Tacos El Chilango Applies for a Liquor License at 1119 V Street, NW

1119 V Street, NW

Tacos El Chilango opened a few weeks ago at 1119 V St, NW in the former Italiano Cafe space next to Izaka Seki. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to get a cerveza (in addition to the tasty fruit juices) with your tacos as Tacos El Chilango has applied for a liquor license. It shouldn’t be a problem as a previous tentant, Gori Cafe, used to have a liquor license at this location.

Incidentally Izaka Seki has a sweet new sign:

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  • In regards to Izakaya Seki – this is the most inconspicuous place on that block of V Street. Although I haven’t been yet (my partner doesn’t like suchi that much, so I have to time my visit when he’s away), you can tell they’re open by the Japanese Lantern outside. If it’s not there, they’re not open. Sorta quaint. Looking forward to it.

  • I’d eat a taco there.

  • Anyone been to Izakaya yet? Suggestions, reviews, thoughts, musings? I totally forgot about it but plan on going soon.

    • I’ve tried just about everything on the menu and loved it. I’d go again in a heartbeat.

      The yellow-tail jaw is probably their best thing.

    • Absolutely incredible. Best meal I’ve had in DC in a while. For about $50/person we tried 8 or 9 dishes from the menu, had a couple of beers each, and an $18 bottle of sake.

      They actually don’t even really have all that much in terms of sushi options. Food is primarily traditional Japanese bar food and done VERY VERY well. The crowd was a mix of 50% yuppie locals and 50% Japanese ex-pats.

  • Awesome tacos!! I went a couple weeks ago for the first time and loved it!!

    • Tacos are very good, though I felt like they go a bit skimpy on the fillings. I was still pretty hungry after 3 tacos and I’m a fairly skinny guy with a small appetite. I’d probably need to eat at least 5 tacos to be full.

  • Just a reminder – two separate restaurants. I don’t think you’ll get the tacos at Izakaya Seki, or the sushi at El Chilango.

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