Ava Apartments Opening at 3rd and I St, NE in November

The Ava’s website says:

AVA is a new living space steps from the energy of H Street – where bars and clubs converge with galleries and restaurants, where sushi meets tacos, and music collides with performing arts. Oh yeah, and we’re just blocks from Union Station Metro and Capitol Hill. At AVA H Street, the studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, and a few over-the-top penthouses, feature urban-inspired design that extends beyond your walls to social spaces to connect, chill and play. There’s the Loft and outdoor chill space with iPod hookups, flat screens and comfy seating for hanging out with friends or chilling alone, an awesome fitness center and lots of underground parking and bike storage. Dive in and make it yours.

318 I Street, NE

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  • binpetworth

    I’ve never understood why some architects decide to lay out apartments in such a way that in order for you to use the bathroom, you must go through a bedroom and a closet. That’s the design for both the 1- and 2-bedrooms in this place, and it would annoy me to have guests traipsing through my entire place just to have a wee.

    Yet another reason I’m thankful to own my place (that, and my mortgage is way less than the $1640/mo for a studio in this place).

    • I agree! That is super awkward… My guess is that it saved them money to stack the plumbing in this configuration.

    • I can kinda understand the motivation for having en-suite bedrooms in a two-bedroom (more privacy, esp. if overnight partners are involved), but it makes zero sense to me for a one-bedroom apartment.

      It also strikes me as odd that the floor plans for the one- and two-bedroom units also show that you enter the unit through the kitchen, not through the living room.

    • tonyr

      Just tell your guests to relieve themselves in the kitchen sink. There’s a solution to every problem.

      • Usually you see this in one bedrooms that are older buildings where large apartments were subdivided places during the WWII housing shortage. There are places like this Dupont & Adams-Morgan. It’s very odd for new construction, even if does simplify utilities.

  • This is NE, not NW. Title is incorrect.

  • FYI: The title of the post says NW, but the text says NE. (Which really caught my eye cause there’s nothing too sexy abotu 3rd &I NW.)

  • who is going to live in all these new apartments???

  • quite possibly the ugliest buliding in the world

  • Surely rents are going to start falling when all of these new buildings come online in the next 1-2 years. There are so many cranes building these things surely the supply is going to tip the demand.

    • I certainly hope so. Washington Business Journal wrote about this earlier this year. My gut tells me that developers aren’t going to be cutting any deals though.

  • These apartments to be sexy in the way that sends you to the free clinic for various creams and pills several days later.

  • Chill? Who still says that?

  • And boooooring floor plans.

  • $1646 for a studio?!


  • I see they’ve been studying up on the George Washington University dorm style of architecture. Bringing Foggy Bottom to a neighborhood near you…

  • I do not want to meet the people who would voluntarily live in this. Unfortunately, I probably will.

  • $1640/mo for a studio. Wow… they could a least used brick instead of that cheap aluminum siding crap.

    • my bad.. “they could have at least”

      • I was told that they actually bragged about using cheap materials and that they cut corners wherever possible to get the building done as quickly as possible, and to (ostensibly) make the rent cheaper. Of course, it isn’t actually cheap at all.

  • The title seems to be incorrect as this dev. is in NE. The captions are right however.

  • Maybe I have just been looking at apartments in Dupont/Logan for too long. But, these actually seemed reasonally priced compared to most new buildings. $1,800 for a 1 bedroom is outrageous by the standards of most cities. But, not bad for DC.

    • Especially with the look, the fact that it’s brand new, and amenities. This is easily fair, if not a deal.

  • this is going to be an absolute douche castle

  • Aside from size and price of the studio apartments (a little expensive for the square footage and location, in my opinion), I hate their layout. Having the kitchen along one wall of the main living space just grosses me out. I like having my kitchen smells and mess tucked away in a separate room or enclosure, not incorporated into my living room/bedroom. Not having a bedroom with a door is already inconvenient enough – adding a third function to the main living space is pushing it.

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