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  • Dance? And Coffee?

  • There’s a typo in that sign, I hope they can get it fixed.

  • Well, good luck to them. This is a tough space for a business since it has no street presence and is below ground. Cafe Arte is going to have to play a pretty strong game to survive.

  • I can’t say that I’m exactly sad to see Pitazzi go. I ordered from there shortly after they opened, and had a truly awful meal. The sandwich was bland, hummus was runny like water, and I only got a small square of pita to eat the hummus with. After I went to Yelp to comment on my experience, the Owner of Pitazzi messaged me almost immediately, claimed that I was trying to destroy his business, and told me to never come back again.

    Naturally, I never did.

  • That space is awful. Totally underground and poorly ventilated. I don’t think an business could survive there.

  • Sounds like a killer combination to me! I’ll dance with my coffee, and it’s going to lead to some incredible art.

  • Just to give you a little more information about Cafe Arte (it’s my husband’s business), here’s the website: http://www.cafeartedc.com and a link to a 356 degree photo of how he changed it since it was Pitazzi: http://360.io/wSCZfz.

    My husband teaches salsa and had a small dance studio in Chile that he left when we moved here three years ago. He hoped to build something similar here — and maybe broaden the endeavor. The combination does sound a little random, but hopefully when you read a little more about the business, it will start to make sense. The idea is a cafe with a cultural focus — a place to take classes or workshops in dance, photography, music, etc… and also a place to unwind and relax with a coffee or dessert before or after classes. And the good news is, the ventilation was fixed. 🙂

    We’ll be open for coffee and dessert at the end of this week and for classes next week. Hopefully you’ll swing by to check it out.

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