Hurricane Sandy – What’s Happening on Tuesday?

Photo from Shaw this afternoon by PoPville resident Kathy Q

It’s 4pm – hope everyone’s still standing strong! I’m gonna use this space to update what’s going for Tuesday (power permitting). I’ll add government closings and openings and other vital info. If you know of any for Tuesday please add to the comments.

@mayorvincegray tweeted:

“PLEASE NOTE: D.C. government and @DCPublicSchools will be CLOSED again tomorrow [Tuesday] due to anticipated effects of #SandyDC”

OPM says Federal Government is closed as well:

“Applies to: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
FEDERAL OFFICES in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.”

Send photos, questions, observations or anything related to Hurricane Sandy via email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com or via twitter to @PoPville, via facebook to, or via Flickr to the PoPville pool.

Stay safe everyone!

Russ writes:

“Even in the midst of a frankenstorm, mail is still delivered.”

Much respect. Have others received their mail as well?

@Puckbuddys tweets Monday around 4pm:

“@BensChiliBowl is open, but empty”

Update 4:30pm from WMATA:

Due to extreme weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy that are expected to impact the entire Metro service area through the overnight hours, Metro has announced the following for Tuesday, October 30:

Metrorail and Metrobus service will not resume service Tuesday morning. An announcement on when service may be restored will be made after Metro is able to assess damage and weather conditions in the morning. Metro personnel will need to perform a comprehensive damage assessment, including inspections of track, bridges, aerial structures, stations and facilities. Metrorail service restoration is also contingent on adequate commercial power to support operations and repair of any storm-related damage. For Metrobus, service restoration will vary by route and depend on road conditions.

• MetroAccess service will remain suspended all day Tuesday.

Metro will restore service only when it is safe to do so.

Update 4:40 pm from MPD:

List of Emergency Shelters:

DHS has begun emergency sheltering operations out of the following five DPR facilities.

o Bald Eagle Recreation Center ……………………100 Joliet Street, SW

o Deanwood Recreation Center ……………………1350 49th Street, NE

o Emory Heights Recreation Center ……………..5801 Georgia Avenue, NW

o Guy Mason Recreation Center …………………..3600 Calvert Street, NW

o North Michigan Park Recreation Center ……..133 Emerson Street, NE

• The centers will be open 24 hours starting Monday, October 29th at 10:00 AM and scheduled to remain open until at least Wednesday, October 31st.

Update 5:30pm from CM Jack Evans:

“Looks like High Heel race in Dupont sched for Tues nite will be postponed. Hope to have new date soon.”

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  • Just got mine–really wasn’t expecting to today!

  • power is out at a building or 2 in chinatown

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hate your federal government! I had plans for my vacation days!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Tomorrow would have been a good day for liberal leave (or whatever they are calling it this year.) Bunch of weenies, the lot of them!

    • The metro is shut down (certainly in the morning, possibly in the afternoon). How can you expect people to work when there’s no transport?

  • got my mail too — props to the mailman!

    And props to PoP for posting all this useful info — thanks!

  • Kinda sad that my husband has to take leave when the gov is closed….Especially since he becomes a fed in a few short weeks! But, it’s not great out and I think ‘liberal lewve’ encourages people to go in.

    We got mail. We have power. Snack supply low, dogs patience also low.

    • Emmaleigh504

      We get liberal leave when it snows, which this Southerner finds more dangerous, so why not liberal leave after the hurricane passes. I would like to go in to work since I have to use leave or not get paid. I’m pissed about this.

      The Feds are weenies and I do not approve.

      • things could be worse. it’s fantastic you have a job, for instance.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Things could always be worse, that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed about this BS closure the day AFTER a hurricane. I am allowed to be upset, so quit being an asshat.

          • @emmaleigh504
            I have to disagree with your emphasis on “the day AFTER the hurricane.” The hurricane’s wrath is basically overnight. Then it slows down Tuesday. Winds are still expected to be hovering around 40mph for the first half of the day. I’d say that that qualifies as still during the hurricane.

