Judging New Bars/Restaurants – Uptown Tap House

3412 Connecticut Ave, NW

In mid-Sept. the Uptown Tap House opened in the former 4Ps space in Cleveland Park. You can see their menus here. Anyone stop by for a bite to eat or a drink? How does it compare to the former 4Ps/Four Fields?

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  • stopped by on sat night around 8pm, but the place was absolutely dead so went to medium rare …

    anyone know what this place is like around 10-11pm-ish?

  • I was there around 7 on Friday evening. I thought the menu looked good, but didn’t try it. Good selection of drafts, and ridiculously low prices during happy hour.

    It seemed that lots of people were there right before the movie, so there were waves of empty/full.

    I’ll definitely go back.

  • Haven’t been, but that logo has much to be desired…

    • this is a complete abomination of typography – spend a hundred bucks and hire a college kid to make your sign. i’ve found that a restaurant / bar’s crappy use of typefaces usually correlates with bad food, interior design, service, etc.

      • Yep, if they are going to be that cheap and not care about the quality of the exterior of their restaurant, you know the same approach will be used on everything else…

  • I went to the “free” “neighborhood preview night” and it was so dreadfully awful that I haven’t gone back.

    Food was horrible, manager was condescending, etc. I ended up spending $50 on a few beers and glasses of wine, while wasting hours upon hours. In reality, I wish I had just avoided the “free” night because it left such a bad (literal and figurative) taste in my mouth that I haven’t gone back.

    If anything, I’ll check out the cheap happy hour someday. But, I can’t imagine ever having dinner here when Cleveland Park has other, much better options.

  • Awful awful awful. I went for their opening “free” night and it was 100% disaster. I live so close though that I figured I’d give them another try…

    The second trip had rude, unprofessional service (the server was griping about how he had to work a double… I’ve worked in restaurants before and I know it stinks, but suck it up, you’re getting paid and the customers don’t want to hear about it). I ordered the chicken wings and they were undercooked (half-raw!), and when I said something the server said, “Oh, sorry, that happens sometimes.” That’s it.

    In terms of the space itself, it’s nice but clearly confused about whether its a nice place or just a sports bar. The servers don’t seem to know either, and they sure didn’t act like it was “legendary service” that they hyped so much.

    I will not be returning for the overpriced mediocre food and bad service, even if it is a half block from my apartment.

  • Went there on saturday night and hated it. The place was 80% empty at midnight, they had football games on each tv, and bad hiphop music blasting so loud, i couldn’t hear my friends at the table. They need to decide whether they want to be a club, a chill bar, or a sports bar.

    • i think they should’ve gone w/ a churchkey-like place here. there’s already sports bars in the area, and there’s not enough undergrads who’d be willing to club it up in cleveland park. there *are* enough 30-ish folks in the area who’d be willing to hang out / eat at a classy, upscale place with a huge tap list and great food. it’s too bad that this is not that place.

  • Thursday night was fun- happy hour was all night, good sized crowd, and an entertaining guy on stage covering 90s songs

  • It’s nice to see DC bars and restaurants reaching the saturation point. It will mean that places like this, and its predecessor, will actually have to seduce customers with effort, style and taste, rather than making money hand over fist simply by existing. I mean seriously: that awning and logo? Why bother re-opening if you’re going to be so half-assed about it.

    • Actually what will really happen is that bad/mediocre places will stay open longer than they should depending on where the vibe is cool or if there is outdoor seating. Hopefully they will close.

      Then the vacant property will sit for a bit before another bad/mediocre place opens in its place. Rinse repeat.

  • Went some weeks ago. My chicken sandwich was at most mediocre, the salmon pasta of my wife was utterly awful. First time in DC we had such a bad experience.
    Beers at happy hour could be a reason to go, just avoid the food at all costs.

  • My friends and I decided to try this place out this past Saturday night after Medium Rare told us the wait to be seated was 40 minutes.

