In Non-Sandy News – Cosi Closes at 20th and M St, NW

1919 M Street, NW

Thanks to [email protected] for sending word that the cosi at 20th and M Street, NW has closed.

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  • Wonder why. Doesn’t seem that chains like these at busy locations hurt for business. Maybe the landlord just booted them.

  • Once people began to realize what good sandwiches and soups should taste like, and you have to compete with much better stores around you, this is bound to happen.

  • the Cosi on 19th between K and L also closed (across from the former Java Green)

  • Thank goodness more Cosi restaurants are closing. The business is starting to realize people actually have standards and not willing to pay for food that tastes like Panera with a meth habit.

  • about time this one closed, it was depressingly empty and unkempt most of the time — there’s just too many of them for the quality of their food and service

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