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  • Dear PoP,
    Thanks so much for featuring my house in your blog! It was built in 1891 and designed by a young B. Stanley Simmons, who went on to design many buildings in the District. The house is one of a group of four identical designs (same floor plan, varied exteriors). All have great detail on the exteriors and even those are varied among the four houses. The houses are in a great block–great architecture and great neighbors!

  • Wow. Those are some pretty incredible details!

  • I love this house. I pass/admire it daily on my way to the Metro. That little section of 10 st is so pleasant and I love to see all the dogs in the nearby dog park.

  • This is such a beautiful house; I’m so glad you featured it! I know the people who live there, too, and they are such nice people. I know they were delighted when they were able to buy this house.

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