Day in the Life of an Urban Turtle

A reader finds a turtle wedged between his lawn mower and AC unit in upper Petworth.

Turtle understandably freaks out a little:

Good Samaritan releases a very thirsty turtle that drinks for 10 straight minutes:

Then off for a leisurely swim:

Thanks to the reader for documenting the adventure. And farewell turtle.

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  • This is so cute! Thanks for saving the turtle 🙂

  • Great save! Box turtles are really having a bit of a rough go these days with loss of habitat and an unfortunate propensity to get smashed by cars. They can live a long time – up to 40-50 years – but tend to like to stay in a fairly small “home range” so if you find one in the woods please leave it there. You can gently pick it up and examine it, even feed it something – they love worms, slugs, insects, fruits, berries & veggies. Then just put it exactly back where you found it.

    And while they will paddle around in shallow water like this one seems happy about, they aren’t really aquatic, so don’t just toss them in a pond or deeper water.

    If you are out walking in the woods look for mushrooms with little triangular bites taken out of the flesh – you are seeing a box turtle’s snack shack.

  • He’s adorable!

  • PoP, all this time I thought you were partial to frogs. 🙂

  • Allison

    Awwww poor baby!

    “Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?

  • This made my morning. Thank you.

  • Great story to kick off my Thursday! Good work good samaritan, you get many karma points for this one! I love the look on the turtle’s face in the first pic, he is like, “sigh, just take the picture already, don’t mind me stuck here on my side!”

  • Thanks for saving the guy! He looks a tad different than the “box turtles” we had in Texas. I have a soft spot in my heart for turtles! As a child my parents picked up all they could from highways and roads and kept them in the safe haven of our back yard. When we moved houses, we rounded up all of them over a period of a week and took them with us! Good memories of having them all on our back porch waiting to be fed.

  • I have found 2 box turtles in Columbia Heights. I believe they come from the reservoir by Washington Hospital. Perfect turtle sanctuary there.

  • halfsmoke

    Fear the Urban Turtle.

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