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  • Up and coming, trendy NOMA. Wow — this is depressing.

  • Gun control!

  • Thats not NOMA! That’s ENoCa! Didn’t you get the press release?

  • Sad. How are the victims making out?

  • any more word on the victims. so sad. this intersection is very bad. kids that should be in school hanging out all day. very expensive bikes being left unlocked outside of the market. open drug market taking advantage off the sad down and out folks utilizing nearby social services. this area is a powder keg. poor kids growing up here have very little chance. and yes, i know it’s far better than it used to be. yet it’s still deplorable.

  • That block was [and may still be] known as “The Pharmacy” by MPD narcotics officers because of the wide variety of drugs available 24/7 there.

    • That’s been the case since at least the 1970s when my brother was going to Gonzaga. I’m surprised the DC Historic Preservation Board hasn’t granted it landmark status.

      • yet another cute trite comment on a post about a shooting.

        How are the victims?

        • For that matter, who are the victims? And why hasn’t this been mentioned in any other local blog? For all I know, someone was cleaning their shotgun and these were all flesh wounds.

        • You need to relax a little. Many of us handle tragic stories throgh humor. You might think it is tactless in this case, but I thought it was mildly amusing and didn’t make light of the event.

  • Truxton Circle is still pretty dangerous….Nothing happened to me when I lived there for three months but both my roommates were the victims of violent crime on the corner of 1st and N.

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