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  • Not mine, but I feel so bad for the poor guy that I want him now!

    • +1. Poor little guy!

      Didn’t someone post to PoP once about someone who was keeping guinea pigs in their yard in the midst of blazing summer heat? I wonder if this could be one of those guinea pigs. Seems like it would be hard for a guinea pig to end up in an alley otherwise!

      • That was my next door neighbor (and it had similar markings to the one in this photo). They said they found it in the alley behind our houses, but didn’t really want to take care of it, so they just let it hang out in their (fenced) front yard. Haven’t seen it since late August/early September or so.

        • CTKs wife here. yes, that looks like the same quinea pig that was living without food or water next door to us during the heat of august. He was coming through the fence and eating our vines to survive. We meant to take him and try to find him a new home. I suggested to my neighbor that she could call the humane society to try and find him home and then he just disappeared that day. While I am worried he is still out fending for himeself, I am glad to know she didn’t just dispose of him. He seems very people friendly once he is used to you. Poor little guy. I think whoever is watching him now should just try to find anyone to adopt him at this point. He has had a rough enough time the last few months. I can’t believe he has survived the feral cats in the neighborhood.

  • Not my guinea pig, but Ryan is a hero!

  • Same owner as the chicken, perhaps?

  • I hope someone can take him in! I adopted two guinea pigs from the Wash Humane Society last year and they are great pets!

  • this past summer I was walking my dog in that park sandwiched between piney branch rd (the access road to Rock Creek Pkwy) and Arkansas Ave in northern CH when I saw two little guinea pigs happily munching grass near a bush in the park. I took my rodent-unfriendly dog home, got a box and went back to find them…but alas they were gone. They looked just like this one. I seriously doubt its one of those two, but I still wonder how long they made it in the “wild” before succumbing to a falcon or something. I like to pretend that they survived and started a small guinea pig colony in rock creek park 😉 Or perhaps that they felt one day of freedom was worth a lifetime in a cage…

  • Why do people get all concerned over a guinea pig and not a rat?

  • Thanks for the tales of adventures that Ally has been through this summer. She has a good home already. To everyone who just watched her suffer outside, sometimes I’m glad I don’t know all my neighbors.

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