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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: looks like they arrested 3 kids in connection with the eastern market beating. arraignment is today i believe. lets hope for justice here.

  • Rave: They arrested three people in connection with the beating of Thomas Maslin. Of course they were 21, 18 and 17.

    Rave: No more replacement refs; now we can bitch about the regular refs.

    Rant: Robbery/pistol whipping downtown at Pret A Manger on 18th and L around 8p last night. But according to people on here stuff doesn’t happen in areas like that…yeah, welcome to the real world (sadly).

    • And they were from Maryland. Meaning that gentrifying-out the base for hoodlums like this to operate is not all its cracked up to be…because hoodlums have cars, and can take the Metro right back here to cause mayhem. Prayers to the baby and that man’s young wife, and I am glad that ATT and Verizon finally have compromised on their greed and, as of 10/31/12, will cooperate in a kill solution to stolen phones.

      • Yes and no. As neighborhoods have “gentrified-out the base,” the frequency of crimes has declined greatly. Conversely, it has risen greatly where the base has moved to.

      • I would have been surprised if they weren’t from Maryland. The Hill is the ideal target for suburban criminals with cars because it’s easy to flee to MD and VA from here. And since they stopped at the gas station on 12th and Pennsylvania I figured they were heading out to MD and not VA.

      • To draw a straight line between gentrification and crime is easy, but simplistic. Raising rents makes people economically desperate even as it displaces some potential crooks, so it can work both ways. And blacks, who suffer from this sort of violence much more than whites, have been leaving the area for years. I think you’re right that this type of crime is about the phone.

        I wonder, though, why there seem to be so many beatdown crimes, violence that goes beyond mugging. Just take the wallet and phone. Too many UFC wanna-be’s, I guess.

  • Rant: Cut our vacation short to close on a refinance that has taken over 4 months. Closing was scheduled for this past Monday and did not happen because title co did not have paper work.

    Rave: Closing Friday (fingers crossed) with an even lower rate; going to save an additional $32 a month. Total savings of $645 a month!!

  • saf

    Rave: NATS! NATS! NATS!

  • Rant: I am almost positive that my new neighbors are selling drugs out of their apartment. The overwhelming smell of weed morning noon and night, the 7 people who live in one studio apartment, the constant folks coming and going at all hours of the night, the loud partying and fighting in the hallways, the increase in foot and car traffic in front of my building and one of the dudes running outside and having short interactions with the people in the cars then them driving away oh and finally (because they have NO shame) the posting of the phone number on the front door on the building. I guess they want their customers to call and not just walk on up to the door.
    Rant: The new neighbor has two pitbulls. Our building does not allow pets of any kind.
    Rant: Living in an apartment complex where that landlord is located in Bethesda and doesnt give a flying flip what is going on.
    Rant: Not knowing what to do and who to complain to. Please help PoPville!!

    Rave: This weather!
    Rave: Possibly getting a job offer in a few days.
    Rave: Natural hair care products that leave you smelling like heaven.

    • saf

      My advice would vary – depends on what neighborhood you are in.

      I would:
      Contact my ANC
      Contact my local police area officer (you can find who that is from your local police listserve)
      Call 911 every time something bad happens.
      Report the problems to the landlord every time.

      • I have contacted the landlord and as usual they say yeah we are going to talk to them and if it continues we will call the police and NOTHING happens. Oh and I live in CH.
        Maybe I watch too many HBO shows but im scared to go to the police. But I will definitely look into talking to Mr. Graham’s office.
        Thank you guys who offered constructive advice…
        I cant wait until my lease is up in February…

    • I’m not sure why questions like these keep popping up. The answer is simple: go talk to the cops. I’m sure there is a contact person in your police district. Find out who that is, and talk to them.

      • Exactly. “Not knowing what to do and who to complain to.” Really? No idea who you should go to if someone in your building is engaged in illegal activity?
        1) your councilperson – mine – Jim Graham – was instrumental in cleaning up a vacant house a few doors down from me that became a haven for illegal activity; he contacted the police AND the landlord
        2) the police – that’s kind of what they are there for
        3) your landlord – if for no other reason than to say that there is illegal activity in the building and you are going to involve the police and your councilmember, and that he might want to get on board given the ability of DA’s to seize property being used to distribute drugs.

