Help Find Murray, Lost Dog near H Street, NE

Find Murray:

Please help find Murray, a dog lost in DC near H Street NE! If you can help put up flyers and search for Murray, please call or text 202-641-0955 or just come to 1012 1/2 6th St NE to pick up flyers.

On the morning of Friday, October 5th, I was walking my two dogs along with my friends’ dog who I was dogsitting. A guy came along and as he was passing us on the sidewalk, yelled that Murray, my friends’ dog, bit him. He grabbed Murray’s leash, then Murray pulled out of his collar and the guy started chasing him down the street.

After dropping my dogs inside my front door, I eventually caught up with the man, who had luckily not caught up with Murray, since he’d grabbed a long piece of metal trash he’d found on the sidewalk while in pursuit that he intended to use as a weapon on the dog. Once I caught up with him, he ended up assaulting me while screaming at me about the dog- dragging me around in the street by the arm and grabbing me in sexual places. I have filed a police report (and luckily the assault portion of the incident happened right near a police camera- plus he was stupid enough to leave the piece of metal with his fingerprints on it sitting on the ground so the police collected it as evidence).

But I don’t care that much about the police finding him— I want to find Murray.

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  • I hope you find Murray, but I want the police to find the guy. He needs to be off the street.


    Find Murray (Dog Lost in DC)::
    We just spoke to a construction worker who saw Murray after the (possible) accident. He saw him going down Florida Ave toward downtown. Please come help search for him if you can! The more people we have out there talking to people and searching for him, the faster we can find him.

  • My goodness, that’s terrible! I’m sure your friend will be understanding and Murray will be found, so don’t beat yourself up over it. I once refused to watch my roommate’s dog because she had a habit of slipping out of her collar, and the roommate refused to use a choke collar even temporarily. There were a lot of busy streets in the neighborhood and I just didn’t want that responsibility on my hands. Sure enough, the poor guy who ended up watching the dog lost her on Day One when she slipped out of the collar and ran away. My roommate was furious, but I really don’t think either of us were to blame.

    • I hope Murray is found safe and sound, and quickly. Sorry I am not able to help look for him. To the previous post-er, a choke collar is not necessary. A HARNESS will prevent a dog from slipping out; I got my dog one after the first (and only) time he pulled out of his collar on a busy street.

      • I’ve had dogs slip out of harnesses, though they work for some. Choke collar is the only foolproof restraint.

        • A step-in harness has a small risk of escape. A more traditional harness is -physically impossible- to get out of without being unclasped. Unless the dog has no front legs, in which case he’s easy to catch.

      • Was going to say the same–no need for choke or prong (they do more damage than good)–for future reference, a harness or martingale is best. Sounds like your friend never found her dog?

        • She did, a day or two later, but she had to fly home early from her vacation.

        • And I agree that prong collars are terrible things that should never be used. My point was that those simple buckle collars are not reliable restraints, and unless you have a very chill dog that you know will not run away under any circumstances you shouldn’t put your dogsitter in a situation where this could happen. And I’m not saying this necessarily happened here, since this was an extreme circumstance the owner could not have possibly accounted for, but I’ve seen it happen enough with other dogs that I think it’s good advice.

          • Pron collars are awesome and are much safer than traditional choke or martingale collars. Chokes and martingales concentrate pressure on the trachea and will permanently damage it over time. Prong collars distribute pressure evenly around the top of the neck and do not hurt the dog. To prove it to yourself, press against your own trachea right above your collarbone (where a choke or martingale presses the dog’s neck) and see how awful it feels. Now press against your trachea above your adam’s apple (if you have one), and note it is not painful or irritating at all.

  • Horrible. I hope Murray is found soon, safe and sound. And that whackjob is off the streets.

  • Do you think Murray did bite him? Not that it excuses his actions, and I wouldn’t blame Murray for biting him either.

    • Um, what? If your dog bites me, I’m going after it. Not you. That was uncalled for. But if an animal bites me, whether your mut or a rabid squirrel, it’s fair game.

  • Oh no!! Please be sure to call the New York Ave. location of the Washington Humane Society. It’s also the location for Animal Control. You see if he might have already been turned in or picked up, or you can ask them to keep a look out for him. Their number is 202-576-6664.
    Check out other shelters in the area too if you don’t find him soon.

  • Do you have a description of the individual? I live near H street NE and will be on the lookout for both Murray and the individual. There is no place for that type of behavior.

  • Can the OP give a little more detail? The picture is a good one of his face and part of his body, but are there any other distinguishing marks? How big is he (looks like a small dog in the pic). What color collar? Etc. etc.

  • Just an FYI to PoP readers, the phot of Murray here makes him look smaller than he appears in the additional photos on the FB page. From the photo here, I thought he was a doxie mix, but he seems quite a bit bigger in the other pics. If you are sharing this, or keeping your eye out for him, see the FB page photos (click on the “Find Murray” link at the top of the posted text in this story.

  • So sorry to hear this! I live near the NoMa metro station… both Flats 130 and Archstone are pet-friendly buildings… maybe post some flyers in that area? Also near the Harris Teeter? There’s a lot of foot traffic there.
    I heard about another lost dog that was last seen near the Harris Teeter… maybe because of scraps of food near the store? Definitely check in with the New York Ave. Washington Humane Society too.

    Does Murray have a collar? Is he a dachshund mix? If you give more of a description, we can tell others to be on the watch for him. Does he come to his name? Will definitely let you know if we see anything in the NoMa area!!

    • I just sent out a mass email to some fellow residents in the area and also posted this article to my Facebook. Hopefully he can go home soon!!

  • Any description on what this guy looks like so your fellow morning dog-walkers can keep an eye out for him?

    • Seriously people – can you just perhaps think that ANY dog running loose ANYWHERE is most likely lost/in trouble and in need of help if you can offer any? What do you need a more specific description for? If you see any dog running through traffic will you care less or do nothing?

      • I think she was talking about the man, not the dog. Although I’ve almost killed myself chasing after a dog that the owners apparently let roam free…

  • I live at 5th and L St. NE at the orange/beige house with the fenced yard. Where did this attack happen. Was it at 5th and L? Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. We will look for him.

  • Very sad and scary. I don’t like choke collars, prong collars, Martingales etc. but I have also had a (very smart) dog escape a harness. Even choke collars though aren’t error-proof. All it takes is for something to cause the walker to loose the leash. (Obviously a dog loose on a leash is easier to catch and more noticeable, but still.) A good reason to keep tags on your dog at all times.

    I’m so sorry this happened and hope the dog is found and the man caught.

  • Seriously, please provide a description. Tall or short, skinny or fat, black or white. We want to find the dog but we should also get this guy off the streets

  • Did the dog bite the guy in the first place? Seems like a detail that was left out of the story. If yes, I am on the side of the guy with the club.

  • please file a police report against this guy that assaulted you.

  • MURRAY WAS FOUND! The incredible support of the community certainly helped so much- see the updates on his recovery here:

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