New Brewpub, Bardo, Coming to 1200 Bladensburg Road, NE

1200 Bladensburg Road, NE

Well this could be interesting – a new brewpub to be called Bardo is coming to 1200-1216 Bladensburg Rd., NE:

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It will actually take up the tire store and two adjacent buildings:

The liquor license application out front says:

“New Tavern, Brewpub with microwave nachos, outdoor BBQ grill for Summer Garden. Total number of seats inside is 98, Summer Garden with 251 seats, and a total Occupancy Load of 349.”

Updates when construction begins.

1216 Bladensburg Road, NE

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  • Is this the rebirth of the old Bardo Rodeo/Dr. Dremo in Arlington?

  • Why go through the effort, expense, and licensing of a brewpub if you’re not going to put any effort at all into the food?

  • Microwave nachos!!!! OMG, I need to go to this place like right now!

    Do my microwave nachos come with a side of muginess?

  • Microwave nachos? Is this a selling point?

  • I like microwave nachos as much as the next guy but …

  • Yes, they were looking at this location for awhile to restart Bardo/Dremo. They’re going to be brewing up some of their old recipes as well.

  • Is the name Andrew (or Bill) Stewart anywhere on the application?

  • I’m just not sure how you’re going to have sustainable sales in a brewpub with a total load of 350 and a food menu that so far consists of a grill and microwave nachos.

  • Dang – where will I get my used tires now?

  • Good luck passing HPRB. I seriously doubt a brewpub is in keeping with the historic braiding/rims nature of the property.

  • That’s like… over a third of a thousand people! All eating microwaveable nachos!

  • Mark my words, people will not recognize this strip of Bladensburg Road in a few years.

  • For those being snarky about the application , this appears to be a rebirth of a legendary Arlington establishment which, when it closed, took with it one of the last shreds of indy funkiness out of that city. Great news.


  • I’m recalling in the early ’90’s or late 80’s a bar named Bardo on N or O St. NW, 1300 or 1400 block. Really bad area at the time. It was in the first floor a decrepit Victorian with bombed out upper levels. Anybody else remember this? Was very loud.

    • Round the corner from the New Vegas Lounge? I’m pretty sure it was the BBQ Iguana, the Stewart bar BEFORE Bardo. BYOB. Local bands mostly. I seem to remember one of them having their equipment stolen from backstage, such as it was. I feel old.

  • Not familiar with this area. Anyone know what it’s like?

    • A little rough, but improving. Not far from Jimmy Valentine’s. Seems like a good location for this place, given the vibe of their former space.

    • I live two blocks from there. We have a very fine selection of liquor stores (2), one bodega and one Yum’s Carryout. We also boast at least 3, if not 4, transmissionshocksbrakes-type places and an excellent Shadey Car Dealership. And a recently opened 7-11 (hot wings! 24 hours! pizza slices in boxes!)

      There is also a not-quite-filled new condo “starting from the 200s” and a not-quite-fully-occupied apartment building, Atlas Flats, for “urban pioneers”. This is right across from a closed methadone clinic. Plus lots of Maryland commuters, and the gods-be-damned diner-killing Denny’s. Oh yeah, and Jimmy Valentine’s.

      It reminds me a bit of Georgia Ave, but with less McDonald’s and more used tires. But its a pretty good guess that the neighbors won’t really care if the beer garden is open till 3, considering that seems to be the neighborhood curfew around here anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I friggin’ love Trinidad, and would be thrilled if this comes off, but I just don’t see people navigating that far away from H. St.

      • amen, amen. i would love to see their business plan. the owners have clearly run a business of this type (successfully) before, but i just wonder how they expect to get people to bridge the HUGE gap from the starburst intersection up to meigs street.

  • I will recognize whatever appears as my projection and know it to be a vision of the Bardo.

  • Re Dr. Dremo’s – I live across the street from its former location. I believe that it closed and torn down in early 2009? They only a couple of months ago started construction on the condo development that will replace it (and the Hollywood Video and little office building). The Dremo’s lot was vacant and weed filled for three years.

  • Gday, I visited the Bardo Rodeo on Arlington with my partner in the mid nineties with the Stewart boys at the helm. Totally cool establishment if your into left of field stuff but mostly if your into GREAT BEER! Thats about all there is to it really, who cares about the food, as long as you have enough carbs to keep you from keeling over? Aussies just grab a pack of crisps. The ART on the walls was really cool too. Hope they carry the theme. Cant wait to visit, and try the brews, hopefully will be opened next time we are due back for a visit from Australia.

  • The microwave nacho thing is a zoning/certificate of occupancy dance. You get different CofO’s for kitchen prepared food than you do for microwave prepared food. All in due time.

  • orderedchaos

    Seeing Dr. Dremo/Bardo return would make me very happy. We spent so much time at the previous location knocking back good beer and shooting pool… DC could definitely use a big place like that other than Buffalo Billiards.

  • Everything old is new again. Go Bardo.

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