Former Laundromat next to Red Derby at the Corner of 14th and Quincy St, NW to become a Bar Called Lyman’s

3720 14th Street, NW

Back in early Aug. I asked folks what they’d like to see come to the former laundromat next to Red Derby after hearing a number of rumors. We’ve now got the answer – a bar called Lyman’s. The liquor license posted out front says it will be a:

“Tavern serving bar food with a seating capacity of 70. Occupancy load of 70. Requesting a summer garden with a seating capacity of 20 and entertainment endorsement featuring live music.”

The Washingtonian says:

The Raven Grill owner Merid Admassu is teaming up with Kevin Perone and Cafe Saint Ex’s Jessica Kleinmann on a tavern called Lyman’s at 3720 14th Street, Northwest.

There will be at least two pinball tables and a 20-seat heated patio with a retractable roof, a latticed privacy fence, and an indoor-outdoor counter so you can order drinks without having to go inside.

Updates as construction progresses. This could be an awesome addition to the neighborhood.

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  • PoP – if you want a question of the day, I’d be interested in knowing the drinking habits of your readership. It seems DC can now support an unlimited number of places serving beer and bar food. Do people in this town drink every night?

  • Totally did a little happy dance in the rain when I saw this Friday night.

  • First, Mad Moma’s, now this. I’m hoping these establishments will help catalyze development on this stretch of 14th.

  • this is so awesome!!

  • Yeah!!!!!!!! Pinball!

  • I live in the apartment building right next across the street (Quincy). Didn’t think it was possible I’d get another bar even closer than the Derby! Awesome news.

    As far as the question whether or not the area can support another bar, there’s an old saying…where people sell more shirts, people sell more shirts.

  • I hope they take a page from Mad Momos and actually put some money into the place.

  • This place is going to be great. And nice to see that the name is a tribute to the area, as well.


  • alphatango

    Is anyone else worried that some of this fresh development might be happening too quickly for an area known for ruffians who enjoy taking advantage of the drunk and stumbly?

    • What does that comment mean exactly? Houses in this area are routinely selling for half a million bucks and up. And there are a ton of young people renting in the area. There is clearly a customer base. In addition, a lease here is probably a lot cheaper than a lease on H Street, U Street, even now maybe 11th street. Seems like a good business bet to me. Plus if you are worried about people getting mugged, don’t they have just as good a chance walking to or from the metro to go out in a “better” neighborhood?

    • I suspect you don’t spend a lot of time in this area. As the commenter above notes, the worst houses in the neighborhood are selling for close to half a million dollars. The crime rate continues to plummet and quality restaurants and bars have been opening for several years now. This area is statistically far safer than south Columbia Heights. Come up to the neighborhood and check it out some time.

      • People have proven time and time again that they’re more than willing to pay exorbitant prices for homes in neighborhoods that still have serious crime issues. Look at that stretch of 14th Street. There are still bars on the windows, bulletproof glass in the carryouts, and security gates over the storefronts. While it may be true in other places, unfortunately for DC, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between housing prices and safety.

        • If you’d done your research, you’d know that there is a big commercial redevelopment project coming to the stretch of 14th between Spring and Longfellow. These houses are good investments, and the neighborhood is wonderful. Crime is a fact of life in DC.

  • seems like “revitalizing” an “up and coming” neighborhood= bars, bars and more bars.

    • revitalization of old neighborhoods pretty much always starts with bars. can’t think of an area in dc that differs, except for the navy yard. but that wasn’t really revitalized. it was just all knocked down and started from scratch.

  • Hope this place is a better neighbor than Red Derby. Red Derby was slapped with a Stop Work Order on 9/12 and fined for that roof over the deck. That roof is also listed as a “temporary awning” it doesn’t look very temporary to me.


    • craigdc – Yeah man, I’m really mad since I constructed an invisible sky castle above that space. I had to use all the powers of my imagination to remodel after that went up.

      I hope you’re not thinking about expanding your entitlement patio, because that would totally clash with my rational furniture on the side of Quincy…

      Best of luck to Lyman’s, I look forward to craigdc’s exhaustive commentary on how their bathroom floor tile is misaligned. You know, the important stuff everyone worries about in their spare time.

      • craigdc has a valid complaint. not that i’m worried about the dcra issue, but it was enough to get fined and have a stop work order. and the wrong permit.

        • Stop Work Orders and wrongly pulled permits happen all the time. Even if it was Derby’s or the contractors fault, nine times out of ten, those doing the projects have more a clue what the code and law is than DCRA….this is not a big deal at all.

  • The critics have a point here. The only place I’ve ever been to that seemed to have more bars per capita than DC was Ireland.

  • This is awesome! I’m definitely down for some beers and pinball.

  • DJ’s and dancing on 14th and Quincy? Please keep that crap downtown…

  • Craig, Lets hope you never have to build anything in the district.Too bad you’re not a better neighbor.

  • Great news, look forward to opening. Agree with commenters about bars usually blazing trail. Owners have experience running other successful places so should know how to put something together. And as much as I would like more diversity in retail, honestly not sure hood is quite ready for it as much as I would like it to be. Very soon though. Still very optimistic about the strip in general, not many other places for new businesses to go as spots fill up further south. I’ve only lived in CH for 3.5 years and when I bought there was only Wonderland and Red Rocks on 11th and look at it now. Really one of the best strips in the city.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood Lyman’s. I am a fan of the Raven and of Saint Ex, so I will probably hang here from time to time. Just not during happy hour(s)–the Red Derby will always be my local from 5-8 PM.

  • I got out about 5 nights a week.

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