Avery’s Bar and Lounge, With Roofdeck, Coming to 1370 H Street, NE

1370 H St, NE

A new liquor license has been posted outside the former Rose’s Dream space at 1370 H St, NE:

“New Tavern. For young professionals and patrons seeking social/live entertainment, private events. Providing chips and pretzels and occasionally host catering groups. Entertainment, dancing and cover charge. Rooftop Summer Garden 60 seats. Occupancy load is 102″

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  • i don’t know what to make of this. might be the downfall of H street’s coolness

  • cover charge!? that’s unfortunate.

  • this means that they can legally charge a cover. and have dancing.

    it doesn’t mean that they will. it’s just the legal language folks.

  • Thank goodness – the bar they are replacing was NOT neighborhood friendly. BTW – is the 24 hour braid place (aka whorehouse) across from Argo still in operation?

    • What do you mean it was not “neighborhood friendly”? I liked Rose’s Dream. I found the staff and patrons to be quite friendly and it was one of the few places in DC where you could still find GoGo music.

      • I actually played at Rose’s Dream weekly (with Sugar Bear from EU!) back about 6 years ago when there wasn’t really anything else on H street (I think the argonaut had JUST opened). The place was a dive, for sure, but the people always seemed cool. I can see how they might resent the newcomers though…

      • I mean I went in there and when I got up to the second floor the bartender said “why so many white people coming in here” – I just don’t think that’s friendly.

    • They may of not been friendly to you, but I think I understand why.

  • Actually Rose’s just moved down the street.

    However, I wonder about 60 people on that roof deck. Who decides the capacity of these things?

  • I just spent a Saturday afternoon on H Street for the first time in about 5 years, and I was just shocked at how much the area has changed. Back then, the strip didn’t attract too many people who didn’t live in the surrounding blocks. On the weekends now, the place is overrun with people from all over! It really does feel like Adams Morgan, circa 1995 or so.

  • So is this replacing Caribbeans Best, or just going above it?

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