Updated Interior Photos of The Coupe Coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW Columbia Heights

Thanks to a reader for sending some updated shots of the interior of The Coupe (from the owner of Tryst/Diner/Open City) coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW. I think they should be open to the public late next week. Stay tuned for an exact opening date.

And if anyone’s looking – they’re hiring:

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  • It certainly looks nice, and they did a good job pouring a ton of dough into fixing up what was an atrocious, rough space. I do hope that before it opens a bit more character / creativity / color is introduced into the decor, because right now, it’s a fairly blank canvas. More curious, of course, to get some insight into the menu.

  • Looks just like tryst, which is not a bad thing I guess, because most people are probably looking for that kind of atmosphere.

  • Any confirmation they’re still going to be 24hrs or was that abandoned?

  • I know it’s been decades, but does anyone know what sort of business occupied the ground floor of this apartment building previously?

    • At one point there was a church in at least part of the space. I remember reading that the whole space was a grocery store but I can’t confirm that.

  • I dont’ get why it is Coupe. Its not a two-door car and it isn’t French for chicken coop – PoP when you do an interview before it opens – please find out about the name. While you are at it – it’d be interesting to find out the reason behind all the names of their restaurants (okay maybe not the diner I get that one).

    • See that little dessert dish the chicken is sitting in in the logo? That’s called a coupe.

    • from various comments in the last POP post

      “one of the meanings of coupe in French: a trophy”

      “1. a dessert of fruit and ice cream, usually served in a glass goblet 2. a dish or stemmed glass bowl designed for this dessert”

      I’m guessing it’s all explained in the logo looking like a trophy / cup / “coop”… play on words.

    • at some point, they had some sign up that said the place would be perfect for night owls and early birds…I figured it was a play on the birds thing.

  • Looks great – can’t wait. Though it looks like fixed to the floor bar stools – which I hate.

    • It actually looks like the stools fixed to the floor are at a lunch counter and the bar area will have chairs. I believe the diner has a similar layout keeping the bar separate from the diner style lunch counter.

  • This location’s kitchen has the capacity to serve brunch to 220 patrons at once. I believe this is more than the Tryst and The Diner combined. 24/7 confirmed. Outside seating has not been applied for….yet. They first want to work out all the kinks. His other locations are good values for the money and do very well. This is a big plus for CH.

  • I biked by there last night and it looked like the chef was doing some tastings. Any word on when it’s going to open? Seems like it could be this weekend??

  • I think they may have opened. I live on 13th St. but can see the restaurant out my back window between the buildings on 11th Street. I’ve noticed the lights on and people inside late into the evenings.

  • Finally, a non-dive bar in the area! Looking forward to this one!

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