Cause Philanthropub Now Open at 1926 9th Street, NW

1926 9th Street, NW

I was lucky enough to be invited to Cause’s opening event and the finished space looks amazing. I was also able to meet some of the organizations who will benefit from Cause’s philanthropy and was, for the first time, realizing how awesome this place really is. I’m betting there will be an Oprah or some national news coverage in the near future if they can pull this off. While I tasted some delicious drinks, I’m eager to go back and try the menu. Wishing them the very best. We will revisit for a proper judging after they’ve been open a bit.

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  • This place rocks! Met the owners the other night and was very impressed. The staff is friendly and this place is a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • jpsauva

    I am in complete agreement with Dan; not only is it a GREAT addition to the neighborhood I live in, but the profits are going to charities within the DC area that you can personally choose when it comes to pay the bill!

    As I realxed in a great seasonal beer (and tasty apps) Sunday at the open house, I was already amazed to see how operational Cause was even before it had officially opened.

    I suggest everyone give it a try and with Sandy slowly on her way up the coast inching closer to DC, what’s better than staying dry, with a beer, in bar that has an awesome cause.

    p.s. I am just a neighbor spreading the thoughts of my personal experience.

  • Looks like a neat idea and a good menu…lemme at that Quentil Burger!

  • Cause has great sangria and tasty appetizers. (Their fried oysters were particularly good at the preview party last Saturday night.) Also, the service was fantastic. Staff and owners were very friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable of the offerings, which was impressive, given that the place had literally only been open for like 2 hours when I got there.

  • This place just wins. They’ve only been open a couple days and they already have so much of the hard stuff down. Good beer, great food, good atmosphere, did I mention the food?

    The G Tso style chicken wings are among the best things I’ve tasted in DC. In the future everyone should order their own. The sandwiches my friends and I got were all solid to great, and my hunch is they will only get better. (This place opened about 30 minutes before we walked in on Wednesday night. I’m seriously impressed.)

    Word is they’re going to start serving off the menu specials soon, too. Excited to see where this place goes!

  • I like the concept and hope this place does well as it is a nice addition to 9th st. I was hoping that the food would be better. Tried the G Tso wings and they tasted nothing like G Tso sauce. Didn’t even finish them. Not a fan. Good beer list however.

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