            And even if it was after the hurricane — we’re still talking about a hurricane! Who knows if there will be power? Who knows if the metro could be open? Seems reasonable to me to shut down (at least for unessential personnel) given the conditions.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Some people freak out about hurricanes, others about snow. It’s been my experience that the day after a hurricane (they always seem to hit at night) are fine. People go out to lunch, wander around to look at the nondamage, etc. It seems liberal leave would be good in this situation. It’s not like one has to go in if it’s bad. To me it seems like the same situation as snow.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The closure tomorrow also makes me hope there is a fucking reason for it, like major damage. Those are not thoughts I want to have, but there you have it. If I have to cancel my up coming vacation, that is paid for, for this damn storm, there better be a good reason for it.

            Yes federal closure bring out the worst in me, judge all you like.

          • Emma – you are worried about burning vacation days while there is near certainty that lives will be lost in the DC area over the next 48 hours due to this storm. Get some perspective.

          • Emmaleigh504

            People die every day, I can’t cry over all of them. I’m well aware that makes people think I am a cunt, but I don’t care.

            I have to look out for me, no one else is. This storm and the fed closure is costing me money. That pisses me off. That’s my perspective.

          • I tend to agree with EMILY (See below haha)

            I think it sucks you are forced to take a vacation day here. My office is closed, so I get to stay home, but it sucks you just get screwed here.

            Have a friend who is hourly, when the office is closed, she stays home and doesn’t get paid, or has to use PTO as well, so definitely familiar with the situation.

        • Things can always be worse….does that mean we can’t complain about anything?

      • It’s supposed to be worse tomorrow, with downed power lines and flooding…keeping people off the roads so repair crews can work makes sense. Plus, metro and every school is closed. I think the issue is forcing people to use leave, not the govt being open.

        • Emma – we’ve never had a hurricane like this so how do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow – or what people should be doing about it? It is a little more work to anticipate how to organize an entire city and transit system than accommodate your own particular desires. But of course you are allowed to be pissed. Just don’t be pissy about it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            People when you want to call me out, please sound out my name; it’s EMILY. Get it, Emma-Leigh. sheesh.

          • Isn’t Emmaleigh (or anyone else) allowed to be pissy here if they are feeling pissy? Are some emotions allowed and not others?

          • It’s the manner in which she’s conveyed it that’s set people’s teeth on edge. Pissy? Yes. Grossly self-focused about a fairly mild loss in the face of people genuinely facing loss of life and property? No.

        • Victoria please get off your condescending soap box you are annoying

      • sounds as if you are a contractor. wouldnt want you supporting any of my missions with your selfish attitude

        • Ease up – what’s with the personal attack? YOU have a judgmental attitude!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I am a contractor. I do the same work as my fed colleagues (more in some cases) but I get paid less and don’t get a hurrication or a snowcation or any of the perks. My company cares more about profits than employees, so I’m pissed.

          I’m also damn good at what I do, so you would want me to support your mission.

          • Said the ONLY contractor who makes less money than her federal colleagues.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t work for the industrial military complex, my mistake.

          • Whatever you want your name to sound like – (and perhaps re-consider scolding people for reading it differently from how you thought it should be ) – it seems like you just need to relax a bit here. It’s a crazy couple of days. No one can change the weather. The storm will pass and you can go back to your important work.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I just thought it was obvious how to pronounce my name, especially since DC is supposed to be full of smart people. I guess I was over estimating how smart people are in the DC area. Or maybe you and 13 St just aren’t good at reading…

            Also, I didn’t mean to scold. I meant to inform in an exasperated fashion. You can come out of time out now. (that was a joke, maybe a bad one, but still a joke.)

          • My hubby also has to take leave and makes very littl money (while the company gets a big tax break for hiring a vet). However, he isn’t butt hurt about it and is just trying to enjoy time off. Lots of free time to visit usajobs, right?

          • Emmaleigh504

            My butt feels just fine 😉

          • Whoa – extra relax girl!!! You probably don’t really want to call everyone here stupid and illiterate do you?

            ” just thought it was obvious how to pronounce my name, especially since DC is supposed to be full of smart people. I guess I was over estimating how smart people are in the DC area. Or maybe you and 13 St just aren’t good at reading…

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m sorry, was it not obvious that I was calling you and 13 St stupid for not being able to read my name. My apologies. Let me be more clear: You and 13 St are stupid for not being able to read my name. The reddest of rednecks in my home state can read it correctly.

