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  • The baseball gods have spoken. You don’t get to win in the playoffs after you bench your best pitcher.

    • Guess thats why I cringe everytime POP posts a sports related entry…a bunch of no-nothings regurgitating what they heard on Sportscenter and attributing it to “baseball gods”…yea, putting a 21 game winning Cy Young candidate on the mound was completely the wrong thing to do in Game 5. Great season Nats.

      • Agreed. Strasburg was already showing bad form in September, they did the right thing by sitting him. We had the pitchers to do the job, but they just choked along with the offense early in the series. How do you end up giving up 4 runs when you’re just one strike away from the NLCS. Insanity. All in all, while extremely gutted today, the Nats exceeded my expectations this year and I’m still happy. I just hope Davey Johnson sticks around one more season since he’s the reason this team has played so well. Top notch MLB manager.

      • I get annoyed at the know-nothings, but also the so-called experts who bemoan the fact that Strasburg had to sit. In today’s Washington Post, John Feinstein piles on, but I think it was mostly to take potshots at Scott Boras. In any event, I have lost respect for a lot of these second-guessing clowns, who seem to be mostly interested in generating controversy. Feinstein should stick to writing about golf or whatever else he claims to know something about.

  • Hmm, the Nats lost b/c of pitching. Man, I really wish we had a solid pitcher to play in game 5….oh wait

  • DC teams blow..I barely even call myself a Redskin fan anymore as we haven’t been relevant in 20 years.nats and caps enter playoffs with the best record and lose in the first round.comical! Granted starting on the road @ Stl was BS but the end result would be the same.

  • “I almost forgot…”
    Well – we all see how that turned out; not that I am pointing any fingers or anything like that…. 🙂

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