Vigilante Coffee Opening Pop Up Shop at Mr. Yogato (17th and P St, NW)

1515 17th Street, NW

From an email:

On September 4, local Micro-Roaster Vigilante Coffee is opening DC’s first gourmet coffee Pop-up Shop! It will be located at Mr. Yogato (17th and P) from 7 am – 10:00 am everyday and operate as a completely separate store. Vigilante will feature a full espresso bar, single origin pour overs, Cold Brew Iced coffee, and a quick cup option for those on the run.

Vigilante is the only DC micro-roaster to feature Hawaiian beans; instead of importing from South America, co-founder Chris Roessler travels to farms on 4 different Hawaiian Islands to find the best American-grown beans! He is officially a “local micro-roaster,” meaning he roasts the beans here in DC in very small batches (less than 5 pounds) as opposed to the normal 20+ pound batch!

Photo courtesy of Vigilante coffee

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  • im opening a nano roaster

    • Too bad all the cool kids are into pico-roasting these. If your yield fills more than a thimble you’re totally doing it wrong. Amateur!

      • Let jump to the logical conclusion of this trend and open a transcendental single bean coffee perception experiential deprivation chamber and just cut the crap.

  • Is Yogato closing?

  • Ah!! Look at my grapes growing up the wall! They’re doing so well. I picked some earlier this year and made jelly from ’em.

    KS, Yogato isn’t closing. Mr. Yogato doesn’t open until noon anyway–the microroaster is just using the store while it would otherwise be closed.

  • yogato’s been a huge disappointment lately. the last 5 times I’ve been in there (yes, I keep giving them a try) the topping are all STALE! fix it, mr yogato, I beg you. don’t fall into the trap of being yet another s***ty establishment on 17th.

  • this is great. java house needs some competition.

  • Is this the former Pop Stop location? If so, that would be appropriate! Pop-up coffee in the former Pop Stop coffeehouse.

    • Amen to that! I loved being able to hang out on Pop Stop’s patio (i even bought stuf while I was there)! Java House is an OK substitute but they have little view of 17th Street pedestrians, and with waitress service I don’t feel comfortable taking up a table to just hang out too long.

    • saf

      Oh how I loved that place!

  • I’m excited for this! It will be nice to have a a good coffee option on the south side of the circle. Filter is awesome, but way too crowded and out of the way to justify making a run in the AM.

  • Can I buy beans here?

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