way (and not particularly in an arrangement that covered anything) and obviously strung out. It was one of those moments of being sad with the state of people, and those have been happening way too often lately.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People who want everything now now now! Everything cannot be a rush or nothing will get done!

    Rave: Person I did some work for liked it so much he wants to come talk to me about how I did it so he can do better work.

    Rant: How do I teach mere mortals awesomeness that I was born with?

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