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  • Interesting news about the 2300 block of Porter Street, NW speed camera, Just wanted to point out the photo you used is further South than the location of the camera

  • I got a ticket from a camera on 16th Street in Silver Spring last week. First one I ever got.

  • “or current resident” – I get it.

  • Pretty sure I got caught by that camera that has been removed like 3 months ago, and never received a ticket.

  • So, is this good news if you have gotten zapped and have appealed the tickets?

  • I noticed the Porter Street one missing the other day. 30 miles an hour at the base of a long hill is a ridiculous speed limit. Should be at least 35-40 there.

    • Why, because cars can’t fight gravity? Seriously, the steepness of the street is not something on which speed limits should be based.

      • Actually, a street’s physical characteristics (lane width, surface, and yes, grade) are inextricably linked to its users’ behavior. When regulatory controls (e.g., speed limit, no-right-on-red, etc.) fight with the behavioral cues communicated by the design, either the regulation is ill-conceived or the design is flawed.

  • I’ve also noticed that the one on inbound 395 is also missing. I thought I had simply overlooked it the first time so was sure to check for it yesterday and it is in fact gone. Does anyone know why they’re removing them?

    • ah

      They’re moving them to new locations. One showed up on Mass Ave. at about 35th (a few blocks before Naval Observatory). MPDC has promised to move them around, so that’s probably what’s going on.

      I’m absolutely certain they are not being taken off the roads altogether.

  • They have also recently (in the last month or so) removed the speed camera in Woodley Park on Calvert st., right after the downhill intersection of Cleveland Ave. and 29th St. That one also always felt like a trap, since it was right after a light on a downhill slope.

    • I can see why it feels like a trap, but it wouldn’t be bad if it got people used to obeying speed limits even when it’s slightly harder because they’re descending a hill. It sounds schoolmarmish but pedestrians and cyclists use those streets too.

      • I think they took out the camera on Harvard St near Adams Mill Road too. People probably felt like that was a trap as well but I just don’t think it’s safe to be driving at 15 or more over the speed limit on a street with lots of pedestrians and a bike lane that ends for some reason midway down the hill. I didn’t feel sorry for the person who angrily whipped past me as I merged from the bike lane in that spot and then got a flashed by the camera 50 yards further down the hill.

  • I think it’s important to note that there are now crosswalks on Porter. Flying down the street just because there’s no longer a speed camera could end much worse than being sent a ticket in the mail.

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