Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Vol. 76

Dear PoPville,

Second time this week that somebody has cut off the heads of our sunflowers on 14th Street, NW. Saturday’s theft was one that was just starting to bloom. Last night is was a large head that was drying out. Really sucks that you can’t have a garden in a public space that doesn’t get vandalized. So many people have enjoyed these flowers. It’s really disheartening.

Very frustrating. This garden was featured as garden of the day back in June.

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  • I’m sorry… I have a garden that I love and put quite a bit of time into, so I understand how angry and bewildered you must feel that someone just cut off the best part of all of your labors. I hope they choke on it.

  • This nearly made me cry. I love sunflowers. The person who did this needs to be prosecuted. How could you behead an innocent flower.

  • Terrible! Reminds me of my neighbors grandmother who cut off the tops of a stray pet peacocks feathers – just because she liked the way they looked.

  • Are you sure it was a vandal? Squirrels rip the heads off all mine in my fenced back yard.

    • I would doubt this is squirrels. This is on a heavily trafficked part of 14th Street with very little green space. Most likely it was done by a dumb drunkard stumbling out of one of the bars. Also, I don’t think this is a proper, fenced-in garden. This is right in front of a strip of businesses, so it’s probably an exposed flower box right on the sidewalk.

  • anon. gardener

    People suck. When you take the time to grow something, especially from seed, it is wrenching when someone comes along and ruins it. I grew delphiniums once, from seed. After months of care, they bloomed and were glorious. My rotten neighbor let her dog into the yard, and in ten seconds all the delphiniums were destroyed. I cried. I’m really sorry this happened, but at least you and the neighborhood were able to enjoy them for a little while.

  • This happens quite often along 13th Street, too, and the times I’ve caught the culprits, it’s been kids from one of the various stellar schools, ranging from grammar school to high school aged kids. Last Spring several students raided my tulips as their teacher looked on. Wonderful example she set for her class. I confronted her and was pretty much told which orifice I could plant the rest of my flowers in.

  • figby

    I hate to be the grumpus here, and I do love seeing other people’s urban gardens….but…come on, it’s the city. It’s 14th Street! Shit’s going down! Stupid drunk people, stupid kids, stupid squirrels. It’s like leaving your bike unlocked and being sad at the world when it gets stolen.

    • Last year, I spent money on a hibiscus bush. It was gorgeous and it wasn’t cheap. I watered it. I weeded it. I pruned it. And through the course of the summer, I enjoyed it for a total of a week, because every bloom got plucked off. It’s not a tragedy. But it’s mean.

  • I think next year I will grow castor plants in my front yard. They are big, spectacular beautiful plants. Perhaps the vandals who regularly steal from my garden will learn a well-deserved lesson when they decide to take those.

  • I certainly sympathize. We live off 14th in Columbia Hgts. and I try every Saturday to pick up the various litter that idiots toss on the walk and in my yard. Last Christmas we had a little decoration stolen from our front door, nothing of any value but disheartening. My wife and I continue to pick up the junk and put out little door decorations none the less; nothing taken subsequently and we see the area improving little by little. You are doing your part to make it better and that has an impact over time.

  • Not suprising-but still a real bummer. Most of the plants came from the now vacant Temple Garden. We will try again next year. The garden has been really fun, and enjoyed by many. A few setbacks won’t knock us down!

  • Rude? yes. Wrong? Yes. But…. is growing sunflowers in the tree boxes along 14th street – or any dense garden in that sapce the best idea? I can understand some low plantings for green space, but this just seems ridiculous.

    • Considering it was a patch of weeds and trash last summer – I think it’s a great idea – and vast improvement.

      True – sunflowers are a little much, but people really enjoy watching them grow so fast and so big. A little whimsy in the city never hurt!

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