        • Yes, council members can be very helpful. Years ago we had a brothel on our block that police seemed unwilling or unable to shut down. Jim Graham brought in an AUSA, and they both sat down with the owner of the house and made it very clear that this activity had to stop. It did.

      • People who spent their entire lives in nice suburbs or otherwise very safe environments have no idea how to handle crime and police interactions. The only interactions they’ve ever had with public law enforcement is the occasional traffic ticket. They’ve never, literally, even had the opportunity to report a crime thus “calling the cops” is not the first solution that pops into their head.

        I suppose one might even rationalize it in a suburban way by saying, “Oh, I can just chat with my neighbor and we can come to a solution to this. There’s no need to call the law enforcement, which is only for emergencies.” That’s usually how you deal with suburban neighborhood issues like the overgrown bush that straddles the property line or your neighbor’s loud teenage kids, not drug dealing. Until something desperate happens (like a shooting), most suburbanites are taught to “not call 911 unless it’s an emergency” without realizing that all these little signs eventually blow up into a serious situation.

    • So have you or have you not reported this to your landlord? Let him/her know you will be calling the cops. Also as soon as I started reading this I thought, “ugh I bet these jerks are abusing pit bulls, too.” Please consider calling the Washington Humane Society to report suspected … whatever. I’m afraid things won’t end well for them no matter what but better to make their existence known to WHS. http://support.washhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=fightcruelty_hle

    • To figure out which Police Service Area (PSA) you’re in and to get the contact information for the people in charge, see http://mpdc.dc.gov/page/police-districts-and-police-service-areas .

  • Dear roommate,
    Don’t plan a happy hour and invite our mutual friend who works in my office and not tell her that I’m not invited. It made her want to put her foot in her mouth when she mentioned it to me this morning and just made me irritated. This hatred you have towards me for some unknown reason has got to stop. We’re talking Sunday and getting this handled.

  • RAVE: Nats won a big game last night.
    RANT: Tyler Clippard almost made us lose….again!

  • Rave: They also arrested the people involved in the armed robbery of the Advanced Auto Parts store in Takoma Park, MD, located half a mile from my house.

    Rant: too busy at work. Thankfully, this also corresponded to a time where I refrained from PoP commenting. My commenting break might be over, so that might be a rave.

  • Rant: the two newly vacant commercial properties at 14th and Quincy are still vacant (where’s the daycare by day/wine bar by night? :)); Black Eyed Susie is closing; the drunk catcallers are multiplying in the nice weather; the tree boxes look like landfills. Upper 14th St – I feel like you have so much potential! I would love to support you and your businesses (new and old!), but I feel like you do everything you can to keep people away.

    Rave: Mad Momo’s! Looks fabulous, coming soon, will hopefully take some ownership of their block and encourage neighborliness.

  • Rant: Anyone know what happened in the CVS parking lot at Georgia and Florida yesterday around 6:45pm? Sick of violence.

  • talula

    Rave: Tried a new chicken recipe last night and it was amazing (and easy)! Made me feel like a master chef.

    Rave/Rant: Officially moving to Georgetown! Having mixed feelings about leaving my Mt.P hood but the new place is really, really nice.

    • Please share the recipe with your PoP friends! 🙂

    • Interesting, most people seem to move in the opposite direction. 🙂 What made you decide to be in Georgetown?

      • talula

        I’m moving in with my boyfriend and we wanted to live in a quieter area with more families. Both of us have lived on our own in young, up and coming neighborhoods of various cities over the years, and now that we’re finally moving in together, we want something different out a neighborhood. I think we’re just getting older, and having a nicer apartment on a nice street is now more important to us than being close to the bars 🙂

        We weren’t really looking exclusively Gtown, we just came across this place sort of by accident, and it felt like home.

