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This rental is located at 130 M Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Richley appointed, stylishly finished & invitingly spacious STUDIO apartment homes w/engaging amenities* Ultra-WALKABLE whirl of shopping, dining & nite life* INSTANT access to NoMa-Gallaudet METRO, Retail Harris Teeter at ground floor* Concierge* $500 pet fee/ $50/mo* Sec8 welcome* Rents start at $1993-2080/mo subject to change without notice*”

This studio is going for $1,993/Mo.

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  • jim_ed

    Every time I see a $2,000 / month studio in this city, I say a small prayer that we decided to buy.

    Also, am I nuts, but there is absolutely no way this qualifies for section 8, right?

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. They have been desperate to fill that space. If you want a free lunch, visit 130! Once a week they offer free lunch so everyone in the office buildings crowd into the lobby, eat, and leave. Not sure if that tactic is working as far as filling the building, but I’m loving it! Also, how are they going to fill ALL of the new condo buildings around 130. That whole are = concrete, congestion, blah.

  • Rents subject to change without notice? How do you know how much to pay every month, then? Also is the pet fee $500 or $50/month or both?

    Seriously, PoP, I want to be able to tell whether it’s a good deal or not, but I just can’t work under these conditions!

  • Section 8 welcome? If section 8 funds are going to subsidies a “luxury” $2,000/mo. studio, even a “flaming liberal” like me will be attending the next tea party rally.

    • Section 8 is vouchers, so tenants can spend ’em where they like. The vouchers are for a fixed amount. I doubt that someone who meets Section 8 income requirements could afford these places even with public assistance, so unless this building has a mixed-income requirement, they’re just paying lip service here.

      • Unless buildings have a mixed-income requirement and are offering some units at lower rents, the Section 8 disclaimer is usually lip service, basically so that the landlord can assert, in theory, that they don’t discriminate against voucher-holders. In reality, the DC Housing department caps the dollar amount that a voucher will cover; the amount of the cap varies by neighborhood rental market, but even in a higher-rent area, the max. voucher amount is rarely enough to cover luxury building rents (even when combined with the tenant’s contribution).

  • What nightlife? No way I’m spending $2,000 to live in that part of town, especially in a studio. That’s more than what my friend pays for studio at the Newseum.

    • tonyr

      Well, it’s across the street from Ibiza and also Fur, if they’re your style

      • And H Street is a walk-able distance in good weather. And this building is right next to the Metro so you could be in other parts of town in minutes.

        • It’s “walkable” if you have a gun maybe. Speaking as someone who knows this area well… I wouldn’t.

          Have fun paying $2k+ and still being completely reliant on the metro/bus to ever do anything fun in this city. Or enjoy paying over $200 a month to park in the overcrowded parking deck.

          ..I’m leaving as soon as my lease is up.

          • I’m too am familiar with the area (live at Senate Square) and I think you are being very over-dramatic about the need for a gun. Very.

          • To anonymous (couldn’t hit ‘reply’ directly to you): You’re right– I am being overdramatic about needing a gun. It definitely isn’t that awful, but after a couple of pretty bad experiences walking around this area I would definitely preach caution.

          • I walk through there all the time and have never had any concerns. Yes, you could walk out of the area and have a problem – but around the Harris Teeter/metro area I think you’d be hard pressed to find trouble. Is it possible that you just don’t have much experience with living in a city or got lost and wandered out of the area into some place else?

  • whirl of shopping!!

  • Is there only one studio available? Does that mean there are people there already who are paying $2000 for a studio? If so, I’d love to hear from some why they chose to pay that much to live there.

  • My friend lives in a two-bedroom in this building. It’s been open for months with less than 50% occupancy. The studio’s are actually pretty large and include a living area and a space you could use for a small bedroom. The rooftop pool is AMAZING and they let you bring drinks, but the grill is down in the courtyard. The building is really nice, but not nice enough for this price.

    • The building across the street has only been open for a few months, but 130 M St NE has been open for about two years. I live on the third floor.

  • That’s nuts! NOMA has absolutely no character at all. It’s like they dropped a suburban office park in the middle of what used to be the hood, and decided they could charge outrageous rents for new construction. Consider the “nightlife” – you have a the hotel bar at the marriott courtyard, a potbelly deli, the pita hut, and McDolalds. Plus, the metro stop can still get a little shady at night. With all the wonderful places you can live in Washington for $2000 a month – why would any fool choose to live there? Who cares how many flatscreen tv’s they have in their gym.

  • This building is pretty much barren, and even at 50 % capacity, the shared amenities are overrun and unusable.

    This price on this is pretty laughable. The new management has totally lost it.

  • Wow, such negativity.

    My partner and I have lived on the 3rd floor of this building for almost a year with a 15 month lease. We pay $1977/month. Having the Harris Teeter downstairs is frankly awesome, and Metro being next door is great.

    We do walk everywhere, but I’m used to people here being cowardly when it comes to walking around our city, so the cynical comments about needing a gun are unsurprising.

    I don’t know where people are getting less than 50% occupied – across the street maybe, but not here. This building’s been open about two years.

    Anyway, as the kids say, haters gonna hate. My partner and I like it here. 😛

    • I’m guessing that you and your partner don’t share a studio. This price range for a one-bedroom in a new building in a good location (I think it’s a good location) doesn’t seem outrageous to me, but it’s pretty steep for a studio.

