Radius Pizza Reopening Under New Ownership on Thursday at 5pm in Mt. Pleasant

3155 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Over the summer we learned that Radius Pizza had closed at 3155 Mount Pleasant Street, NW above Last Exit next to Tonic. The good news for pizza fans in Mt. P is that Radius Pizza reopens on Thursday at 5pm (new sign coming Friday.) I stopped by yesterday to take a peek inside and while finishing touches were ongoing – it looks like it’s gonna be pretty sweet:

The new owners (who live in the neighborhood) tell me there will be lots of specials. And while the liquor license won’t come through until (probably) November, there will soon be many happy hour specials as well as a half priced wine night. There will also be a different food special every day such as half priced pasta day. They will continue the famed “Pint and a Slice” deal but it will be only one day a week (likely Mondays) and the price will go up a bit due to the rise in prices for ingredients. Stay tuned for carryout specials as well.

Great news for Mt. P.

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  • Can I turn in my 10 magnets for a free pizza???

  • PDleftMtP

    I have a bunch of magnets too, but let’s cut the new guys a break – it’s not like they got our money for the pizzas we ordered before.

  • And I bet you can kiss the “$5 pint and slice” happy hour special goodbye too.

  • We wish them all the best, and are looking forward to being one of their bar flies. We were as surprised as everyone else when the former management shut the doors, and worried about what it meant for MtP and Mount Pleasant Street. This new life is a good thing for the neighborhood.

  • To the new owners,

    Please, please, please care about the food that comes out of your kitchen. The last owners didn’t.

    • Yes 100x. The adams morgan jumbo slice was better than what radius was putting out. I used to get the $5 slice and a pint and tell them to keep the slice. I hope they ditch the peroni on tap too. They could do so much better.

  • And please please PLEASE bring back the fall pizza!! I’m going through withdrawals.

  • Any word on whether they will have vegan cheese? Vegan gluten free crust? An earlier report I read said that they would have “some vegan and gluten free options,” but it didn’t specify whether those options would include pizza. I hope they do!

  • Please, please, PLEASE bring back the pork belly sandwich. It was seriously life changing.

    Also, please hire better servers. While there was one particularly awesome bartender/server, he was an exception.

  • PLEASE have GF pizza!

  • Please, please, please add a vegan, gluten-free prok belly sandwich.

  • wait, how can their pizzas get any more expensive?

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting. I hope the pizza and salads are as good as before.

  • YES! Okay, no bitchy waitstaff (com’on – it’s a neighborhood resto! no need for people like that)…maybe a slightly cleaner bathroom…REALLY high quality and local ingredients…seasonal menu changes…and DO NOT stop offering the rosemary chickpeas. We’ll riot!

  • PDleftMtP

    Anybody know the new phone number? Old phone and website are down.

  • Our group of three alchyterians stopped by last night to try out Radius 2.0. However, first thing we noticed was the absence of anyone at the bar – and then the absence of any taps at the bar. The owner indicated that there had been a mix up in securing the liquor license so no alcohol until November. He promised a great line up of wines and mixed drinks, and we promised to return then.

  • Here’s the updated info. I just called and checked the website. May give them a whirl tonight.


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