New Starbucks Opens in NoMa at 1st and M St, NE and in Union Station

1160 1st St, NE

The Starbucks coming to 1st and M St, NE has opened over the weekend.

@TonyTGoodman tweeted:

“New NoMa Starbucks at 1st/M NE has already expanded their hours: now 5:30-8 M-F, 7-8 Sa, 8-7 Sun”

And thanks to all who wrote in about a second Starbucks opening in Union Station. This new one is located next to the Roti on the west side of the first floor:

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  • And still there’s no starubucks in Petworth… *sigh*

    • saf

      We have coffee though. Good coffee.

      • Good coffee perhaps, But not after 8pm…

        • If you’re drinking coffee after 8pm and not alcohol, you seriously need to re-evaluate your priorities.

        • It drives me crazy that you can’t get good coffee in this town after 8pm. I think it’s part of the reason so many people drink here. Those of us who came from cities/towns with coffee shops that kept late hours don’t have a place to go hang out now besides bars.

        • binpetworth

          And not before 7:30 am (8 on weekends), if we’re speaking of the same place (Qualia). That’s one reason I never go there–because my workday starts before the hipsters get up.

  • I hope to God Starbucks stays off H Street NE for a while. This location is dangerously close. I really hope H Street/Atlas District (not far from NoMa and this coffee shop) doesn’t go the way of chain store hell a la Columbia Heights.

    • Just because Starbucks moves in, it doesn’t mean other coffee shops can’t… Starbucks is consistent, they’re generally much more reliable than mom & pop shops, and they don’t run out of stuff like too many DC mom & pop shops do. It also does wonders for your property value to have one in your neighborhood because it’s a symbol of semi-permanent investment. Don’t fear progress.

      • Also much quicker than the mom-and-pop shops. They’re better for the rush hour crowd that needs to grab a quick coffee to go.

        • Well anon – this Sbux is the SLOWEST shop I’ve ever experienced. I ‘ve gone in stood in line. Left. Went a block to Tynan. And walked past and the folks in front of me were still waiting for their “espresso beverage.” Hope experience gets the order takers and bariistas moving faster

  • A second charbucks in Union Station? People are sheep.

  • That may or may not be the case. Read and article a few years ago that stuck with me. It used to be their strategy that when they wanted to move into a new market (not sure H fits the bill totally) they would try and buy out what would be the competition and if that didn’t work would move in close enough to drive it out of business. Of course charbucks also discovered that putting their locations close together didn’t necessarily cannibalize their own business.

  • Please let this mark the beginning of the end for Tynan and its crappy coffee and incompetent staff.

    • Omg, I thought I was the only one who thought that. Overpriced bitter coffee that takes way too long to make, that’s Tynan in a nutshell.

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