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  • Perhaps this is a silly question, but why didn’t they make the second-floor balcony a bit larger? I suspect they didn’t want to be incongruent with the first-floor landing, but really, I would want room for two chairs on that balcony.

    • Perhaps they have something bigger on the backside of the building? Or perhaps the owner is a smoker and wanted a small area to grab a smoke by himself? A bigger balcony would necessitate cutting into the indoor space of the glass expansion that hangs off the front of the building. It seems that they would rather have that usable space inside rather than outside.

    • It’s a “naughty seat” for time outs.

  • Balconies in DC tend to get used for the occasional dry day in the Spring and a few weeks in the fall. Otherwise, they’re used for bike storage or the like. I think that discourages people from doing big balconies. Given the blah TH next door and the placement as anb aend unit, this looks better than the usual modern TH eyesore.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love the lines and style, but I want it to be a different color.

    • I totally agree. I like the design, but the color is off – I also hate the cinderblocks on the side. Other than that though, I think it looks very cool.

  • Thank god “modern week” is over and we’ll no longer be subjected to these monstrosities.

  • Not modern – its contemporary.

  • Walls of glass seem like such a bad choice in the city. I can understand if you have an amazing view to take advantage of, but when the view is the houses across the street, why bother? In this place I’d be fiddling with drapes and or blinds all day to avoid having my every move be on full display to the whole neighborhood, paticularly at night. Not for me.

  • I want to sit in that lone chair

  • Does Clint Eastwood lives there? Nice spot for the Empty Chair.

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