Best Spot for an Evening Cup of Coffee and/or Glass of Wine During a Hurricane?

Stir craziness may have officially set in – a reader sends in from Adams Morgan.

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  • What in the world!! LMAO

  • Wonder if this was the same idiot that was running in shorts and a horse head caught on the news?

    Normally I don’t like to be harsh but STOP trying so hard to attract attention for yourself hipster.

    • Did you feel the same way about people skiing around and organizing snowball fights during the last snowstorm? Plus, it is close to Halloween.

    • i hoe they don’t stop. i think it’s funny.

    • You sound like a ton of fun to be around.

    • Someone posted the NBC 4 segment of the guy running in a horse head mask to YouTube. It’s quite funny.

    • Seriously ET: shut it. It’s time to ban the word “hipster” in DC as bad label. We don’t live in Williamsburg, people. DC needs MORE character, more fun, more people living creatively. Call it what you will…what we need LESS of in DC is probably what people like ET are: douchebag, yuppies, bros. Call them what you will, but that is our problem and we need to start calling it out.

      Long live the horseman.

      • Swetie – I can handle real characters as I am from – New Orleans – which has long been host to those creatures – this is not a character. This is someone self-consciously looking for attention and I just find that annoying.

        As for those who think this is fun or thing to get after me because I don’t think this is “fun” – please. Different people have different Ideas about what is “fun” and for me this isn’t it. This was someone trying – and succeeding – to get attention.

  • I smell another hipster who is jealous of this attention grabbing hipster. HA!

  • Home. The best place to be drinking right now is home.

  • That makes 2 separate sightings in DC today…Just need 2 more for the 4 Horsemen to reveal their apocalyptic plans!!!

  • went to stoneys tonight. great atmosphere and staff!

  • No, no, no… why are we encouraging this horse’s ass… er… head?!? You know now in the wake of his success, for the next storm we’ll be facing an onslaught of out-of-shape ‘furries’ or similarly awkwardly costumed nut-balls streaking about all looking for similar interwebs meme and animated gif fame. Thank you very little.

    • oh geez, can everyone just lighten up? i thought the horse-man runner was hilarious, and the moral hazard argument about people making light of the THIS IS SERIOUS attitude we seem to have here in Washington was a nice break. Do you really think people are going to start planning their furry attack on our oh-so-important-yet-crippled-by-rain city? If so, please settle down and have a glass of wine.

    • i can only pray that what you predict happens. that would be great!

    • Lighten up, Francis.

    • Some people are desperate for attention!

    • Dude, you are the type of person who makes DC un-fun. Get over yourself and the need to comment on some guy with a fun attitude. He had me and my roommates in stitches for a few minutes with his antics. Quit raining on his parade.

      BTW, if you know anything about ‘furries’ you’d also know that you’d never wear a costume like that in the rain since it would soak up the water and get really heavy to wear. Oh, but you wouldn’t know since you probably only wear a silly hat for Halloween and think that you are in a ‘costume’ by sheer dint of your millinery.

  • well at least he’s got more clothes on this time ’round. maybe too cold for shirtless when you’re not running in front of media cameras.

  • Does he live off of Connecticut Ave.?

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