            This is meant to be read in a calm voice, because I am calm, just bored and annoyed.

          • Sweetie Honey- Emily-child-whoever you want to be-this is a blog with hundreds of comments – sorry – but no one cares enough to work extra to decipher how you might want your name to be pronounced. You think you have a clever spelling of Emily – but we don’t know that. You could very well be Emma Leigh. We don’t care. It’s a trying hurricane kind of day – relax.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You don’t want to pronounce, that’s fine, then please spell properly. The only thing trying about today is the boredom. I’m plenty relaxed because hurricanes don’t get me in a tizzy. I’ve survived enough to be able to deal with them. Snow is another matter all together.

            On that note, you should also relax. Everything will be fine. Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes etc etc. (ok maybe 1 mistake in my book, but I think I’ve beaten that dead horse more than enough.)

            Tchuess bis Morgan

          • Be a grown up and take your damn vacation. I mean TAKE it.
            Tell your cheap skate bosses you are going and go. Lord knows you need it, as we can all discern. So, just go. It isn’t about compArative inconvenience, it’s about you doing what you want.

        • SouthwestDC

          And you sound like a government employee who can’t understand her plight because you get more personal leave than you could ever possibly need.

          I’d be upset too if I had to cancel a vacation because of this. To have all that planning, and anticipation, and money (if parts of it are nonrefundable) go to waste because someone decided it wasn’t safe for her to go to work on a day that turned out to be perfectly safe… how is that not worthy of a rant?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Exactly! And I’m not entirely stupid. If we had liberal leave and it were dangerous to go to work tomorrow I would not go. I just want the choice to go to work if it’s safe. If that makes me an evil, selfish, bitch so be it.

          • SouthwestDC

            That said, I think your ire should be directed at your employer’s unfair policies and not the Federal Government. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Don’t worry, I hate my company’s policies, especially since other contracts get paid for gov’t closures. I pretty much hate everyone right now. But I consistently hate my company’s policy’s in these situations.

          • “Ranting” never needs justification. It is simply ranting – venting – blowing off steam. It is good. Thank PoP for giving you a chance to do it.

            But it is wrong – and I think – ignorant, inconsiderate, stupid and selfish for you to disparage people who have to make difficult decisions based on changeable- unknown – weather conditions that will affect millions of people in multiple layers of infrastructure for an entire city.

            “on a day that turned out to be perfectly safe… how is that not worthy of a rant?”

            No one knew it would turn out to be perfectly safe – and thank goodness you didn’t have to decide for the rest of the city!!”

  • Got my mail just now. Props to the USPS for once!

  • Any word on if Metro will be open tomorrow?

  • Yeah, mail got delivered. Couldn’t believe it. Let’s cut more of their budget I guess to thank them.

  • Also got mail delivered this afternoon. Couldn’t believe it!

  • Just to clarify a wide-spread misconception: the Postal Service is self-funded. Any budget cuts would be proposed and implemented by USPS, not the appropriators in Congress.

    • Yeah, I got mail, but only advertisements and catalogs! In a hurricane!! I’m so pissed!!!

      (I know lots of people won’t get it – but I’m being facetious.)

  • SouthwestDC

    My mail was waiting for me when I got home from work. Not that incredible since the weather was fine then (aside from some rain). But if they’re still delivering mail now, then that’s commendable.

  • Got a usps package delivery at about 5 pm. major props to the postal service, especially since i got a notification earlier that UPS couldn’t deliver packages today because of hazardous conditions.

  • Anybody knows if there will be trash collection tomorrow?

  • From DPW –

    Trash/recycling collections: 1. Residents living in once-a-week collections neighborhoods are asked to hold onto their trash and recyclables until next Tuesday, when normal collections will be made. 2. Residents living in twice-a-week collections neighborhoods whose recycling is collected on Tuesdays are asked to hold onto their recyclables until next Tuesday. These residents’ trash will be collected on Friday. Residents whose recycling is collected on Friday, their recyclables will be collected.

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