New Mural at 14th and Randolph St, NW

This one from 14th and Randolph St, NW is on the side of the famous Rib Pit carry out.

Incidentally, still waiting for the revival of the Rib Pit Lounge. One day, one day soon hopefully…

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  • What is the mural actually depicting?

  • This is so tasteless. I live on this block and can’t someone believe someone put this in a public space. It is stupidly offensive to everyone it is supposedly depicting. Nice job going for provocative – which he could have tried – and ending up tacky.

  • This is extremely offensive.

    • My wife and I own a house on the 1300 block of Randolph. What’s offensive is the empty beer bottles the drunks leave in front of our house and the bum who spend the day pissing in the alley. Art is never offensive (unless you’re a Republican), so please take your pollyanna attitude elsewhere.

      • “Art is never offensive”

        You’re disappointing artists everywhere. At times they actively try to offend.

      • “Art is never offensive.” 2b3s, you are too cute for words. So can I get you to agree that the Nazis’ artwork depicting the super race is not offensive? How about their depictions of Jews? Or how about any other racist artwork? You might say, but oh, that does not qualify as true “art.” Well, my friend, who are you to define art? Yes, art can be offensive. Just because you yourself are not offended by it does not mean others are as unphased or insensitive as you.

        • Godwin.

          You go straight for the Nazi comparison – seriously? That’s your great argument? Be a bit more creative.

          • Zero.sum, I think you’re missing the point. Indeed, it seems like you’re more out for an attack then you are for considering the logic of my point. Pick another heinous form of artwork and substitute if the Nazi example is too common for you. Get it? Ask a friend if you need help with this.

        • Not familiar with much Nazi art. I think what you’re thinking of is propaganda, which can be and often is offensive. The difference between art and propaganda is that the former invites you to find the individual artist’s meaning; the latter is typically state-sponsored and tells you what you should be believing, usually in a fairly obviously. Good luck.

      • I tend to agree. I live 1 block from here and had not noticed the perceived offensiveness of this mural. What I do ponder however are the groups of drunks hanging out on 14th between Randolph and Shepherd or the dilapidated buildings.

  • Wow. I walk by this all the time and had never paid that much attention to the meaning behind it.

  • How about at least a few murals that don’t deal with race or pride of ones race?

    • There are plenty of those.

      However, I do like murals that are a bit controversial. I like art that challenges my beliefs and engages me in conversation. But most small-minded people are too threatened by that.

  • jim_ed

    The only thing offensive here is that the picture includes Washington Pizza in it, the crappiest delivery place in a city full of crappy delivery. NEVER AGAIN.

  • So according to a lot of these comments, neighborhood mural art is okay as long as it expresses a viewpoint that gentrifiers approve? And you wonder why the sentiment expressed on this mural exists in the first place?

  • I don’t think he’s watching them work. I think he is planning to eat from their bowl.

  • I live in this neighborhood, and I think it’s hideous. Looks like that guy is stabbing himself in the mouth with the fork. I actually sort of like the row houses in the middle, but there’s something about the total disconnect between the figures on either side that make this one of the worst murals in the city.

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