Meridian Public Charter School Addition Nears Completion at 13th and V St, NW

This is the addition that caused a bit of a stir when we looked at the rendering back in Oct. 2011. Do you like the way it turned out?

Meridian Public Charter School is located in the old Harrison School building at the corner o 13th and V St, NW. The addition is in the alley behind 13th Street. The front looks like this:

The view from the alley:

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  • Is it supposed to look like a big book? I’m sure that’s what they had in mind, but I’m not crazy about it.

  • I like it, thumbs up.

  • Nice I love seeing my tax dollars go to NOT educating kids.

    • Charter schools are not given public money for capital projects. They must fundraise all dollars used for building & construction expenses.

      • Charters get access to DC bonds, they also get a facilities allotment for each student and there are many pro charter organizations that help them get resources. I am not saying it is easy or that they are flush with cash but to make it sound as if they are all on their own to raise $$ is simply untrue. Look at the many charter schools that have been completely renovated- EL Haynes, Two rivers, CAPS, Wash Latin, Meridian and the list goes on.

    • i don’t understand your post.

    • This is a huge improvement for them. They were in an old cramped factory on Florida Ave for the longest time, where the kids were basically on top of themselves. So your tax dollars actually went to a great thing! These kids are now in a fully equipped school with a huge new library, hence the addition.

  • Looks cool. I drive by here everyday and would love to see some of the finished, indoor photos.

  • Cool. Nice addition to the neighborhood. Is it a theatrical space, or just classrooms.

  • It’s funny how so many of the cars dropping kids off have MD plates! I thought this was a DC charter school. Sure, I get that family members and childcare providers can live in MD, but I find it hard to beleive a lot of people in this school aren’t gaming the system.

    Anyway, I walked by it the other day. I like the exterior work they’ve done, but I wish they would have replaced the brick pavers with some grass and done a little more landscaping work to the front.

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