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  • 74 or 75. 76 & 77 had dual rectangular headlamps, not round.

  • This is the car we had when I was growing up – back when it wasn’t illegal to throw four kids in the back seat. Same color as that one too. Ah, the memories.

  • We had a Buick Regal, same car essentially. As far as 4 kids in the back seat, they’d need to be small kids. For such a hulking car, these had very little interior space. That long hood is just a lot of wasted sheet metal and real estate. Trunk pretty worthless too, very shallow. And those long heavy doors, a real pain in tight parking situations. We took the first car trip to Florida circa 1980, and it was pretty torturous for my and my brother shoved in the backseat, with an Igloo cooler between us because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk. The dreadful Ford Tempo that replaced the Regal was far more comfortable and easy to get in and out of. But yeah, style is often impractical.

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