Friday Entries for the U Street Logo Competition

Ed. Note: Of course people can be critical about a design competition – though voting will take place in poll form next week – but if you are critical please show a little decency and don’t be rude about it. We’re just trying to have a little fun.

If you’d like to enter the U Street logo design competition, please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail by the end of the day with your design and “neighborhood logo competition” in the subject line.

Logo by Mike Fogel

“I’m a freelancer who’s always looking for new projects. Had some time off yesterday and thought it’d be more fun to work on this than browse craigslist for the thousandth time! Happy to hear anyone’s feedback.”

Logo by Kiah G.

“I like my logo because it is simple, classic, and clean, and I think it will look nice on a T shirt.”

Logo by Tom Haskard

“Having lived near U St for the past year, the area to me reminds me of the music I’ve heard here, be it at 9:30 Club, U St Music Hall or any of the jazz bars. The beamed notes combined with the slur to combine a U shape.”

Logo by anonymous

Logo by Emily Boyer

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Logo by Emily Boyer

Logo by Emily Boyer

Logo by Emily Boyer

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  • I love that first one by Mike Fogel. If not official; that thing at least needs to be wheatpasted all over.

  • mike just killed it

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like the 3rd one Emily did (blue U, black street) best. Very simple.

  • I love them! Good job everybody! Mike’s is inspiring, and I really like how it takes an actual piece of the neighborhood and incorporates it to the logo. I like the street sign “I <3 U"

    I wanted to do something with "Who R U?" to show how many different types of people live in the U street corridor, but alas I am not that talented.

    I dig the first 3 the most, and the others are great efforts but they don't say much about the area to me 🙂

    I like the one about YOU street (it reminds me of eye street), but to me, it looks like a bumper sticker for prez (which ordinarily I would like, but not this late into a brutal election season)

  • I love #1 and #4! Agree with the wheatpasting of #1 and for #4, to make it look less “election-y”, perhaps swap the red and blue for yellow and green?

  • Blithe

    I like the first one by Mike Fogel the best! While the others would look nice on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker, this one best captured the flavor (& flava) of the neighborhood vibe. And if I saw this on a t, it would become my favorite ‘local’ gift — plus I’m sure I’d get a few extras for myself.

  • Mike Fogel’s is awesome

  • Kiah’s is the best. Mike’s is wayyyy to busy to be a logo, imho.

    • How is it wayyyyy too busy?! It’s a traffic light pole with some buildings in the background for God’s sake.

      Nice job Mike. It’s my favorite so far.

    • Another fan of Kiah’s here! I like the clean integration of the “U” with the DC flag.

  • LOVE Mike Fogel’s concept — hate most of the rest of them presented over the last few days — although it is a little bit too busy for the intended use. Simplifying it a bit would make it the hands-down winner so far!

  • I like Mike Fogel’s the best. Also, I don’t know if it was intentional or just even more evidence of tweenspeak slipping into the mainstream, but I’ve always considered “U R” a semi-acceptable abbreviation for “you are” or “you’re” but not for “your.” In my mind, Emily Boyer’s first design should be translated as “You Are Street” rather than “Your Street.”

  • I can’t even begin to tell you how much this depresses me. Both the entries and the comments.

  • I think they all look pretty great! That said, I love the first one by Mike, and the uRstreet one as well.

  • Mike Fogel did a GREAT job!!

  • Mike’s is great but it is a t-shirt design… not a logo. I think I’m a little confused on what this competition is exactly. Perhaps calling it a “logo” competition was a mistake?

  • Mike Fogel’s design is great! I want the t-shirt!

  • I love Mike’s design but I think it needs to be simplified in order to make a good all-purpose logo (I can more easily see this hanging on someone’s wall than i can envision it on a t-shirt). If I were Mike I would play around with removing the streetscape at the bottom or at least decreasing the level of deatail. In terms of a no-frills design I really like Kiah’s!

  • Love the first one.

  • I like the simplicity of the entries by Kiah and Tom.

  • Love the last one – the green “U” with the fingers.

  • I also love the first one—it’s perfect as is! Classic, simply stated, and expresses the urban vibe of 14th and U.

  • 1, 4 and 6 have my vote, with 6 being my choice if I had to select one (nice use of geometric shape and color)

    Of course, U isn’t my neighborhood.

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