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  • we can only hope that the roof deck roof someday gets a deck.

  • overwhelms the whole block

  • sunsquashed

    Really people? If you guys don’t like the new roof you are welcome to stay at home and leave more space up there for us.

  • never been to this place, so this is kind of a general deck/patio theory comment/quesition:

    isnt most of the allure of being on a deck/patio being outside? now it is covered and you are only kinda outside. yes this helps when the sun is strong and it is greater than 85-90 degrees. but once you venture into more reasonable temperatures at night time or in the spring and fall, you have greatly reduce the maximum appeal of the deck by putting a roof on it for the small benefit of making it only tolerable when it is hot. further, if not done properly, the deck can not only limit your outdoor experience, but can trap heat and lead to air stagnation when it is only a little bit hot. then you gotta bring in fans.

    • I think that makes sense: the more enclosed a deck or patio is the less ‘outside’ you are. But the Derby’s deck, even with a roof, doesn’t look too enclosed (roof is high and sides are open) so I’d say you get the outdoor experience minus much of the direct sunlight and rain.

      What you’re describing sounds more like Chez Billy’s patio, which has more of the benefits of an indoor space than an outdoor space, imo.

  • This looks horrible. I live on this block, and am on the block listserve, and never saw a public notice of this horrendous addition. Makes me really disappointed in the Red Derby. Well, I suppose this is just another thing about the Derby that has me disappointed in how they view their relationship with their neighbors – this establishment is so focused on encouraging heavy drinking it’s not even pleasant to walk by. And the regulars who arrive early on weekends to start drinking freak me out – they’ve made inappropriate comments in the past, and to be honest, I’m afraid to run into them on the street. They are no different that the drunks that sit directly on the sidewalk – they’re just sitting at a table.

    • It’s my own fault for engaging with this comment but…huh? I’d say the brunch crowd is the least threatening thing on that block. Inappropriate comments maybe, but are you really afraid to run into them on the street?

    • Yep, tipsy hipsters on a Sunday afternoon are about as scary a thing as one can come across, I understand.

    • What the jackass ‘anon’ doesn’t acknowledge is how the Red Derby closes their rooftop *early* for the neighbors. Yeah, no kidding. They could be open past 2 am if they really wanted to, but no — they pull it back and close it at 1am on Fridays/Saturdays, and keep it at 12 midnight on weekdays.

      Wonder why our anonymous blowhard didn’t mention that? Oh, that’s right, they don’t live around here — too focused on being their ‘best’ in the forums.

      Sorry anon poster, but you have ZERO credibility, friend…

  • Sorry but it looks pretty flimsy, like maybe they didn’t get a permit or something. Not wanting to stand near or under that during the next big storm. They should have gone with fabric or those groovy asymetrical sail shades on poles.

    • I certainly don’t know for sure, but I would guess that this is not going to be a solid roof. I’m betting that this is a frame to hold shade cloth, which would be removed in the winter, therefore no problem with snow, and is air and moisture permeable, so not much of an issue in other storms.

    • I love the “I’m an expert in architecture” vibe… Yeah, sure you are. So *sure* of yourself, that you posted under your REAL NAME — oh wait… right…

      Straw men are fun to knock down, but you sure set yourself up trying to sully this bar’s name. Maybe stick to kickball and getting wasted in Ballston, eh?


  • “this establishment is so focused on encouraging heavy drinking it’s not even pleasant to walk by” Anon, This comment is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever seen.I think you may be confused with the drunken Carolina crowd of Latino’s that you’re probably racist against.

    The cover looks a bit like an unfinished carport to me.I guess I’ll hold judgement until it’s done.Still you white people crack me up…

  • I like it open to the sky, but I can imagine the crush when it starts to rain.
    Willing to give the roof a chance.

  • A) Easy now. Some of my best friends are white people.
    B) Would be great if the fabric could be put up and taken down depending on the weather. Airflow good.
    C) Yeah, it isn’t an architectural masterpiece, but it’s just a deck, made out of decking materials– which can easily be dismantled, upgraded, etc., as the hood changes. We are a transitional neighborhood. Nice to allow small businesses some leeway so that they can come in and provide us services with reasonable investment.

  • cover with ivy/vines maybe? thats what Mad Momo’s is doing with that old awning. Or some kind of weather resistent linen.
    But yea, it’s ugly how it is now. Hopefully they aren’t finished. I’ll have to ask next time I’m there.

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