      • You’ve been misinformed.

        • About what?

          • About people leaving Georgetown to move to more easterly neighborhoods. Talula’s comments make sense – many people outgrow areas like Adams Morgan or U Street and move to a quieter, safer neighborhood as they get older. There’s exciting things going on across the city and good reasons to live in a lot of different neighborhoods, but reports of Georgetown’s decline are greatly exaggerated.

          • I wasn’t talking about reports of Georgetown’s decline, which I didn’t even know about, but what I’ve personally observed. Usually I see people start in Georgetown, because it’s safe, and then move to quieter and/or less expensive neighborhoods like Mt. Pleasant as they get a better feel for the area. Or you have the Georgetown residents who are very wealthy (or snobby) and would never live in Mt. Pleasant anyway. It also attracts a lot of international residents.

            I don’t think Georgetown is declining at all, but that it’s more like Dupont or Arlington in the sense that it’s a landing pad for people that are new to the area.

  • RANT: Marlo Furniture. Never, ever again. Why did I not listen to the yelp reviews. I’m just waiting for my furniture to finally come and be damaged. UGH

    • I ordered from them back in 2008. The big three pieces that were promised to come in one shipment within two weeks came in separate trips over the course of 2 and a half months. It was October by the time my chair arrived- a chair I had ordered back in August!!

  • Rant:
    Tired of seeing people with stolen bikes. Saw a disheveled old man who has obviously had better days ride pass me by DC USA on a very nice aluminum/carbon road bike (black/white/red not sure of make) with SPD pedals. I highly doubt it was his but what is a bystander to do? He’s gone in 5 secs, I have no proof it was stolen other than my common sense and some prejudice against homeless looking people on $2000 road bikes. He probably has no proof and maybe nor the owner it is theirs but comedic part is he even had the rear light on… so people wouldn’t miss him… riding around.

    Is there anything we, as bystanders, can do? Even if I was faster on my own bike ?

    If you are missing a mens (?) newer aluminum/carbon road bike avg size (55cm?) that’s has red/white/black stripes/flares on the frame, saddle bag, and SPD pedals you may want to check out Columbia Heights.

  • Rant: If I am reading the article on the Maslin case correctly, the three assholes were arrested previiously for a gun robbery (not sure when) but were released waiting on trial and then just got rearrested for the Maslin case? WTF-you are arrested for a gun robbery you should NOT be released to wait for trial.
    Again, Im the one who posted a few days ago saying “props to the cops” is one thing but until the justice system actually takes this shit seriously, nothing will change. I hope that the 17 year is tried as an adult. And that all three get killed in prison. Mr Maslin may NEVER recover from a brain injury, which means his job, marriage and child are all suffereing for the rest of his life. I don’t think people realize what a traumatic brain injury means. he may never be able to live in his own home again and will have to rely on assisted living. This is so disgusting to me. Im begging everyone who takes the time to post today, to please write to your CM (find the contact on dc.gov) and voice your disgust at a justice system that cycles these monsters in and out of court, coddles juveniles etc. Then vote out Graham and Mendolson the first chance you get.

    • I’m with you. It pisses me off how often these asshats get away with this shit. And you know these aren’t the first/second crimes these guys have committed. They probably have a rap sheet as long as the dictionary, but you know, let’s give them a chance to rehabilitate…after all, they’re good boys who were always in school and went to church with grandma every Sunday. I do now know what it will take for the DC council to get it through their thick skulls that the current judicial system DOES NOT WORK.

      • I 100 percent totally agree with both of you. Somehing has got to be done about these people being put right back on the street after a crime. For instance, the guy that was convicted to be part of the group that murdered the DC principal was back on the street after less than 2 years in jail. He got his justice (shot dead) last week when he was robbing someone.

        • what does everyone expect dc council to do? how much power do they have to change things? the judicial selection process is pretty weak. so, if we have judges that are very out of touch with the people of dc, what can be done, beyond complaining?

