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  • They have been doing this at the Tenley location for weeks now! At Tenley, they’ve greatly expanded their refrigerated beer selection plus you can purchase a beer from their refrigerated selection and shop while drinking. I’ve noticed several moms with children in particular taking advantage of this new perks.

  • Great! Now I can hang out in an overpriced grocery store drinking overpriced beer! No thanks.

  • There’s a sizable bar in the Whole Foods I used to frequent when I lived in Houston — glad to see it come to DC (especially as I work a block away)

  • Awesome, I love drunk grocery shopping.

    (Not sarcasm.)

    • This is a really canny move by Whole Foods. It’s already hard enough to shop in there without buying everything in the damn store….add some booze to the mix, and I’ll wonder the next day why I thought it was such a great idea to buy 10 of their delicious rotiserrie chickens.

  • I can now do all of my favorite things in one spot: drink beer, eat from expensive food bars, and judge people’s yoga pants. Yippe!

  • The Clarendon branch started this over the summer. They have HH deals (including food specials), don’t know if this one will.

  • They’ve been doing this at some of the Whole Foods in Fairfax for a couple years now. Their beer prices on tap are actually quite reasonable at the ones in Fairfax. (I think they were typically under $4 for a draft during happy hour — and for good beer). Also, the Whole Foods in Fairfax filled growlers. Let’s hope this happens in D.C.

  • I’d like to see a push to have more “ready to go” options like in Foggy Bottom…..but alas, alcohol won out

  • If only growler fills were legal in the District for people to take one of the beers to go.

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