    The restaurant was fairly slow. The whole experience left much to be desired. We needed seating for 7 and once a group had left, the table sat uncleaned for a noticeable amount of time. There didn’t seem to be any urgency with the server cleaning the table. Then once it was cleaned, it took the hostess even more time to seat us because it seemed they were out of silverware. There were two hostesses working the front. There was another man on his cellphone directing customers occasionally to the hostess right across from him but seemed relatively uninterested in getting people seated besides stating the obvious of where the host desk was located. I love my smartphone just as much as the next person but when there are several groups of customers waiting to be seated, it wouldn’t hurt to put away the smartphone.

    We had two different servers throughout the night. The first server was fairly responsive. However, the second server was rude when it came to getting the check. He asked us how we wanted the check split and when we began to tell him and before we even finished he replied, “I’ll bring the check and you guys figure it out.” I’ve personally worked in the restaurant business and never had an issue splitting a check. He came off very rude and lazy in his response. My friend’s parents ended up just footing the bill at that point rather than splitting it appropriately. The “added gratuity” on the check just added more salt to the wound.

    My sliders were fine but the service was unprofessional. We left with a bitter taste in our mouth and there was group consensus that we would not be returning to this restaurant.

  • Sadly, these reviews are about what I expected from this place. Once they figure out that the trashy student crowds that fill the McFadden’s locations in Georgetown and elsewhere won’t bother venturing up into Cleveland Park, this place will once again change hands. I don’t think it’ll be long.

  • I think this place is a little unduly criticized by people who were devotees of 4Ps and will inevitably compare the two, but I think it’s a great, spacious place to watch football without the crowding problems of CP Bar and Grill. I also decided to be a guinea pig for the much neglected raw bar yesterday and the oysters were pretty solid.

    I will say it has a slight identity crisis, with the raw bar/sports bar/nightclub mishmash going on. With that said, I’m surprised to see such vitriol on the web – 1 star “average” review on Yelp, with basically anything 3 stars or above “filtered”?

    I hope this place succeeds, $13 bottomless mimosas/bloody marys for football season is a pretty amazing deal. The kitchen still has a few kinks to work out, but all in all I think this place has potential and is a great football spot.

  • I checked this place out a few weeks ago & won’t go back. Awful service, douchy clientele, mediocre beer menu. Hoping it goes out of business quickly.

  • I went with a friend a couple weeks ago after a Zoo trip. The bartender was very nice and my burger was pretty good. My friend thought his chicken sandwich was decent. I would go back to watch a game and have some beers, maybe try the food again. Overall it was a good experience.

  • Uptown seems to be trying to still find it’s base. I’ve been there and it’s beyond packed for football games and the debates. Other times, it’s Uptown Ghost House. The food is pretty good, but sometimes takes a long time to come out.

    Overall, the service is great, the food is good, but the speed of it coming out is what’s lacking. I also think the staff uniforms look really uptight. Chill out – this is a upscale pub, not a prep school choir club.

  • Why is it that there are some buildings, such as this one, that are well-located and should be able to hold profitable businesses, but simply cannot? I’ve lived in the CP area for three years, and there have been three different businesses there…and they all feel like remakes of the same bad business.

  • I went there last Friday night around 10pm and was pleasantly surprised. The service was super friendly and my martini was superb. I have a feeling that the place is going to start getting busier with a bunch of regulars, and I’d have no issue heading there with some friends for a low key drink or three in a bar with plenty of space to spread out. Plus, for a Cleveland Park bar, it’s a welcome spot where you can go and sit for a bit without feeling rushed.

  • $6 miller lite

  • We stopped in almost a month ago on a Tuesday. Drafts were on special, and it was rib night. The ribs were ok, but seemed like they were just boiled and sauced, no grilling. I got the hog wings (or something like that from app menu) and they were really good. What the ribs should have tasted like. Service was a little slow. A week before I stopped in to check out happy hour and had very friendly service from the server and bar manager.

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