Heritage India Opening in former Skewers Space above Cafe Luna at 1633 P Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word about Heritage India opening up in the former Skewers space above cafe Luna at 17th and P St, NW in Dupont. They write:

“I spoke with the owner of Heritage and he told me that the new location hopes to open in the next two weeks.”

Last we heard Heritage India was also opening a space in the former Soho Cafe and Market space at 19th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

Will anyone miss Skewers?

1633 P Street, NW

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  • A great addition to the area. For folks along the 14th Street corridor, there aren’t any good Indian options. Now, if only Masala Art up in Tenleytown would open a new location over here . . .

  • figby

    Agreed — Heritage India in Dupont Circle was really great food. Looking forward to making this a regular stop.

  • Sweet. Hope the have their “street food” happy hour menu in the new location.

  • Happy to see this, I have yet to find Indian food to my taste in DC.

  • PDleftMtP

    Dan, any word on the 19th and Penn location? It didn’t look like there was much going on last time I walked by. While we’re at it, any news on Radius?

  • Skewers was just OK and as others have said Heritage’s food is much better (esp the street food menu).

    However, I hope this space will be too small for their after hours parties, which seemed to attract people interested in fighting. After all, a shooting there is why the previous Heritage location closed.

  • Wow, I must be alone in thinking Heritage food was always mediocre at best – frozen vegetables, bland sauces.

    It’s a schlep, but worth it for us to go to Saravana Palace in Fairfax.

  • Well, to be one of only 8 posters so far to answer Dan’s question–yeah I’ll miss Skewers. They always had good food and a nice cozy atmosphere, not to mention good art shows from time to time. Not such of fan of Indian food unless its really high end. Too bad.

  • Anyone know what happened to Skewers?

  • Wow, I didn’t even know Skewers closed. We used to go every now and then. They were always very nice and the grilled vegetable plate was fantastic, as was that carrot dish–something like hurria? Only place I knew to get it.

  • I’ve patronized Skewers regularly since the restaurant opened in the 1980s, so I was shocked when I walked past it yesterday and saw the Heritage India sign. When Skewers first opened, it was actually one of the better restaurants in the immediate vicinity. In recent years, however, it appeared to have become fairly tired — although it was still respectable — while competition intensified. Nevertheless, , the food was a good value (far more than Agora around the corner, although Agora’s food is better) and I will miss it.

  • I’d prefer Skewers staying open over Cafe Luna. Talk about bland food!

  • I always assumed Skewers was the best named gay bar in the city. Glad Cafe Luna isn’t moving or closing.

  • pcat

    I always liked Skewers and will be sad to see them go. The place was tired though and really needed a good gutting, cleaning, and redoing. The bathrooms were awful. Heritage India has excellent food. They used to have a super Saturday buffet. I hope they do that in this location.

  • LOVE butter chicken from heritage:). There’s a reason no one ever ate at skewers! Can’t wait!!

  • Can’t wait for the Heritage lunch buffet to come back to Dupont. Wasn’t about to shlep to Georgetown during my lunch break.

  • I am SO sad that Skewers is closed!!! Consistently fine and well priced food for many years. It seems people abandon the classics and go to whatever is new and trendy. That put everyone’s attention at 14th and P. So very sad to see Skewers go.

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