Malmaison, from the owners of Cafe Bonaparte and Napoleon Bistro, Coming to 34th and Water Street, NW

3401 Water St, NW

A new restaurant from the owners of Cafe Bonaparte and Napoleon Bistro is coming to Georgetown. In mid-September they were looking for a mixologist:

“New dining destination, Malmaison, in Georgetown is looking for a qualified individual to run it’s mixology program at the bar. If you want to be a part of a brand new concept that pushes the envelope in the culinary scene in DC, then send us your resume and let’s chat about your possibilities. This is the third location for the group behind Cafe Bonaparte and Napoleon Bistro all boutique establishments that have terrific reputations in the city.”

A recent liquor license application posted out front lists a transfer from Gypsy Sally’s and says:

“Restaurant with a seating capacity of 224 seats transferring to a new location from Safekeeping. Total occupancy load of 284. Requesting an entertainment endorsement featuring live acoustic music with cover charge.”

34th and Water Street is near the Georgetown entrance/exit for the Capital Crescent Bike trail:

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  • Is anyone else really tired of the term “mixologist”?

  • So many people whine about the Whitehurst Freeway and want it torn down, but why not do something interesting with that unique space below it instead? I see a lot of potential.

    • Birng back the Bayou!

    • I have to agree – the area under the freeway does have character and it could be turned into a destination area. The park space across the street was nicely done a year or so ago and although the Whitehurst is unattractive the reality is that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so we may as well make the most use of the space underneath it.

  • For a 6 month period this last year, they were running the raw unfinished industrial space as an underground nightclub/gallery space. Went to one party there, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaay too dusty from the construction to properly enjoy myself. Still, it’s a really big space and a very valuable piece of real estate. I always knew that it was just a temporary means of making money on the building while they were awaiting construction permits.

  • cool… i only hope that this place starts taking reservations! CB doesn’t seem to take them every time I call. Maybe it’s just a weekend policy though. Anyway… agree that the area under the highway here is unique space and has a lot of cool potential to be a vibrant destination (more than it is already thanks to the park renovation).

  • Malmaison? My high school French tells me this translates as “bad house”–seems odd to me.

  • I always thought the under the bridge area was kind of neat. I’ll give it a shot.

  • Anybody know what the deal is with the property across the street? I agree that Water St has a ton of potential as a unique dining/entertainment district. The park is a fantastic use of space and makes that area a lot brighter. It seems like cleaning up the un/underused property across the is a key in making the area inviting.

  • I think they used to have the chili cook-off down there. That’s been quite a while though.

  • 3401 Water Street, NW was constructed in 1938 by the Crystal Ice Co. Its structural enginerr was Melvin S. Rich (1885-1969) who designed the structural steel that encased the Washington Monument in 1933 that allowed the exterior to be repaired and cleaned. For a photo of the scaffolding go to

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