The Early Word on Epiphany BBQ in Petworth

4128 Georgia Ave, NW

Dear PoPville,

I have to say my husband & I are pleasantly surprised with the latest addition to Petworth. Epiphany. He went a week ago for lunch while working on the house and he is from NC and spent a fair amount of time in Texas. In his opinion, the brisket was solid. Now, I can tell you he has extremely high standards. Tonight, we stopped in for dinner. Cece was at the register and was sweet as can be. The Chef, Christian was very proud to chat with us after eating. My husband repeated with the brisket and I got the pulled pork. Two happy diners 🙂 The collards were sweet (not tangy or spicey) but good and the cole slaw was really good. We will return and love this new affordable neighborhood place.

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  • Nice folks. I liked their brisket too, and pretty good sauce. I just wish they’d consider trucking up some Pecan Wood from Texas, and maybe introducing a dry rub meat option. Also, add beef ribs to the mix, and perhaps once in a while let in a guest BBQ chef for a day for some variety.

  • Do they have a smoker?

  • They have a massive smoker built into the brick wall. The food is good especially for the price. The fries were awesome, good greens (sweeter than I’m used to but good), and the pastrami sandwich is good too.

    The rib sandwich was a little strange though in that they put ribs between bread with bones in it, but maybe that’s just how it’s done. The ribs were very chewy so I wouldn’t recommend getting those unless it was some fluke. All things considered though, I’ll definitely be back.

    • Oh and another thing, they have no idea what’s on the website. I tried ordering something from the menu on the website and they had no idea what I was talking about, so it’s best to just ignore the website and go in to order. Hopefully they’ll get their act together for a takeout menu at least.

    • Sounds like they were probably beef ribs, which tend to be chewy unless you cook them a long time with low heat and smoke….even then they just don’t get to the fall-off-the-bone level you get with pork ribs

    • That’s how it’s done. Rib sandwiches aren’t meant to be eaten like a regular sandwich. You use the bread to tear the meat apart. Kinda like those fish “sandwiches” at H&D.

  • Their food is excellent. The BBQ sauce is unlike anywhere else in the area and they really put a lot of work in and attention to detail. One of my go-to spots from now on.

  • I plowed through their Pit Beef and Cheddar sub. That isht was incredible. My wife, who is a vegetarian under normal circumstances, annihilated one as well. This place is legit.

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