          • Council has oversight over the Department of YOuth Services and I would bet good money at some point half the criminals in DC have cycled in an out of Oak Hill or a group home. Council can legislate tougher penalties for “juveniles” who commit crimes with guns, council can drop group homes altogether and mandate juvenile detainment at a facility that actually has locks on the door and all school and counseling. Council determines how much funding these things get. Council can create more open records for juveniles to victims know what they are dealing with. COuncil can mandate harsher penalites etc I personally think anyone at the age of 15 or older who commits a violent crime should automatically be tried as an adult. I think you would be stunned at how many juveniles have been arrested 15-20 times who roam the streets until they they are legal and ready for real prison.
            Can council do anything about these assholes who tried to murder Mr MAslin (and yes, if they are tried on anything less than attempted murder than thats another injustice committed against the Maslins), probably now. But there are plenty of 16 year olds running wild in DC ready to take their place. I believe a woman posted just a couple days ago about a kid trying to rob her at gun point on Newton at 4pm. WTF?

  • Rant: My work’s building cannot stop doing renovations. At least once a month, they’re drilling or hammering, sometimes right under our feet. It’s hard to concentrate when the ground is shaking.
    Rave: Pictures of my 3 year old nephew’s “soccer team” which is basically small children looking confused in front of a net and ball. It’s hilarious.
    Rave: The weather!

  • msmaryedith

    Rave: Getting off of Facebook. Been a few weeks now, and it’s so liberating. I really didn’t understand just how unhappy it was making me to constantly look at it and compare myself to others.

    Rave: Weather.

    Rant: Drama bees. I try to steer clear of them, but recently had a sister of a good friend try to stir up an argument between us by misrepresenting things I had said (and apparently made up other stuff). Just a frustrating situation and now I feel like shit, even though everything I did say was taken out of context. I’m trying to be more careful about what comes out of my mouth in general now, though.

    • I’ve been off Facebook for almost a year and it was definitely a great move. I have so much more time to be present in the real world. Much happier!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Boss said she was annoyed that I said I didn’t not appreciate her lying about me because she didn’t think it was lying when she tells people things about me that are not true. WTF!

    Rant: Celebrities endorsing politicians: If a celeb endorses someone I don’t like, I like the celeb a little less. If a celeb endorses someone I do like I worry they may be alienating other fans.

    Rant: I wasn’t paying attention when I got dressed this morning and my clothes don’t really match.

    Rave: I’m still dressed better than most people at my work.

  • Rant: hot tea met new suit pants this morning
    Rave: apartment shopping tomorrow (for an Oct 5 move in eek) and 3-day weekend!

  • Rave: Supporting my grandfather at a lecture in my Nana’s memory at a college where they both worked
    Rant: 2 and a half hours away – one way! Driving there and back this evening.
    Rave: New music (I sucked it up and bought on iTunes) to keep me company on the drive!

  • Rave: New girl in my life.

    Rant/rave: Hot makeout sessions depriving me of sleep.

    Rave: Warrior Dash on Saturday!

    Rant: It’s in Charles City.

  • STOLEN 2010 Fuji Newest (Reward Offered)

    My car was broken into earlier this week and someone stole my 2010 Fuji Newest on Euclid St. and Georgia Ave. near Columbia Heights. Far greater than a monetary loss, it has been my primary mode of transportation for the past 2½ years.

    It has some very distinct red and black features along with SPD Pedals.

    A reward will be offered to anyone with any information that assists in returning this bike to its owner! If you know anything about where the bike is or who stole it please respond.

    Hubs Shimano 105
    Rims: DT Swiss R450
    Tires: Tour Rubino Pro Vittoria
    Spoke Brand: Unspecified
    Spoke Nipples: Unspecified

  • Rant: One of my friends just told me that she heard on the news that a woman was assaulted and left in an alley near Van Buren St. She was found by someone walking their dog. This happened last week and is two blocks from my house. None of my neighbors heard anything about it and now everyone is freaked. No one knows anything about the woman’s condition or whether she was a neighbor, etc. So disturbing.

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