      And if you do share a studio, congratulations on not killing one another!

  • Isn’t there a phase 2 under construction? If this is really having trouble leasing it will be interesting when that comes on the market as well.

  • Terrible deal. I think you would have to just be a complete loon to pay that for a studio in this location.

  • I stopped at the office on my way out to croquet and dinner this evening and asked point blank how occupied our building is and was told that they are at 95.45%, which was even more than I would have guessed. (That works out to 420 out of 440 units.)

    Yes, there is a phase two under construction between this building and the Metro. I don’t know how many units that’s adding.

    And to the person who asked above, my partner and I have a one-bedroom apartment. The woman in the office said that they have no available studios, so I don’t understand why the listing is for a studio – the price doesn’t seem right based on what we pay.

    I think the listing would have been better if it had actually shown pictures of the apartment itself and not general pictures of the building. The finishes vary by floor, and a fourth-floor apartment (assuming the door shown is the right one) would have the light finishes. Also, the apartment in the listing would not be a corner apartment, so the corner picture is inappropriate.

    Anyway, like I said, my partner and I like it here – and we were timid about the neighborhood when we moved in – but it doesn’t bother us now. Would I hang around in front of the nightclubs or up by Florida or New York Avenue at 1 AM on a Saturday? Probably not, but I do walk along M by Sursum Corda, and I simply pay attention to my surroundings and know where things are more or less dangerous.

    My two cents. 🙂

  • This is absolutely crazy! You can live in much nicer neighborhoods for that price.
    I also find NOMA a really dumb idea.

    • i’m curious, what part is a dumb idea? just the name? or adding residential, retail and offices to a previously desolate neighborhood?
      do you remember the neighborhood before “noma”. i do. it sucked.

      • There is a lot of great development happening around DC. I do not think NOMA is located in a very desirable area at all. It is a complete island in the middle of no where that charges way to much rent.

        • The idea that an area anywhere in dc is “an island in the middle of nowhere” is laughable. And to say that about a neighborhood that’s right next to union station and the Capitol building is just ignorant. Maybe it’s not centered on your life, but most things in this world aren’t.

  • always wanted to live in a whirl . . .

  • I work in this area and live in Mt. Vernon Square. The neighborhood had improved a ton, but this price for this neighborhood is laughable. If you want a brand new over the top luxery building, go rent in one of the Mt. Vernon Square ones instead (I don’t I pay a reasonable rent in a townhouse.) I don’t know anyone who goes to the nighlife available in NOMA, they’re sketchy clubs like fur,.

  • In Mt. Vernon Triangle you can pay the same, live on top of a grocery store (the safeway) and be walking distance to restaurants and bars people actually go to (like Busboys and Poets, Kushi, Chinatown Coffee Co, The Firehouse). The “nightlife” in Noma is fur and ibiza, not the types of places young professionals who can afford this type of rent go to

  • Are you kidding me? This is crazy. I pay way less for a studio across from the metro in pricey foggy bottom.

    There really isn’t much going on around that area…

  • I currently live in the new construction Archstone building across the street from the Flats at Atlas. I’m not sure who was informed that the building was only 50% full, because it is over 90% full as of one month ago when I took a tour. The building that I currently reside in, it is at 47% occupancy and 5 floors within this building haven’t even opened up yet. This is so far one of the most successful building openings the company has had to date.

    As far as the price of the apartments in the area are concerned, they are comparable to the current rental prices seen all over DC, yet many don’t come with half of the amenities that these buildings do. I know this because I looked, two bedroom apartments in Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park were going for over 3400. My rent is also around 2000 for a ‘studio’ that I share with my partner. I have a completely separate bedroom but because it doesn’t have a window it can’t be considered a true bedroom. For this price I have a brand new apt with beautiful hardwood floors, balcony, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, washer and dryer, (I even have a garbage disposal!) and a huge bathroom with soaking tub. That doesn’t include the amenities: free coffee, brand new iMacs and free wifi in all common areas, state of the art gym with living wall, 24 hour concierge service, movie theatre room, pet spa, heated rooftop pool and hot tub open year round, sauna, chefs kitchen, and grill…. Did I mention we even get fresh baked cookies on Fridays!

    I really love living here in NOMA. When I need to head to NY for business or pleasure I walk right to Union Station. Last weekend our building had a shuttle take the residents straight to the H Street Festival for free, and I have walked several times to Union Market. I am from NY so having to take the metro to other parts of the city doesn’t bother me at all. What did bother me was living in U street area and having to walk 15 minutes to a decent supermarket. Thank goodness for the HT across the street.

    Sadly, I realize more and more that the people who have a problem with NOMA are the ones that have never actually stepped foot in the neighborhood.

    • That really sounds like it was posted by someone in marketing in your building. Yeah, I toured that place and looked at those tubs, and frankly I would have expected whirlpool jets in them. Who (outside someone in marketing) posts something like this and remembers to type “soaking tubs”? Have you even taken a bath in it?

      • I’m actually a scientist in the field of cognitive neuroscience. Outside of living in the building, I’m not affiliated with the company in any way. I just returned back from living in Italy for a year where most apartments only contain showers, so yes that selling point was pertinent to me.

      • Also, yes I have used it, and it was glorious! And so has my 6’4 bf who generally doesn’t fit in a standard sized tub. ‘Soaking tubs’ are perfect for him.

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