Wiseguy NY Pizza Gets Signage, Looks Very Close to Opening in Mt. Vernon Square

4th and H St, NW

Last we heard Wiseguy NY Pizza was looking for pizza snobs to judge their New York style pizza coming to Mt. Vernon Square. No word on an exact opening date yet but a peek in the window reveals that it should be any day now:

Looks like they did an awesome job on the buildout but do you think the Yankees logo and memorabilia is a good idea for a city with a healthy dose of Nats fever? Or does it not matter as long as the pizza is delicious?

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  • What’s the legality of using a trademarked logo as your own?

  • Yeah, they’re gonna run into legal issues unless the owner’s last name is Steinbrenner. Also, it’s a dumb way to introduce yourself to this city.

    • OMG I completely agree! I thought the same thing when I first saw the signage. How is this even legal? Trademake infringement. I mean DC has it’s own baseball team and pride, you can promote new york style pizza without forcing the YANKEES down our throats…LITERALLY.
      It’s also ironic the location considering its right by Chinatown which in my opinion is DC’s TIMES SQUARE rip-off.

      • “you can promote new york style pizza without forcing the YANKEES down our throats…LITERALLY.”

        So, you walk by the place and they run out and shove Derek Jeter into your mouth and force him down your throat?

        I’d have given you a pass, but you had to capitalize LITERALLY. Google this: literally vs figuratively. Now stop using literally.

        • orderedchaos

          They spoke illiterally (adv. – using the word “literally” incorrectly).

          • I assumed they meant any pizza in a box with the NYY logo on it was NYY pizza and therefore it was literally being put down their throat. Sure, shoved might be hyperbole. But, I think the criticism of people using LITERALLY incorrectly has jumped the shark. There are LITERALLY better things to talk about on the Internet. Like why the Yankees suck.

      • die hard yankee fan from NYC here, and even i find this cringeworthy

  • I think it doesn’t matter if the food’s good or not — the Yankees are going to squash him like a bug for stealing their logo.

  • I bet they’ll hear from lawyers representing MLB and/or the New York Yankees before their first day of business. The rest of the place looks really awesome, though.

  • At least it’s not the Phillies

  • I was expecting some stereotypicalLy offensive Guido caricature.

  • The fix and hound should use Fox News’ logo

  • Born and bred NY’er here, and a Mets fan. I was excited about this pizza place until I saw this post. I HATE the Yankees and won’t even try this place now.

  • The inside looks great. I’m a Yankees fan but the logo is definitely ill-advised. And honestly, I was turned off from the moment I saw “fuhgedaboudit” on their signage.

    Even if the pizza is good, the name is awful. No legitimate pizza place in NY would have a shit name like this.

  • Pretty lame. Why can’t they just have a restaurant that serves good pizza and is decorated in a normal manner. When you get pizza by the slice in New York, it’s just delicious and you dont get Yankees memorabilia and the picture everyone’s seen hundreds of times of the ironworkers eating lunch shoved down your throat like a New York-themed Applebees.

    I feel like DC lacks authenticity in that way. If a new “dive bar” is opening, they’re going to spend $20,000 finding decor to make it look as dive-barish as possible. I wish we had more places that were just good or fun and didn’t have all the other nonsense.

  • This is also across the street from Papa Johns’ a carryout -delivery spot, nonetheless..Did anyone ever think to extend the ‘china town’ idea further out, I see no chinese lettering on this pizza place sign at all and hasn’t the new yorking of D.C. been tried and failed before, a la the eighties?

  • saf

    There is never any justification, outside of NYC, for Yankees decor.

    Or Yankees fandom.

  • i’m indifferent to sports franchises and find it pretty funny how upset this makes people.
    siding with some out of town big business marketing machine seems like an odd choice, but whatever.

  • The tweet from Mike DeBonis of the Post pretty much sums it up:

    “Idiot restaurateur brands pizza joint with Yankees logo”

  • meh, we have enough tourists and people living here that pretend they’re newyorkers that may help keep this place afloat.

  • While it is fair to brand the owner as an idiot, does anyone else think it also has to do with an arrogant New Yorker being completely ignorant of DC? That we’re all ill-fitting suit-wearing politicos in the “Hollywood for ugly people” who have no idea what good New York pizza tastes like? Or that we’ve never seen that picture of workers on the beam? Maybe they think they’re culturing us?

    They may not be stupid – they convinced someone to give them a lot of money for what looks like at least a quality build out and expensive real estate. Maybe they just don’t know that this won’t work on a lot of us?

  • If the pizza is truly top-quality, NY Style pizza, I’d eat there if they had Satan’s logo on their facade. And if the pizza sucks, it won’t matter in any event. Time will tell.

    • Agree. I don’t care if you’re serving it out of an oversized pothole, just somebody please give me good NY-style pizza in downtown DC. Was so excited for 3 Pizanos and Fuel Pizza (until they opened). I will reserve judgement until I taste a slice.

  • What I’d like to see here is a place that would serve fast, casual Italian food made with only low-fat and low-calorie ingredients. They could call it “Low-Cal Calzone Zone”.

  • F this place.

  • The less Yankee’s memorabilia the better, wherever it’s located!

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