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  • It sure is taking them an ungodly amount of time to construct it. The awning has been up for over a month and I think they’re waiting as long as they possibly can before tearing down the vestiges of the last place before it (the wall).

  • Wow – I didn’t know Shell won the fight. That’s a lot of gas stations in a small area – three w/in blocks of each other.

  • Seems like a weird location for a gas station. You can’t take a left into it coming out of town on Maryland Ave because of the median and 14th St is one-way going south. You basically have to intend to go to that specific gas station in order to get there.

  • The Neighbors lost the fight and the owners didn’t care that the neighborhood had no interest in another gas station so close to the other 2. The Neighbors did win the fight to restrict the access to the station. It’s taking them longer because they violated some permits and requirements and were issued stop work orders.

    • Weird….when I first moved to the neighborhood in ’08, I remember seeing all the “Shell NO!” signs all over the place. Given all the time that has passed, I just assumed that the gas station was never coming.

      (I haven’t been by that intersection in a while, so I hadn’t noticed the construction)

  • Seems odd that they would put up the canopy before practically anything else is finished. That backhoe is liable to end up putting a few gashes in it before they’re done excavating.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bleck. Gas stations are so ugly.

  • They are garish..especially with that hideous orange sodium light they flood the area with. Sad.

  • Finally.

    The nimby locals blocked the Shell that was supposed to go near the Argonaut (it’s still an empty lot with a bunch of decerepit buildings bookending it.

    A woman was murdered in that lot a few years ago… beautiful city.

  • They somehow managed to make an ugly lot look even worse. That takes some real dedication!

    Should have added more walking-friendly retail to that space. The church across the street will be torn down soon and redeveloped into condos. I’m sure the developers are annoyed that an ugly gas station will be the view from the new apartments.

  • If you think this is ugly, look at the gas stations at RI Avenue NW and 4th street in Shaw. Gritty, broken concrete, no landscaping.

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