Shooting at 9th and T Street, NW Tues. Afternoon

At 3:57pm MPD wrote:

“Good afternoon, a short time ago officers responded to a call for a shooting in the 800 blk of T Street, N.W. One victim was located and will be treated at a local hospital.

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact MPD at 202 727-9099.”

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  • Young gangster thugs in DC fill my heart with terror and fear. I wish there was a way to make this situation change forever.

  • Anyone else find it odd that MPD begins this notice about a shooting with “good afeternoon?” Seems more appropriate for a sidewalk sale notice.

  • does anyone have some actual information about the shooting?

  • I live in the neighborhood and spoke to a couple people on the block. Apparently the “victim” the MPD alert refers to was also a perpetrator. In other words, two people shooting at each other. One was hit, so they’ve got him; the other fled. I’d also like to point out that this is an area with lots of small kids, including my own; there’s a very popular playground one block south.

    • The local heresay is that the guy who didn’t get shot is a dealer that frequently hangs out on the corner of 8th/T and he ran through Westminster playground to get away. Cleveland Elementary is right on the corner where this happened.

  • Someone claiming to have been shot ran into Westminster Playground. One of the people there called 911 and the man got up and left the playground.

  • I live here too. Was it the guy with the dreds?

    • If you think you saw the person who did this you should really call 911 and tell the dispatcher you have information in reference to this shooting, or email the PSA 305 Lieutenant, or reply to the shooting alert on the listserve, or SOMETHING.

      • I wouldn’t assume the anonymous poster saw the event happen. I read the comment as if he/she lives in the area and frequently sees someone with dreadlocks hanging around that area. Don’t assume someone saw it go down and didn’t do anything about it.

        • Correct I didn’t see anything. Curious if the dead guy or the shooter is the guy with dreds. He’s a problem here and needs to go one way or another.

    • If you witnessed the shooting or can describe the suspect please contact the Third District Detective’s Office at 202-673-6918 and leave a message for Detective Pepperman. Thank you.

  • orderedchaos

    The gene pool comment has nothing to do with race, but refers to “young gangster thugs.” Thuggery is not limited to a particular race. I suppose if you were desperate to be outraged you could call it an ageist comment? j/k

    Racist comments do abound… but it’s wrong to ascribe racism to any comment that offends.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’ve deleted a racist comment. I delete racist comments on nearly every crime post. It is sadly a guarantee that whenever there is a crime post there will be two replies – one racist about black people and one calling for concealed carry. It is a guarantee. As I’ve said before if you ever see a racist comment please email me. Thank you.

      • orderedchaos

        We know you do, Dan, and we appreciate it. I was just pointing out to another commenter that calling everything “racist” if one doesn’t like something dilutes the claim (a la crying wolf).

        • another problem with it is that it rather than make people less racist, it reinforces their beliefs or makes them more comfortable with things that are actually racist.

  • Did anyone hear the shots around 2:30am? There were at least 3 different groups of 5 or so and they woke us up.
    I wasn’t 100% sure that they were gunshots, but it seemed like it.

    • I was also awakened by what sounded like gun shots (two sets) around 2:30 am that seemed to originate south east of 7th and T. I called 911 and did see a police car drive by shortly after. Nothing noted on AlertDC about this.

  • Two local crews shot at each other and there were at least 20 bullets. According to the police on the scene, at least three of the shooters were injured and they were all located. One gun was recovered in the backyard of a house next to the playgound. At least two parked cars were shot, but they possibly saved a neighbor sitting on her stoop behind them. There were children on the school playground at 8th and T St. and the school had to be put in lock down.

    So for all of you concealed carry proponets, who should have been carrying? The people who were shot at were and that didn’t stop or help anything. How about the kids on the playground or the neighbor enjoying a moment on her porch or maybe the nannies out for an afternoon walk with their charges? More guns are not the answer.

    • Here is my techno fantasy proposal.

      1) When a gunshot is heard, the location is immediately figured out using shotspot (this already happens in much of the city)
      2) fast flying drones swarm the area
      3) These drones do two things, one takes lots of pictures of people and vehicles, in the area and two try to find the gun(s)
      4) Once the gun is found on the perp by these swarming drones, the drones follow the person(s). If the said person(s) tries to fight back against the drones then the drones will shoot the perp with a tranquilizer.

    • +1

      I think the concelaed carry proponents are living in a fantasy world in which the world is divided into good and evil, and these two are easily distinguishable in a moment of physical threat. The world, as I’ve observed it, doesn’t work that way.

    • Hi Sue-

      We heard that too, and also weren’t sure whether it was gun shots. A cop did pull up to the intersection of 9th & T shortly (like, 2 mins) after, with their lights on but no sirens. I assumed it would have gotten more of a response if it had actually been gunshots, but am not sure.

      The parking lot behind the old Maya Angelou school has been an open air drug market for months, and recently has gotten busier and more brazen.

      We (the neighbors) have asked repeatedly that the lot either be developed (it’s a separate piece of property from the school, and owned by the city) or at least secured in the meantime.

      Even in the wake of this event, the response we’re getting from the city is, “We’re going to put out an RFP for its development by the end of Q1 2013.”

      That is ridiculous- that’s 6.5 months before the RFP even goes OUT. By the time it’s awarded it’ll be another year or 18 months from now; who knows when work would actually start.

      It also doesn’t answer the request. If it is not going to be developed quickly, which it is clear it is not, then the city needs to secure it. In response to our constant squeaky wheeling the police recently installed a flood light, but given that the criminals involved are willing to engage in a shoot out at midday, I think it’s clear that more is required.

      This is a really, REALLY low bar for the city to meet. I’m not surprised that they’ve failed to meet it to this point, but I am saddened by it.

  • Words like, “thug” “small town america” “real americans” “gangster” “terrorist” etc. are all code words. Just because someone doesn’t come out and call someone a racist name doesn’t mean the underlying comment isn’t racist. Racism comes in many forms and doesn’t have to be an overt action. You think when someone writes about a “ghetto thug” or “thug” that they’re referencing someone who isn’t black? That word is exclusively used to describe black people in unfavorable terms. I’ve never heard Timothy McVeigh called a “terrorist” or a “thug” but those terms do apply to what he has done to this country. This is a trend that I have noticed and it’s somewhat disturbing.

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