Downtown Dining: Teatro Goldoni to Become an Icelandic Restaurant Called Look

1909 K Street, NW

At the end of August we noted that Teatro Goldoni had closed for renovations and was planning on reopening in October. Apparently plans have changed, significantly!

Bisnow has the scoop on the plans for an Icelandic Restaurant called Look set to open Nov. 16th:

“It will be world cuisine small plates, with 200 seats, hologram TVs, interactive lighting on the bar and stairs, and as sleek and modern as his last entry was traditional.”

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  • They actually have food in Iceland? 🙂

  • Hologram TVs?

  • I’ve been to Iceland twice and I love it, but food is not their strong suit.

  • Looks good but $13 for a puffin burger?! You gotta be kidding me.

    • Lordy, so quick with the griping about the price of a burger? Can a restaurant open in DC without someone moaning that a burger costs whatever? It’s becoming such a PoP comments cliché :). Is it any surprise that a puffin burger might cost more than a cow burger??

  • shark jumping time…

  • I wonder if they will have some fermented shark and a shot of Black Death to go with it.

  • Seriously!? Their economy tanked and now they are exporting their culinary set? Yay markets. So if it’s Icelandic, why is it decribed as, “It will be world cuisine small plates…” What and why is this a selling point: “…interactive lighting….” Where are the ice sculptures? Are they rebelling?

  • Ha, that’s really funny actually. Icelandic food ain’t no good. That is, unless they are serving only hot dogs and yogurt. And don’t get me wrong- I loved Iceland.

  • It will be owned by the same guy who owns Cities (according to the link)?


  • This doesn’t bode well for puffins and whales.

  • dude. I LOOOVE LOOVE LOOOVE Icelandic food. All you naysayers must have eaten at the wrong places… When I was there, everything I had was really good. Best seafood ever (smoked trout, Atlantic char, etc), best lamb I’ve ever had.. there was this bread that was slow baked in the ground (via geothermal heating)… and also seabird on a salad I had. I’m excited about this place.

  • Having visited Iceland, this intrigues me! The food was, for the most part, very good.

  • I hope the renovation includes better dishwashers and new cleaning supplies. Teatro Goldoni was repulsive when we went to redeem a Living Social deal, and I vowed never to return until the place was visited by Restaurant Impossible for a good cleaning. Blech.

  • As much of an Iceland-phile as I am: their cuisine isn’t exactly what I’d deem an attraction. …Except for the Bæjarins beztu, which I continue to dream that DC-3 will someday emulate.

  • Anyone else going to miss Teatro’s $20 all you can drink wine happy hour?

  • I think that the best part of Icelandic cuisine is the freshness. If I understood correctly on my last trip, it’s illegal to import any raw meat there so it’s all local and fresh (and yeah, the lamb is spectacular, even the supermarket vacuum-sealed stuff). I’m not sure that you can duplicate that.

    And while smoked puffin breast is delicious, I can’t see it appealing to customers here. Horse is even less likely to sell, and whale is downright illegal here.

    So I suspect that what we’re looking at is a gimmicky seafood restaurant.

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