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  • How are you financing the job?

    That’s extremely important to plan out because if you have money you can get the world done quickly. If you don’t have money, or if you’re doing a 203k loan, your options are shortened in terms of contractors. I’d refer mine to you but he needs to finish my job first.

    A good way to find them is through references here but be mindful that a lot of contractors post recommendations of themselves anonymously here. search older threads, there are plenty of good recommendations and then google their names, make sure you see their prior projects and observe their knowledge of the job carefully before you hire them.

    Good luck!

  • I think Angies List is worth the subscription price. You can scour through quite a few contractor reviews and narrow it down to a few for estimates. Try to get pictures of their work and references. Some companies may not always be quite as great as their stellar reviews, but in the dozens of times I have selected a contractor from the site, I have never had a job truly go bad. I’m usually pleased with the work. It’s a good starting point for a project.

  • do not pick the lowest bidder.

  • Shoot me an email at dccheeshead @ mac.com and I’ll give you the name and contact info of a great contractor who just did a demo of my lower unit and is big on doing very classy remodels.

  • Matt Shannon Browne (571.237.4497) did a bang-up job on our basement, along with several projects throughout the rest of the house. We’re now pulling in $1800 for the 1-bedroom apartment he designed and built in the basement. He won’t be the cheapest, but then you shouldn’t go with the cheapest anyway. *And* he’ll show up. (Get ready for it: most contractors don’t show.)


    • Are you in Petworth and what did you get done? How much square footage do you have? I need fire separation, kitchen and laundry everything else is done.

  • I second the Matt Shannon Browne recommendation! He remodeled the attic in my family’s home (creating two new rooms and built it cabinetry for storage), redid the wood floors in the kitchen, family room, and dining room, and much more. Always prompt. Great communication. Great product. 571-237-4497 – MSB Design Build

  • Green Dwellings is renovating my entire Petworth rowhouse. And they’ve done several others in the neighborhood. They are great to work with and also have excellent design ideas. High quality work and finishing. Highly recommend. greendwellings @ aol. com

  • We just remodeled our basement into a rental unit and had a good experience with Bob Nunes of Residential Renovators. He and his team work quickly and efficiently and communication was excellent. 202-249-2662.

  • Try Urban Referrals– I have used them several times for a range of jobs– it’s a free service and they can find several contractors for you so you can compare estimates. Great customer service, super friendly staff. Good luck!

  • We do a lot of work in NW DC and have done quite a few dig outs. Here’s a recent full job photo gallery below, and happy to have you speak with recent & current clients too.



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